Portal 12.10 or Uranus Station II

Our Yin Gate hangs on for most of the next week, but our Quintile Yod dissolves in a few days, and our Toadstool/Pagoda has already passed.  Which leaves us alone with our Pluto T-Square to Uranus and Vesta,

Which reminds us that aligning ourselves with our Soul’s Intention (Uranus) is not optional (Pluto) here.  Pluto means Transformation, Re-Formation of the Planetary Trance, and while we can steer the Transformation, we can’t reverse it.  The Square from Pluto to Uranus Challenges us to Master living on a Plane where the Planetary Trance is about each Person Living Their Own Truth according to their own Heart (Vesta).

as the main course for Portal 12.10, when the Moon joins Uranus.  The Moon usually acts as a trigger, so while Uranus doesn’t actually Stand Still until 10am PST on December 17, we could get a strong dose of Stationary Uranus, or

It will be very difficult to bite your tongue instead of Speaking your Truth.  If you do succeed, Boiron Borax 30c homeopathic will greatly accelerate healing for the wounds in your tongue.  Seriously, it will.

during Portal 12.10, which is open for six hours on either side of 9pm PST on December 10.  Portal 12.18, when the Moon Squares Uranus and Opposes Pluto making a Uranus T-Square (that is, a Uranus T-Square with Pluto rather than a Pluto T-Square with Pluto; subtle but important), is likely to be stronger, but it doesn’t occur till after the Uranus Station itself.  Portal 12.10 will gain strength by occurring before the Station, but for a couple of obscure reasons I expect Portal 12.18 will be stronger still.  Not that anyone here is in competition – other than your Ego and your Soul.  Or rather, your Ego.  I don’t think the Soul’s big on competition.

I don’t use Ego negatively; really we’re talking about Habits and Patterns that have served us well in the past – that’s what Uranus tends to disrupt.  Being raised in a Culture that denies astrology, we assume that the future will be like the past, so we feel justified in sticking with those historical Habits and Patterns and investing Ego into them.  Ego is just what keeps us Safe, and “Please pass the Butter” has always seemed a lot safer to say than “You ruined my life!”  Of course some of those Patterns are embedded in Karma, and breaking them will seem like a Life-or-Death risk, and it literally will be, since Ego Death is the only real Death there is.

It’s interesting that in the 12.10 Portal the third party is Vesta, as one of the referents of Vesta is what we’re willing to live and die for.  By December 18, Vesta has moved on.  So one thing to watch for during the 12.10 Portal is

Change in what we consider to be Sacred, what we think is worth living and dying for, what motivates us ultimately, what organizes our Life on the most basic level.  In a word, Epiphany.  Stay open for that; it’s very important.

particularly because of the other major Configuration in the 12.10 chart, the second Triangle…

DSCN4670We’ve been calling that other Triangle a Pythagorean Triangle, but that term is pretty general; maybe a Pythagorean Tricolor would be more descriptive.  A Pythagorean Tricolor connects a Square (red – Challenge) to a Quincunx (green – Curiosity) to a Trine (blue – Grace) and back to the Square.  So we can read that as

When we’re confronted with a situation where we’re Challenged to express more of our Truth than we’re used to and it’s not optional (Pluto Square Uranus), if we respond by Wondering how we can do that and Stay Safe too (Uranus Quincunx Pallas), we can effortlessly discover new ways to Be (Pallas Trine Pluto).

The key is the Quincunx – the Wondering.  If the Pluto-Uranus Square just dumps us into our usual anxiety about revealing our Truth, we might miss the Gift in the Pallas-Pluto Trine.  Pallas represents Edges and Boundaries – we set Boundaries with people by avoiding the Vulnerability of Speaking our Truth.  Our sense of Safety has Edges, beyond which we feel uncomfortably vulnerable.  What if we PIAVAed stretching our Edges just enough to find a way to Speak more of our Truth Safely.  Our Habituation sees a conflict between our need for Safety and our need for Yintegrity, but that’s only the perspective of our Habituation, it’s not Reality.

We just need to PIAVA Both/And, Safety And Yintegrity.

Now, we don’t need to wait until Portal 12.10 opens to do this – this Pythagorean Tricolor was part of Portal 12.04’s Yin Gate and actually started at the end of November and hangs around until December 15.  Not that we couldn’t do it anytime anyway, it’ll just be a lot easier during this Window.  Here are a couple of great examples of the Pythagorean Tricolor unfolding out in the open on the Cultural level…

Boulder Colorado, by a two-thirds majority, has voted to stop buying electric Power from an out-of-state megacorporation, and form their own public utility –


Someone in Austin Texas is building affordable housing for the homeless –


1-cottageThat’s part of the Shareable Foundation, where they have a bundle of great projects in the oven –


After all, Speaking our Truth is a lot more than Sharing our Feelings.  Or maybe part of it is how we Feel about seeing our Planet destroyed by greed.

I Wonder what it would be like if governments made decisions based on helping everybody live better rather than enriching a few individuals and megacorporations.

2 Responses to “Portal 12.10 or Uranus Station II”

  1. http://conceptiondaychartsbygwencharles.wordpress.com/2013/12/06/well-never-say-goodbye-mr-mandela/ Says:

    Do you ever consider how ‘Quaoar’ as the Creation Story figures into the dissolution of religion and the return to sacred cosmology/geometry? The US Congress event chart has Quaoar on the MC with the Galactic Center. Mr. Mandela’s Solar Return has Quaoar/GC there? Is this the new wave of collective consciousness? What are your thoughts…

  2. astrobuss Says:

    Hi Gwen! I haven’t had the opportunity to study Quaoar yet – have you? It sounds like an excellent idea, especially with Quaoar near the Galactic Center! What if any exact Tropical degree do you use for the GC? Your suggestions for meaning are very intriguing.

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