Hollow Grams and Black Wholes

rbhem4449bpRainbow Hematite, Base-Chakra Iron exuding Crown-Chakra Shimmer

Some folks in astrophysics have objected to the headlines about your favorite Universe being a Hologram…


And of course since it’s Both/And anyway, we have no objection to that.  I mean, we do walk on it, so even if it might be what we understand to be a Hologram, it’s also what we perceive as solid in places.  And more perspective is better than less.  Along those lines…


Of course they don’t mention Nassim, because he uses the banned word “God” and the Scienterrific types think Santa will bring you mud biscuits if you swear.

Meanwhile Bill Moyers talks about American exports to Europe…


And then there’s the American export to Europe that may come next…


which article, while long, talks about many New Paradigm efforts to create or recreate self-determination.

Has American pharmafascism hit Europe yet?  I don’t know…



It’s probably not far behind.

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