A Quick Glance at 2014

TreeSnowA venerable Pinon Pine standing tall in a New Mexico Winter.

There are lots of little Big Events in 2014 that will certainly Challenge us for short periods, but only a few Life-Changing big Big Events.  You know me – being conscious that most of what we do and believe and say comes from the Unconscious, it’s meaningful shifts in this Underwhere that represent big Big Events to me.  The little Big Events, which mostly concern the evolution of our Conscious Ego (which is a positive thing!), we’ll cover those as they arise.  The Biggies for 2014…

There are two more Uranus-Pluto Squares, in April and December; that’s just more movement into our Yintegrity, as we see new opportunities to rein in self-sabotage and wasted energy, and find new ways to Safely wear our Truth on our sleeve.  Jupiter makes a T-Square out of the April event, and for a while Mars completes the Grand Cross.

Then in June, Jupiter Squares Eris, Challenging us to Speak Our Truth, and by August we find the South Node inching backward across Eris.  This is a huge opportunity, one we get only every 20 years or so, to embrace the personas that we’ve been rejecting, and re-own the Hidden Skills they carry, Skills that we will be needing very soon if not already.  There could be pain involved, but it’s our job to step into it bravely, knowing (or at least hoping) that it is more vulnerable than we are.  Like Dracula, Karmic pain can’t stand the light of day, and it retreats immediately into Healing when confronted directly.

Never too soon to start PIAVAing that we meet that Challenge with Awareness, Strength, and Determination.  I mean, if a mountaintop Pinon can endure a New Mexico winter, we can surely meet our Karma head-on.  Karma is actually dead, so there’s really no worries.  We just have to prove it to ourselves by standing up to its Ghost.

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