Change and the Full Moon


Kelley Hunter’s new Full-Moon blog is as usual filled with insights…

Her emphases are a bit different from mine, which is fabulous – Both/And, right?  My sources give 9pm PST January 15 for the Full Moon.  It’s not only right on Lilith, but the “true” and “mean” positions of Lilith are together, which occurs only every several weeks.

As Kelley points out in Living Lilith: Four Dimensions of the Cosmic Feminine, there are four different astrological phenomena that are linked to Lilith.  The one we usually refer to as “Lilith” is the mean Black Moon Lilith.  Mean as in average, not wicked – that’s an Ole Male perspective.  Lee Suyterman suggests that when the true Black Moon indicates an effect, the mean Black Moon can implicate the cause.  In that context, a Full Moon at and on their Conjunction would create an opportunity for immediate manifestation.

Kelley says (Living Lilith p.22)…

“I first heard of the Black Moon at a lecture in Montreal.  Mark Beriault described the energy of Lilith as a sword, deadly penetrating, sharply cutting through the veils of illusion, challenging our perception of reality.  She will close all doors but the one true passage.  She will not open it but pushes you right to the threshold and dares you to go through, offering no security as to the outcome.  At the lecture, there was a woman dressed in a witch’s black pointed hat in attendance.  She must have known something about Lilith!  This is how Lilith works.  She is right there and gives you hints.  She can be subtle in how she reveals herself, but you have to know how to listen and look.  She offers no models to follow, she simply is.”

In other words, Change, continuing our recent theme.  Kelley emphasizes Ceres in her reading of the Full Moon, because Ceres creates a T-Square across the Full-Moon Opposition.  That tells us that the one true passage is toward Sustainability…

Let go of what is unnecessary.  Keep only what can be nurtured and maintained within your Community.

And of course, along with the Moon and Lilith, Ceres is the other foot of the Chiron Mjolnir.  So the one true passage is also the one that allows…

A big shift in your perspective, the one where suddenly everything is different.

But even if Chiron is a Magic Wand that replaces Despair with Miracles by opening a bottomless sinkhole beneath your stuck places where you haven’t found any exits, it still involves Loss, and all Losses must be Grieved.  Maybe.  That’s the way it used to be.  But rules change in the reaches.  Dolores Canon says (The Three Waves of Volunteers, p.550)…

“In some cases, there have been those that have left early, and are working on the other side of the veil.  You’re aware of that.  But some of those that disappear, after a period of time, you think, ‘I wonder what happened to this person?’  But you don’t have the urge to contact them like you would normally.  You don’t have that driving urge, ‘Oh, I’m concerned, I must call, I must reach out.’  It’s not the same.  You find that your need to connect with them just isn’t there.  It just falls away.  You forget.”

It may be like that with things and circumstances, not just people.

Anybody with a strong Pluto (Rising, on the Midheaven, Stationary, Out of Bounds, on or Square to the Nodes) knows exactly what I mean – your Life has been like several separate Lives in sequence.  A phase ends and another one starts, and there is very little connection between the two.  When you run into someone from a prior phase, they look familiar, but you may not even be able to remember their name.  After a little while, plugging back into a prior phase is simply inconceivable.  It’s almost as if you hired a Walk-In, but it was you, you just extinguished that Karma and moved on to a different phase.

It won’t happen all at once, but as the New Chiron-Neptune Paradigm takes hold, there will be processes like this.  These kinds of circumstances, common now, will be gone…

Not because of “more regulation,” but because people will become more aware of their unintended consequences, and stop supporting the psychopaths and sociopaths that willfully destroy the Planet for their own personal avarice.  We really will be “thinking globally and acting locally.”  Like this…,0,2759022.story#axzz2qS8szgxG

 Click on a couple of those.  We live in a different World that the one that the nightly news tries to project.  Let’s all move over there, now.  The new baby needs to be fed and nurtured.


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