Down to the Uranian Wire

BanksyNYCBanksy NYC on Uranus.

We get closer to the actual event – the Uranus Station, the Energy of which peaks a bit before 10am PST on December 17.  And its embellishments – the Full Moon eight hours prior, and the Moon-Uranus Square eighteen hours later.  We can consider that time range the opening of the Portal, from 1am PST December 17 till 4am PST December 18.

Unless we want to expand our Sensitivity beyond 3 degrees, the astrological skyscape gets a lot quieter than it has been for a long time.  The Station itself is a corner of a Solar Septangle, with Pallas at the other corner.  We could call that as…

We find our Source by stretching our Edges to encompass our individual Soul, our True Self, our Yintegrity.

And there’s a Pythagorean Tricolor between Eris, Lilith, and Saturn, which we can read as…

We can resolve an apparent conflict between Integrity and Denial by Wondering what’s The Most Important Angle to Attend to – that will unleash the Grace waiting to Focus on Integrity.

Not to forget the basic theme – Uranus Squaring Pluto.  Which is to say…

Hiding our True Self behind Masks is no longer possible.  You want to take it off yourself, because it will hurt less than it will when it gets ripped off.

After the Station, when the Moon comes ’round to Oppose Pluto and create a Uranus T-Square…

It’s not like it will feel smooth and prop up our Ego, but we have to practice being Authentic.  It’s no longer optional.

And fortuitously, the Moon also makes a Grand Trine with Chiron and the North Node…

Grace flows when we’re willing to break our traditional view of the World and our role in it.  Our Light is far larger than we imagine.  In your Wildest Dreams, Who Are You?

The Tricolor and the Septangle persist for a while.


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