Far Better Than I

herkt7622bpHerkimer Diamonds (Quartz)

My First Teacher says it so much better than I

“Just as the birth of each child has mystery, so does each moment.  One who has delivered over a thousand babies might enter the nursery of the new babe’s birthing with discernment, meeting in stoic love this great threshold of Heaven and Earth which occurs as each baby makes his or her way into an incarnation.  How mysterious and filled with grace.  Thus is every moment when truly met.

“And thus it is for a mystic, the place in us all which is ever within that threshold of the mystery and grace of our relationship with the sacred and the real.  The fruit of each moment thus embodied is realization.

“Each moment, let us be aware and attuned toward the dawn of the era, beyond nuclear weapons worldwide.  One world, with clean water, modest food, housing, clothing, education and care of health, and moderate needed possessions.  This is humanity dwelling together, in the contentment of sacred love born of this great mystery before us.  This, this is the era at hand.  Why not?  This is all there is to be and do.

“The only challenge standing between us and a virtuous era is our traditional fear of the great mystery.  Let us put down our clubs from the caves of our history in all souls and in all cultures, and meet this mystery before us, fulfilling each moment of life with nobility, good faith and virtuous acts, in love and strength, beside one another.

“Let us pray and practice.  Let us take care of one another, and of the precious creation of our cosmos.”

–Elizabeth Ann Hin, Seasonal Message for November 2013, http://www.thewhiterose.org/.

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