Big Curriculum

celes4760bpBlue Celestite, symbolizing Truth

Whew!  Glad that phase is over.  The Eris Station was at 2am PST today (January 9), and Neptune Initiated Juno at 4pm PST yesterday – that was our heavy-isthmus-traffic Initiation that signifies

Heavy traffic between the Unconscious and Source over the next four years or so, which should help straighten out our apparent Global ring-pass-not.  It’ll be easier on “us” (the Ego or Identity part) if we can figure out how to tap into that Consciously, without trying to convert any metaphors into “facts.”

We’re now in the middle of a Moon-Pallas-Pluto Grand Trine that spans 3pm10pm PST, give or take an hour or so.  That should help us to

Grace-fully Stretch our Edges so we’re more in tune with the emerging Global Trance.

While we covered it briefly when we talked about the Eris Station, we haven’t emphasized the complex of Vesta-Ceres T-Squares that have been with us since January 3 or so.  In general, a Vesta-Ceres T-Square will

Challenge us to explore new ways to Sustain our most Sacred Values.  I imagine that will probably involve some setting of Boundaries and confronting of Denial.

Lilith (Instinct, Respect for the Feminine) is at one corner of the base of the T-Square…

So these Challenges will probably involve some shifts from Plan-Execute-Review to PIAVA-Change the Subject-Pay Attention.  The former is basically an engineering perspective, and it works very well for repeating what you or others have done successfully in the past.  The latter works a lot better on issues we haven’t confronted before.  There will be lots of those in this Century, so this will be good practice.  If we can alter our Habits in the process, we’ll be ahead.

The other base corner is occupied in turn by Venus (January 3-10), Mercury (January 5-10), and the Sun (January 10-17)…

So our Habits of Discerning (Venus), Evaluating (Mercury), and Being (Sun) will be up for review and realignment.  Habits of Judgment, especially Judgments that limit our consideration of new arenas, will be particularly valuable hints to watch for. 

Ceres and Vesta are “bigger” than Venus and Mercury – that is, their influence has a greater span.  You can think of Vesta as a “higher dimension” of Venus, and while Mercury usually prefers to work with Either/Or, Ceres has to work with Both/And in order to create Sustainability.  The mind is actually perfectly capable of dealing with Both/And, it just has to be retrained.

Between 1am and noon PST yesterday (January 8), the Moon complicated the Eris Station by opposing Vesta-Ceres and making the T-Square into a Grand Cross.  Which brings us to the real issue here, namely that we’re actually dealing with a Grand Cross between

  • Eris,
  • Vesta-Ceres,
  • Lilith, and
  • Venus-Mercury-Sun

You can think of a Grand Cross as a Fire Alarm – the four T-Squares keep us running around putting out fires.  What sort of additional fires here then?

Encountering Denial of what we regard as Sacred and Denial of what we regard as Sustainable.  Denial of our collaboration with bias against the Feminine.  Great Confusion about Who We Are and What We’re Doing Here. 

Recalling of course the Confusion is the first stage of Growth.  Making the status quo difficult and creating Confusion is really Eris’s most powerful Skill.  The Eris Grand Cross endures until January 14, when Venus and the Sun move out of our usual three-degree range.  That leaves a Lilith T-Square across the Eris-Vesta Opposition, until January 17.  Between the 14th and the 17th, that T-Square will probably be

Generating a good deal of discomfort, as our Inner Female slaps us around until we wise up about how little R.E.S.P.E.C.T. we give her.  In general, that’s about Trusting our Feelings and Instincts, building Connection and Community as the first step in getting things accomplished, preferring Cooperation and Collaboration to Competition and Achievement, that sort of thing.

As we get closer to that timespan, we’ll have to look at how it’s likely to be interacting with the storm of Mjolnirs.  We know that’s going to be big, because the Mjolnirs lie across the very Lilith-Vesta/Ceres Square that makes the T-Square with Eris, and because it’s Neptune (our Relationship with the Goddess) and Chiron (our Willingness to invite Miracles) on the Foci of the MjolnirsBig curriculum here.

Enjoy the Grand Trine while it’s here!

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