The Shimmering

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I got this note from a regular reader this morning…

“This construct of our culture is more and more difficult for my heart to bear.  I ask the question over and over to myself: What is it that creates the core motivation in people to keep taking or to keep giving?  Is it in their charts?  Have humans always been like this?  What makes a person feel joy in taking from others vs. giving to others?  I have not yet found a way to walk through this reality with peace in my heart and soul because I cannot shut out the state of others who share the planet.  How is it that some can live within their isolated mega-wealth and still want to take more??? 

“I cannot fathom how one feels joy by piling more hardships upon others.  Is this reality some kind of a warped joke?  If there are no victims, can the collective masses find the creative motivation to change the construct of having or having not?  I am a creative self and even I cannot come up with answers that have enough power to ensure that all have enough food, water, and shelter outside of the polarity of having or having not.  And why don’t the ‘laws of the universe’ work with these sociopaths?  If they continue to take from others, why are they not taken from?”

After reading this last night…

The first wave of these souls… have had the most difficulty adjusting.  They don’t like the violence and ugliness they find in this world and want to return ‘home’ – even though they have no idea, consciously, where that might be.  Emotions disturb and even paralyze them, especially strong one like anger and hate.  They cannot handle being around people expressing them.  These dramatically affect them, as though emotions are foreign to them.  They are used to peace and love because that was what they experienced where they came from.  They are so unhappy they don’t want to be here.

They have come in with a unique energy that greatly affects others.  They don’t have to do anything.  They just have to be.  I have been told that just by walking through a crowded mall or grocery store their energy affects everyone they come in contact with.  It is that strong, and of course, they do not realize this consciously.  The paradox is that although they are supposed to be affecting people by their energy, they really don’t feel comfortable being around people.  So many of them stay home secluded, to avoid mixing with others; even working from their homes.  Many do not want to have children.  They unconsciously realize that children create karma, and they don’t want to have anything tie them here.  They just want to do their job and get out of here.”

It would be so much easier if we could come in with full knowledge of our mission, our task, but the powers that be do not agree.  They say it is best to have all memory erased and to allow us to rediscover ourselves, as well as our mission.  Even those who have come with the purist motives and intentions are bound by the same rules as the rest of us.  They must forget why they have come, and where they have come from.  All that is left is a secret longing that there is something else that they can’t quite grasp.  It is time now to remember, to push aside the veil and rediscover our reason for coming to this troubled planet at this precise time.”

This is one of the main problems that first-timers face.  They have never been in a human body before and they feel very limited and confined.  They will develop physical problems, and often unconsciously try to destroy the body (through various ailments) because they don’t want to be here.  The main thing for them to understand is that they volunteered to come at this important time in Earth’s history and they must stay in order to accomplish their assignment, their mission.  There are no shortcuts.”

It’s not comfortable, but you chose to enter the body so you could do a job.  Is that correct?”  “Yes, I forgot for a minute.  It’s to tell people about the shimmering.  I’ll tell you what it is.  It’s the poor people on Earth that have been cut off from this.  It’s so dense here with fear.  Our job is to dissipate the fear and really connect them to the shimmering.  Where they came from.  But it is not as easy as I thought.  Because I’ve had no limitations, no, I didn’t.  How do we do it?  How do I finish what I’ve come to do?  How?  I’m searching for an answer.  Sometimes I feel, ‘What is the point?’  There’s no good.”

–Dolores Cannon, The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth, excerpted from pp.19-35.

What an excellent word for “it” – The Shimmering!  I Love it.

Dolores points out elsewhere that even as “first-timers” we can receive a Karma-like “imprint” before we arrive, so we come in with some foretaste of the difficult Earth situations we’ll be facing, though it seems to be quite different from a “real” Lifetime, in terms of both pain and experiential value.

Here’s another view, from a devotee of Sai Baba…

A sample…

Swami knows that people allowing goodness to flow through them and becoming channels of love, peace and goodness is the way to solve all the crises that humanity faces.  And once He sees that people are being good, He sits back and relaxes.  Members of His team question Him, ‘How can you relax?  The work is not done yet!  The whole mission has been a failure!’  He is calm for He has brilliantly placed the explosives of His Love, Grace and Inspiration at the strategic points.  Now it is only a question of time.  Though nothing seems to be happening on the outside, there is a great catharsis of bad and inundation of good that is happening inside. And so, there is no need for cracks to develop all over the dam.  As long as the cracks that have been made allow the waters of goodness through and do not get clogged by defeat, dejection, doubt and disappointment, it is enough!”

Some folks ridicule other Worldviews than their own, but it’s all Mythology.  It’s always Both/And, because every metaphor has some value in some situations, and many metaphors are useful in many situations.  But it’s all Metaphor – Reality is just Energy, and even that’s a Metaphor.

Chiron, eh?

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