2014 Natality and Portals 12.25-1.1

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Starting around 3pm PST December 23 and running through the Pluto New Moon at 3am PST on New Years Day 2014 and beyond, the Main Event is Mars Opposing Uranus, making a Pluto T-Square.

So it’s quite reasonable to consider 2014 to be ruled by this Pluto-Uranus-Mars T-Square.  In addition, Mercury joins Pluto, heightening our Awareness of the whole Consciousness process. 

Since there are several planets involved, the Window will be riddled with specific more-Powerful Portals, many overlapping one another.  As always, the time prior will be more Powerful than the time after, and the duration of the Portal will depend on your Sensitivity

  • When Mars is exactly Opposite Uranus, at 12am PST December 25, plus or minus a day or so.
  • When the Moon crosses Mars and Opposes Uranus, at 3pm PST December 25, plus or minus six hours.
  • When Mercury Squares Uranus, at 1pm PST December 29, plus or minus 18 hours.
  • When Mars exactly Squares Pluto, at 5pm PST on December 30, ± a day.
  • When Mercury crosses Pluto, at 3am PST December 31, ± 18 hours.
  • When Mercury Squares Mars, at 7am PST December 31, ± 18 hours.
  • The New Moon itself, at 3am PST on January 1, ± six hours.
  • When the Moon crosses Pluto, at 4am PST January 1, ± six hours.
  • When the Moon crosses Mercury, at 7am PST January 1, ± six hours.

If we settle for these narrow Orbs (a half-degree for Mars, a degree for Mercury, 3 degrees for the Moon) and pool the overlaps, then December 27 is our only “day off.”

Mars Events haven’t in general been as nasty for the last decade or so, as they were prior to that, which is good.  So I would expect the trend toward Peace to continue in 2014, with the obvious exceptions contained.  I would guess the impact of Mars here would be to make our Self-Sabotage a bit more injurious, with side-effects more on the Physical side and maybe less on the Emotional.

So during this Window, and during 2014 in general, I’d recommend viewing every stubbed toe and sliver as a message from the Unconscious about what you may be in Denial about. 

How would we read that message?  Well, we could consider what we were doing at the time.  We could correlate the location of the injury with our Natal planets and their House and Sign positions (eg Pisces for the feet, Aries for the head, etc.).  Suppose, for instance, we banged an elbow on the “crazy-bone.”  What’s in Gemini in our Nativity?  Jupiter?  Are we being inflexible (anti-Gemini) and not making space (Jupiter) for something new?  What House is this in?  The Sixth?  What aren’t we cleaning out and recycling?  What’s our Ego attached to?  We were doing what when it happened?  Getting in the car to go shopping?  To buy more stuff?  Hmmm.

Not that we really want to trust the Mind to give us Guidance of this nature; we’re much better off using PIAVA, because the Mind is usually heavily invested in the status quo.

And of course Eris is Stationary at the New Moon, turning Direct January 10.  On January 1, Eris is less than half of an arcminute from its Station.  And, Stationary Eris is Biseptile to Pluto!  Septile to Neptune, Biseptile to Pluto, and Triseptile to Saturn!  Seventh-Harmonic Angles are about accumulating Power and the Timing of Action.  This Septile Bridge says that

We need to Focus on the Teachable Moment in bringing Cultural and Planetary Denial out into Consciousness.  Global Transformation can, and will, happen in a split second, so fast we may not even notice that Change till we sit down to reminisce later!

2014 The Septile Bridge is in light blue, the Pluto-New Moon T-Square red.

Denial is a healthy psychological process, to protect us from being overwhelmed by personal, cultural, or Planetary Unconscious material that we aren’t ready to deal with yet.  Uranus is in charge of the personal Unconscious and Pluto the Planetary Unconscious, so they’ll be lit up in particular.  But Pluto has also begun its journey across the footprint of the 1993 Uranus-Neptune conjunction, and the Pluto New Moon Septiles Neptune, so the cultural Unconscious will also be illuminated.  For instance…

  • Uranus will continue to rub your nose into any elements of your current Incarnation that you don’t fully Love yet, and any Resistance you have to your own death and rebirth.
  • Neptune will continue to rub our noses into any Beliefs that our Culture has about Intolerance, narrow gender roles, and income inequality, as well as about solving problems with Violence.
  • And Pluto will continue to rub our noses into Climate Change, and our silly Beliefs that Humans are in control on this Planet, and that Humans are the onliest “intelligent” Life.

Is there no Grace in this New-Year chart?  Not much, compared to most of 2013.  Pluto and the gang do make a Trine to Pallas (dark blue), and with Mars makes a Tricolor (green, dark blue, red) to Chiron.  These are clues to ease our path.  The Trine says

We can respond Gracefully to changes in the Global Trance by adjusting our Boundaries and Edges.  By, for instance, Resisting Hate rather than Resisting Cultures with different Traditions than ours.

And the Tricolor tells us

Miracles are available to shift Violence in the World, but to get to them we have to do two things:

  1. Wonder or PIAVA what we can do about it
  2. Make one small and practical Action in that direction

2014 will be a fun year only if you consider it a Mystery Treasure Hunt.  You win if you can identify the Self-Sabotage behind every affront to your Values and Integrity, and PIAVA that you discover how to end the Sabotage.

One Response to “2014 Natality and Portals 12.25-1.1”

  1. nude provacateuse (liz) Says:

    Your still doing good. I like your style. Guess what? 24-hours ago Kim Jong Un started prepping for War. Think about it. Mercury preceding the Sun makes us blind to the road ahead. The eleven’s always spell transitioned and many times that may mean death. Your T-square involves the 11th house of friends, the 5th house of family and the 2nd house of money. We will all be touch as the armies of our sons take a stand. One will be visible and highly skilled the other will be invisible and deadly. Hold on! Take care and keep writing.

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