Need and Greed

Squirrel-with-nut-in-park-007An Offering.

A new report by the Labor Network for Sustainability shows that fixing aging existing local water, sewer, and gas distribution pipelines between Texas and North Dakota would create five times as many jobs as the proposed Keystone XL pipeline would, the jobs would be more sustainable, and hiring would be local, while the Keystone XL would mostly import foreign contractors.  This could all be paid for by recalling only a portion of the corporate welfare that the Oil and Gas industry receives out of tax revenue.  The report…

An entertaining Patagonia story about reuse and sharing…

An excellent Shareable story about “Why Poor People’s Bad Decisions Make Perfect Sense,” with a happy ending even…

And Bill Moyers tells us about how Google is buying the Tea Party off…

As we’ve said,

I Wonder what it would be like if governments made decisions based on helping everybody live better rather than enriching a few individuals and megacorporations.

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