Yintegrity of the Collective

BanksyLambsBanksy NYC again, on Sustainability.

One of the features of the Uranus Station is…

A Pythagorean Tricolor between Eris, Lilith, and Saturn, which we can read as: We can resolve an apparent conflict (Square) between Integrity (Lilith) and Denial (Eris) by Wondering what’s The Most Important Angle to Attend to (Eris Quincunx Saturn) – that will unleash the Grace waiting to Focus on Integrity (Saturn Trine Lilith).

And right on queue, Otto Scharmer provides a view of the same picture from the Global Perspective – yes, Uranus represents the Individual Soul and Neptune our relationship with everything larger than the Individual.  But the Planet and Culture are also Individual Entities, so the same apparent conflict applies on that level as well.  Here’s Otto’s view…

“Framing this century’s challenges through the lens of [the old scuffle over government-centered vs. market-centered economies] is like driving a vehicle while looking in the rear-view mirror.  If you do that you’ll miss seeing what is right in front of you – in this case an oncoming tsunami of disruptive change.  Here are some questions that will guide our inquiry into the eight acupuncture points of deep systemic change…

  1. Nature: How can we rethink the economy and nature from ‘take, make, and throw away’ to an integrated closed-loop design, in which everything that we take from the earth is returned at the same or a higher level of quality?
  2. Labor: How can we relink work – the profession we choose to pursue – with Work – what we really love doing?
  3. Capital: How can we relink the financial economy and the real economy by recycling financial capital into the service and cultivation of ecological, social, and cultural commons?
  4. Technology: How can we create broad access to the core technologies of the third Industrial Revolution, blending information technology, regenerative energy, and social technologies in order to unleash individual and collective creativity?
  5. Leadership: How can we build a collective leadership capacity to innovate at the scale of the whole system?
  6. Consumption: How can we rebalance the economic playing field so that consumers can engage in collaborative conscious consumption and become equal partners in an economy that creates well-being for all?
  7. Coordination: How can we end the war of the parts against the whole by shifting the mode of consciousness from ego-system to eco-system awareness?
  8. Ownership: What innovations in property rights would give voice to future generations and facilitate the best societal uses of scarce resources and common?”

-Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer, Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies, p.77.

Remember that our Chiron-Neptune Fresh-Violets-in-an-Ancient-Pottery-Bowl New Socioeconomic Paradigm is still in the formative stages.  That means by putting one or more of these acupressure point-questions into genuine Curiosity and including the questions in our Meditations and PIAVAs, we’ll have a hugely leveraged impact on the Future of the Planet, possibly even the critical impact.

Without leaving the state of Curiosity, include your preferences for the collective, and your preferences for your role in the transition.  It doesn’t matter if you feel like you don’t understand the issues well enough to have a meaningful contribution – What if you did know?  Because you damn well do know.  You came here in this Lifetime to do this very thing, shift the Future of the Planet from degeneration to regeneration.  When the mind interrupts with Doubt and Cynicism and Fear, thank it for trying to help, and move back to an open, creative Curiosity.  Let yourself Lead.  It doesn’t have to “go to your head” – the crisis will be resolved on the level of neighborhoods and families, not countries and corporations.  In the formative stage, the tiniest tweak can have a huge impact.

On p.25 Otto says,

Always start by ‘attending to the crack.’  Where do we meet the future first?  ‘Seek it with your hands.  Don’t think about it, feel it’ is the essential instruction that Bagger Vance gives to Junah in the Robert Redford movie Bagger Vance.  The future shows up first in our feelings and through our hands, not in our abstract analysis.  ‘Attending to the crack’ means attending to the openings, the challenges, and the disruptions where we feel the past ending and the future wanting to begin.

That’s an excellent mirror for the Septangle in the Station –

The Station itself is a corner of a Solar Septangle, with Pallas at the other corner.  We could call that as We find our Source by stretching our Edges to encompass our individual Soul, our True Self, our Yintegrity.

We didn’t include in that story the crucial 7th-Harmonic element of Timing; Otto’s Attending to the crack does just that.  We prowl the Edges between past and future like a Ninja, always ready to jam the side of a hand into the crack and twist it open a little wider, always ready to help expand Consciousness whenever the Teachable Moment arises.  In the 60s, the germinal period for the Uranus-Pluto Cycle that this Station illuminates so brightly, we actually used to do just that, quite on purpose!  What a contrast to prowling the Edges with a hod full of cement and a trowel, always ready to paste the crack closed again.

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