Change and Fear

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Don’t ignore that vague sense that your Life is about to fall apart, embrace it.  Of course your Life is about to fall apart – you just PIAVAed Ecstasy in one form or another, and to get there your internal and external Identity and your way of Being in the World is about to change drastically – not to mention your external circumstances!

But it doesn’t need to be drastic.  These kinds of feelings are what Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks call “Upper Limits” – Fear of Change, Fear of the Unknown.  You’re PIAVAing to go somewhere you’ve never been, somewhere that is most likely unsafe – or you would have gone there long ago.  It’s outside your birdcage and you know Sylvester is waiting to pounce.

Locate the discomfort in your body and welcome it.  Embrace it and you’ll embrace a big part of your Inner Child, and when you do that you recover Skills you didn’t know you had.  Your Inner Child is a surrogate for your South Node – the Emotions which you hold at arm’s length, but which are really tarps covering the hidden Skills that you need if you want to create the sort of Life that you PIAVAed.

There may be Real triggers for those feelings – like if you used your credit card at Target last month or last year.  Or forgot your quarterly taxes are due in a few days.  We need to Respond to those triggers and get them taken care of in the Real (Material) World.

We may also need to Tap out the Fear or other sorts of Dread that arise.

Or we can put our hand on the place in our Body where the Fear resides, and soften around it.  Fear is hard and cold – Love is soft and warm.  Put all of your Attention into the center of the Fear, lovingly.  Not much survives Loving Attention.

If you really want to put Fear to work, do Kegels while you entertain the Fear.  Jack Schwarz taught me this one.  The scareder you are, the better they work.  Fear plus Kegels slow down Time.  Try it next time you’re watching a scary movie.  It’s remarkable.

Grounding yourself will help – imagine a chord or cable or chain running from the base of your spine to the center of the Earth, and run Energy up and down it.  Energy isn’t like Water, though you may find it easy to start imagining it that way.  You can run Energy in both directions at once, you can’t do that with Water.  Imagine two flashlights shining at one another.  A few photons may collide, but it’s not something we’d ever notice.

Once you’re Grounded you might want to run another cable or chord from the top of your head up to the Heavens, and run Energy up and down it.  Then you can connect the two chords with your spine, and link Heaven and Earth, with you as the conduit.  That’ll straighten your spine right up.  Hard to maintain Fear with your posture upright.

But don’t do that to cancel out the Fear.  Do it to train yourself not to be a slave to Fear.  Lower your shoulders and curl your spine again, so you can come back to the Fear.  Fear is your friend, you don’t want to reject it, you want to embrace it.  Fear plus Breathing equals Excitement, Inspiration.  When we embrace Fear it triggers Creativity, it open us up to the Chironian Miracles that are actually about.

Play with it.  Sit with the Fear.  Locate it in your Body and soften it.  Warm it.  It’s Energy.  Move it up and down your chords.  Move your spine back and forth from slumped to straight and feel the difference.  Slump and embrace Fear, straighten and feel the Exaltation.  When you’ve got Fear by the tail, you can feel it shoot up your spine as a surge of Joy, a bubble of Ecstasy.

PIAVAs can always be revised.  They need to be revised.  They’re living Entities, they Change and Grow and morph into other forms.  This is the Pay Attention phase.  We PIAVAed yesterday, then we forgot about it, and now Fear is about.  That’s why we Pay Attention, because

Whenever we PIAVA anything, the first thing we get is an illustration of why we haven’t had it all along.  Whatever’s missing in your Life and you Want it, you know people who have it in Abundance.  So you know it’s possible, it just hasn’t come to your house.  Why not?  Well, these Feelings, or other Signs, tell you why.

Fear is often the reason.  Fear we may not be “worth it” – has any self-doubt or self-deprecation visited today?  Fear of the unintended consequences – has any shame or rejection visited today?  So we absorb the Lesson, adjust the PIAVA, and do it again.

Here’s a good suffix to add to a PIAVA.  Sort of like Eugene Gendlin’s …or something like that suffix that he likes to add to everything in order to keep the mind from casting metaphors into concrete.  Remember, we didn’t PIAVA Paradise yesterday, we PIAVAed What Paradise Feels Like.  We don’t want to get stuck permanently on that Palm-lined beach – especially with sea level rising.  We wouldn’t mind nearly as much getting stuck in Awe and Exaltation.

So instead of “just” PIAVAing Awe and Exaltation, we might

PIAVA Awe and Exaltation and a Loving and Gentle Release of everything that stands in the way.

Or something like…

Creator of All That Is, I Command Permanent Awe and Exaltation – Lovingly, Gently, Rapidly, Completely.  It is done, it is done, it is done.  Thank you.

if we choose to use Vianna’s process – which is a damn fine way to do it.  I highly recommend the top video on this page…

So now we’ve added Wonder and Command to PIAVA – Pray, Intend, Ask, Visualize, Affirm.  I suppose we could call it PICAVAW or WACAPIV or VWAPICA, but nah, let’s stick with PIAVA.

Another excellent reason for Fear to arise – you aren’t the only one who’s up for rapid Change here – the whole Planet is!  So Fear is on the airwaves.  Emotions are actually no more personal than the weather.  They are Energy, and they dance around the Planet like the Jet Stream or the Trade Winds.  By embracing and neutralizing Fear you could actually be Healing the whole Planet.  Fear feeds the Lizards, it makes them stronger.  But not if you eat it first and convert it to Excitement and Inspiration and Creativity and Power.

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