Authenticity and Community

aquamusco4813bpAquamarine Crystals on a bed of Muscovite

Vandana Shiva,

gives us an Eris-inspired lesson on Venus and Lilith and their contrast with the Old Male World.  A few excerpts…

“The notion of growth is the one big thing that must be questioned in our times.  The second big thing is the mechanistic idea of the world as a machine.  The idea of growth was created during the wars.  It was deliberately created to move the resources of society out of homes and communities into financing armaments and militaries.  Therefore, the way they defined growth was by creating a fictitious production boundary which said, If you produce what you consume, you don’t produce.”
“On the one hand, that means that the amazing work of reproduction that nature does is not counted as producing anything, though there is so much work being done now on the ecological services of nature showing that honey bees, for example, contribute $150 billion worth to the agriculture sector through pollination.  The work of communities who live lives of self-reliance, self-provisioning are not counted. 

“They’re producing amazing food.  Some of the best clothing in the world is in the hands of communities who produce for themselves, because they don’t produce a commodity, they’re producing beauty.  They are producing and creating art, whether it’s food or clothing or shelter.  In self-provisioning economies, it is not a product.  It is part of reproducing the richness of culture, the richness of identity, the richness of our embeddedness in a larger creative world.”

“You are not just mining a mountain.  You are destroying our world, our entire cosmology.  Even the farmers around Delhi who have resisted, and five farmers were killed, why are they resisting?  For them that land is sacred.  It’s their mother.  They say, You will not separate us forcefully from our mother.  Five of them gave their lives, right in the national capital region.  So, yes, the fact that this is the basis of life and livelihood.  But even more important, these resources are the basis of living in another world, a sacred world, where everything has value, a deep sacred value, and nothing has a price.  There is no price in the market that could ever be able to buy it.”

“It’s time for those who promote hazardous technologies like GMOs, just for the sake of monopolizing seed, to take responsibility for the implications, for the bees that die, for the farmers that die, the 284,694, more than a quarter million, farmers who have committed suicide.  I think this irresponsible use of power to rearrange the earth, her resources, the wealth of society and think there is no consequence and you don’t have to bear that consequence, that huge irresponsibility, for me it’s power in the ultimate crude, patriarchal form.  And it has to end.  That’s why I’m so happy movements are growing around
the world to say enough is enough.”

“What is demanded at this point is a shift in world view.  What is demanded is a shift from thinking of ourselves as consumers and tweaking within our role as consumers to realizing we are earth citizens and exercising our duties as citizens of the earth, recognizing the rights of others, who also are citizens of the earth, other species as well as human beings.  The problem with extending the idea of consumerism and individuals with money buying their way out is wrong because it makes us assume we are individuals.  But we are not.  We are embedded in community — the human community and the earth community.”

In 2012-2015 the primary theme in the ongoing Planetary horoscope is the Square of Uranus to Pluto, the “coming out” of the Authenticity that Pluto demands as part of its redesign of the Planetary Trance.  And the rebirth of Mysticism foretold in the Initiatory Symbol, “An Ouija Board.”  But there’s another, more subtle process starting.  When I looked it up to find the exact parameters I was very surprised to see that, if we stick with our very-reasonable three degrees of Sensitivity, the influence begins tomorrow.

When we try to dissect the Planetary Trance and its constituent components, we look first at the dynamic relationships between the outer planets – such as the many Waxing (Building) Angles, including…

  • The current Uranus-Pluto Square (Mandatory Authenticity and Mysticism) about “the 1960s becoming permanent”
  • The nascent (7 degrees) Fresh Violets in an ancient pottery bowl Chiron-Neptune Cycle (the New Paradigm that recycles ancient ideas)
  • The turn-of-the-Century Flag turning into an Eagle morphing into a Rooster Chiron-Pluto Cycle (in a nutshell, “Adapt or Die” – the Symbol tells us to stop with the nationalism and tribalism, view the World with a wide perspective, and herald the Dawn of the Light) that’s currently in a very friendly Sextile
  • The venerable Quiver full of arrows (Cupid?  Robin Hood?) 1891 Neptune-Pluto Cycle that even after 120 years is still only a Septile along

The 12th-Harmonic Chiron-Uranus Cycle is Waning (dropping into the Void), as are all of the Eris Cycles.

Which leaves the culmination of the Harmonic Convergence of the late 1980s and early 1990s –

the 1993 Initiation of Uranus by Neptune. 

Uranus-Neptune unifies the Soul of the Individual with the Soul of their Culture – from the Warrior Cultures stuck in the Age of Aries to the Keening Cultures stuck in the Age of Pisces, to the nascent Co-Creative Cultures that are reverse-engineering the Age of Aquarius, starting from What We Want and working backwards to figure out how to create a structure for it from the Emerging Future.  These Ages regress after all, they run widdershins to our usual view of Time.  We start at the “end” and work backwards.  If someone brings a complete package out and we think, no, we need transitions first – revise your thinking.  There will be a lot of sudden transitions and big leaps.

The Initiatory Symbol (Capricorn 20) was “A hidden choir singing during a religious ceremony” – in Rudhyar’s view “The fulfillment of the individual’s creative function through their participation in a group performance consecrated to a transcendent realization of Unity.”  Not only is Venus crossing this still-warm degree thrice, but starting tomorrow Pluto begins a five-year adventure crossing the three-degree span leading up to this degree.

You may not recall that the period before an exact astroevent is the time when the Energy is strongest, growing to a peak when the event is exact.  Like the recent Uranus Station – the pressure to be Authentic increased up to the hour of the Station (subject to assists from the Moon), then fell off rapidly.

There are exceptions – for the Muggles who continue to resist their Authenticity with an increasingly stiff upper lip on their Mask, there’s no such respite.  For them the pressure continues unabated.  And if, despite our most cooperative intentions, we misinterpreted the pressure and made inappropriate decisions, then those decisions will haunt us after the event has passed.

For example, if our programming made us think the pressure to be Authentic was pressure to be Nasty (which would happen if we were programmed to reject our True Self – this often arises from a simple Cultural preference among our childhood Significant Adults; they may have thought tidiness was next to godliness, which could have crimped our Creativity so we ended up believing that Messy was Nasty), then we may have renewed our vows to be Good, especially with Santa packing the sled as we speak!

Of course, since on the Soul Level “you” chose your programmers, they wouldn’t have had negative beliefs about Messiness unless it was an issue “you” wanted to explore in this Lifetime.  In other words, there’s probably a Past Death or other trauma involved there somewhere.  Maybe you Messed your pants and caused a stink that the Nazis detected or something.

The point is, we PIAVAed something somewhere, and Changed the Subject so well that we forgot all about it.  We do that all the time, don’t we.  So we also forget to come back and Pay Attention.  When we PIAVA anything, the first thing the Universe gives us is an illustration of why we haven’t had that all along.  So we may have PIAVAed to eliminate our Self-Sabotage, but then when the Uranian Energy felt like pressure to be Nasty, we didn’t make the connection.

Basically, if we reprogram ourself to interpret all Self-Judgment as a signal to review our recent PIAVAs (which actually includes I Wish and I Wonder) and look for the hidden message, that’ll supercharge our Chironic Miracles and help reframe us into Yintegrity.

So, no matter what the Angle between Uranus and Neptune in our nativity, as Pluto crosses this 20-Capricorn hot spot over the next five years, it’s going to light up our own Uranus-Neptune issues.  Namely, Do we belong here?  Is this my Tribe?  Who am I to criticize my Culture, but it sure seems to be bent on self-destruction!  And any other friction between the Self and the Culture.

But for people born around 1993, Pluto will be directly triggering their natal Uranus-Neptune Conjunction!  Unfortunately, some of those people who don’t get the memo, will feel and act a bit “crazy” by social standards, and some will end up medicated.  That’s a bummer, but it’s better than medicated and incarcerated, or lobotomized like they did not so many years ago.  It’s particularly a bummer because the medication will dampen and disfigure the natural Spiritual Crisis that Pluto over Uranus-Neptune is bound to create.

Uranus and Neptune only come together every 170 or so years – that’s once in about six generations!  So the folks with natal Uranus-Neptune are storm troopers here for a special Mission.  Basically, Uranus-Neptune paints a picture of a Culture where the Community performs best when everyone is unabashed about letting their True Self out.  Like a well-oiled sports team, but without the practice, and without defined positions, all Serendipity.  The “practice” is everyone being their Authentic Self.  It’s hard to even imagine.

Pluto crossing this space for the next five years (and the five years after the actual astroevent, since even though the Energy drops off, it does continue) will light these people up like pinball machines.  The rest of us are going to be hard-pressed to contain our Judgments that they’re out of bounds.  Like an audience with a Saint, once we see that Energy in action, our Energy Bodies will try to imitate it.  It will frighten us, even as it exhilarates us.  We won’t have their finesse about merging Self and Culture – we’ll have to depend on their Guidance for that – but we will certainly have a lot of practice at our own Yintegrity, won’t we, and some good beginning ideas for the New-Paradigm Culture we Want to live in.

Give these Angels your support.  Help them stay grounded.  Remind them who they are, so they don’t go thinking they’re the strange one, rather than us self-sabotaging Earthlings.  You may need to intercede, translate, negotiate for them if they have trouble lifting the rest of us out of our rut.  Remind them if necessary that it’s not just they that need to run at a higher Vibration – they need to help bring the rest of us up a notch or several too.  We won’t be able to match them, but if they are to lay the foundation for the Age of Aquarius (Sympathy and Understanding, Harmony and Trust Abounding), they have to lift us up out of our rut as well.

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