Uranus and Sleep

SheepiesI keep forgetting to mention that when Uranus is lit up – like it is now – Sleep patterns change radically.  Uranus can feel manic, even if you aren’t excited about what you’re doing.  If you can’t Sleep, get up and do something fun or creative.  I’m usually all Omigosh, I gotta get to Sleep early tonight or I’ll be wasted for that big meeting (or whatever) tomorrow! but when Uranus is active, it’s just wasted anxiety, because I can be wide awake and alert all day on three or four hours of Sleep and barely notice the difference.  Sleep is important, a lot of healing takes place during Sleep, not to mention research, and if you do short your Sleep it’s good to make up for it later if you can.  Naps work great if you can do them; I know some can’t.  And just Resting will help too, as will moderate Exercise, moving your body.

Of course, as with anything astrological or Unconscious, the opposite can be true – an active Uranus can find us drowsy and spaced out, no matter how much Sleep we’re getting.  Remember Either/Or is a property of the dualistic analyzing mind; Reality is Unitary and Multivarious – Both/And.  But time and again, Uranus surprises me with how alert I can be with little Sleep.

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