Awe and Exaltation

BranchingLots going on over the next several days and weeks, but it’s a jungle of almosts and just-for-a-whiles.  So rather than try to dissect it all and divide it all up into separate Portals, let’s just focus on the Most Important Thing, even if Saturn is only peripherally involved.

Well, actually, Saturn is involved, it’s in a Tricolor with Eris and Lilith.  A Tricolor (red-green-blue) recall is a Square-Quincunx-Trine Configuration where, if we run into Challenge from the Square, we can access the Grace in the Trine by moving to the Curiosity embedded in the Quincunx.  Easy, right?  Well, let’s just interpret it…

When we get stuck over whether to name the Elephant in the room or reveal what we’re really thinking, if we PIAVA to understand The Most Important Thing, our Instincts will rescue us.

That is, When we get stuck (Square) over whether to name the Elephant or reveal what we’re really thinking (Eris), if we PIAVA (Quincunx) The Most Important Thing (Saturn), our Instincts (Lilith) will rescue us (Trine).

That’s not the Main Effect; the Main Effect is the Grand Cross between Eris, Lilith, Vesta, and Venus or the Sun – plus the Chiron Mjolnir with Lilith and Vesta-Ceres.  Like so…

Jn1414aThe chart isn’t exact, it’s a composite of the charts for the next week.  For instance, some days Venus fills in that bottom right corner of the Grand Cross (in red) and some days the Sun.  The Mjolnir is the thick gold lines pointing at that Chiron key on the right side.

We’ve already talked about the Grand Cross.  A Grand Cross is full of Stress, but it usually comes through as good Stress – Motivation – because the Stresses are in Balance.  But always lots of Energy.  The Big Deal here is that the Energy of the whole chart will be funneling out through Chiron there, at the focus of the Mjolnir.  What’s that going to mean?

We need to be hyperalert for any discouragement or lack of Belief in the Impossible.  Remember that the worst kind of Despair is Unconscious Despair – when we don’t even conceive that there might be a solution somewhere to what distresses us.  There’s a lot of Energy here, and we can harvest it in unexpected ways by eliminating all thoughts about mechanism, and focusing all of our Attention on What We Would Like If We Could Have Absolutely Anything.

It’s Fantasy time.  Forget “Reality,” we want to just keep our Attention focused on our Wildest Dreams – and beyond!  On the things which would delight and tickle us no end but which we haven’t even thought about ever having because, well, just because it could never happen.  Imagine you had a Magic Wand and you could Manifest anything with it.  It’s your movie, make it the way you’d like it to be.  The critical question is,

How would you FEEL if you could do that?

Giddy?  Exalted?  Scared?  Tentative?  Alarmed?  Awed?    Focus on the Awe and Exaltation.  This is pure Fantasy, no Responsibility involved.  Happy Endings are guaranteed, so you don’t need to worry about abusing your Power – it’s all good.  You can overthrow Evil with a twitch of your Wand, so no worries!  And what is Evil is clear as a bell, no doubts about  your own Integrity, you’re working straight from the Soul.

Okay, got all that – Awe, Exaltation, Excitement, pure giddy Joy – in your Body?  Now, PIAVA more of that.  PIAVA to keep an undercurrent of that Exaltation going on in your Body at all times, for the rest of your Life.  Sure, you can live all of Life, fully experiencing your complete range of Emotions about all the Dramas and Adventures in your Life and Community.  But that undercurrent of Exaltation will always be there.  It’s locked in, Forever.

That’s the Opportunity in this Mjolnir!  Let it in!  Receive it!  Don’t “look it in the mouth” to check its teeth.  Just accept it.  I double-dog dare you!  

It’s Big, should you choose to accept it!  Now, let’s look at the undercurrent…

Jn14147All those light-blue lines are Seventh-Dimension Angles.  The Seventh Dimension is about Power and Timing, the Teachable Moment, when the Thrush knocks twice and the back door to Smaug’s lair opens.  It’s like those folks who can lift cars off of people because it just needs to get done and they aren’t thinking about it, they’re just doing it.  The moment of Superhuman Strength or Channeling the Divine – waaay beyond what we normally imagine.

Lots of Energy (red and gold) in the overcurrent, and lots of Power in the undercurrent!  And where does the underpower focus?

That’s Uranus (Yintegrity) at the sharp end of the Septile Yod, that dart in the middle of the chart, with Pallas (Edges) and the North Node (Mission) on the corners of the back end, and of course, in red, the persistent Square to Pluto (Inevitability).  And Pluto is part of the bowl or nest of light-blue lines connecting to Saturn (Concentration, Focus), Neptune (Connection to Source), and Eris (Truth-Telling).  All of which just means…

All the Goddesses and Gods are behind us here.  It’s not my Power, it’s our Power, not Power-Over but Power-With.  Yes, the focus is on my Yintegrity, on my Living My Truth.  Because that’s how I best serve my Community.  If my Community doesn’t like it when I’m in Yintegrity, I need to find a new Community. 

It’s a Big Week.  You already feel it, don’t you, something Big just around the corner.  It’s your prize to claim.  Slice off a huge piece of that jaw-dropping Awe, and PIAVA to keep it!  Forever.  Literally!  This is Real, and you know it.

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