Anxiety, Denial, and Eris


With Eris Stationary, Venus Pearl-diving in Scorpio, and all those Mjolnirs lining up to dance around us, rampant Anxiety should be no surprise.  After all, the biggest Denial many of us have, is that our Anxiety can be addressed intellectually, that we can “figure it out” and move on from there.  We never get to the core issue doing that.  The core issue is that Anxiety is not an Intuition, but an Emotion.  Emotions must be allowed, but not allowed to overpower our other capacities.

We often feel Anxiety when the Energy is ramped up, as it is at most every outer-planet Station.  Anxiety just means we’re vibrating at a rate higher than we’re comfortable with.  Often not a lot different than too much Coffee.  I’ve personally just finished another big Lesson with Anxiety, wrapped around Challenging Angles to my Natal Chiron and exacerbated by Eris.  Thank the good Goddess it was the Confidence-Builder stage of the astroevent!  Last year at the Can-Opener, with Jupiter amping things up, I was believing my Anxiety, and my World was falling apart.  This year with a bit of effort I’ve been able to rein it in and not personalize it.

We go back to the transition from Victim to Responsibility.  Not Responsibility as in being Responsible for or taking Blame for, but Responsibility as in being Able to Respond.  When we’re the Victim of our own Anxiety we just sit and twitch, or try to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it.  As Jack Rosenberg put it, once the Ego-personality fragments, anything we try to do will only make things worse.  First we have to stop and Respond by devoting all of our effort to putting Humpty-Dumpty back together again.

That process mostly involves finding our Quiet Center – quite the opposite from the places our intellect would send us.  As with any  Emotion that threatens to overwhelm, Tapping can help a lot to get us grounded again.  So learning to find a quiet place to get Centered and Tap.  Or use Richard Brautigan’s Karma Repair Kit

“Karma Repair Kit Items 1-4.

“1.Get enough food to eat, and eat it.

“2.Find a place to sleep where it is quiet, and sleep there.

“3.Reduce intellectual and emotional noise until you arrive at the silence of yourself, and listen to it.

“4.                                                                        ”

So we PIAVA to learn to immediately recognize Anxiety as a call to go inside and find a quiet place.  I know, the mind says, Well, what about the time when that Leopard is just launching from the tree, and he’s already airborne and a few feet from my head?  You know, that genetic history may have a lot to do with the source of our Anxiety, or maybe it was the time when Mom was nowhere in sight and we were getting hungry.  But that won’t help a whole lot at this stage of our Life – we need to get into the Present Moment.

For instance – Don’t be so stingy, a Leopard has to eat too.  And what a noble sacrifice, to become part of that magnificent Animal!  Besides, at that point you’d be long dead if you had to ask Mercury to devise a plan for escaping her claws and fangs, and then ask Mars to execute your plan.  Your only hope is Lilith and her instantaneous Instinct – and that involves getting out of her (Lilith’s) way so she can take over.  We train for that by cultivating that Quiet place.  Maybe we only need to take one step to move out of the way.  Maybe it was just a falling Apple that we misinterpreted…

Or maybe from that Quiet place we can just instantaneously switch to another spot in the Hologram.  Like this idyllic spot…

There’s fascinating reading under the “Articles” tab,

Solar Flairs are probably contributing to amping up our Anxiety,

not to mention the Solar Magnetic Field Flip that’s imminent!

With thanks to a loyal reader for pointing these out!

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