Harmonic Concordance 10 Years On

tail_stripComet ISON racing through the last half of Libra, spanning 3-4 degrees per day.  It enters Scorpio on November 20, crosses the North Node on the 22nd, Mercury-Saturn on the 24th, and catches the Sun on November 28.  The photo is by Waldemar Skorupa.  The Portal 11.20 Grand Sextile and the Portal 4.21 ISON Grand Sextile are echos of the most famous of Grand Sextiles, the Harmonic Concordance of November 2003.  The Harmonic Concordance Grand Sextile was discovered (astrologically) and publicized, at great personal expense, by Johnny Mirihiel…



Here’s some of the history…

The Vacancies article gives us some benchmarks to compare to our own subsequent Lives.  For instance, I have natal planets in three of the four Muse Vacancies.

The Harmonic Concordance brought with it…

  • The descent of Creator Consciousness upon each individual
  • The Ideal of Unity Consciousness, that we are all ONE
  • The creation of a healing and protection for Mother Earth

How are these working out for us?  Here’s one perspective…

The collapse of the Berlin Wall, the demise of the Mubarak and Gaddafi regimes, the meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, and the near-meltdown of the western financial system all share some features:

  1. the end of an inflexible, centralized control structure, one that previously had been considered indestructible
  2. the beginning of a spontaneous, decentralized grassroots movement of people letting go of their fear and waking up to another level of awareness and interconnectedness
  3. the opening of some small cracks in the old system, followed by its crumbling and eventual collapse
  4. the rebound of the old forces as soon as the memory of the collapse began to fade away; the old forces tried to obscure the actual root causes of the breakdown in order to extend their privileged access to power and influence”

We believe that these kinds of events will keep coming our way.  These disruptive changes mark the beginning of a new era that we have entered as a global community, an era of increasing disruption.  Sometimes such movements will give rise to movements that bring about profound change, and sometimes they will falter and fail.  In many cases these disruptions are already on their way.  It is too late to prevent all of them.  So where is our point of control?  It is in how we respond to the impact that these disruptions have on how we work and live.

A disruptive change affects not only our outer world, but also our inner self.  Such moments bring our world to a sudden stop.  They may be terrifying, but they also constitute a great blank space that can be filled in one of two ways: by freezing and reverting to the patterns of the past, or by opening us up to the highest future possibilities.  The second response – leaning into, sensing, and actualizing one’s emerging future – is what this book is about.

“This book” is Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies, Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer (pp.28-29).  Or see http://presencing.com/ and http://www.ottoscharmer.com/.

Here’s a testimonial about Unity Consciousness…


They’re announcing almost $15 million in debt reduction for individuals, mostly medical, for pennies on the dollar, from our donations.  They’re celebrating a one-year anniversary, with November 23 events in Portland OR and Berkeley CA.

And Creator Consciousness?

We are meant to be Creators.  But in order to create consciously, we have to become conscious first – otherwise our creations are echoes of our pain and fears (because these pains and fears are louder broadcasts than happiness and harmony.  When we are clear and in alignment, we see the world as it is – beyond the limits of matter-perception.  An ability to envision, to see, to interact with other-than-matter components of this life is a prerequisite to creation.”  –Eugenia Oganova, Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit, pp.69-70.

Remember that Sextiles – especially Grand Sextiles – represent Creative Grace – the Grace flows freely, but after we take the first step.

The quality of results produced by any system depends on the quality of awareness from which people in the system operate.  The formula for a successful change process is not ‘form follows function’ but ‘form follows consciousness.’  The structure of awareness and attention determines the pathway along which a situation unfolds.”  —Scharmer & Kaufer p.18.

I’m intrigued that re-reading http://www.harmonicconcordance.org/squares—oppositions.html ten years later, I wouldn’t change a thing.  I guess that means I haven’t grown much.  Or that if you have a message for the world, you need to repeat it a zillion times no matter how much you bore yourself, because as my first teacher would say, Your own Truth goes right through you!  That is, you hear it and instantaneously know it to be true, but your programming covers it up as quickly as the old forces obscure the actual root causes of the breakdown. 

Here’s an excerpt from the Harmonic-Concordance debriefing

“Recall that our most precious attribute is our Attention – whatever we pay Attention to, we create more of.  So Grace and Equality is one thread we can look for in our lives over the last 10 days.  Have there been any circumstances arise, where you did not feel the loving hand of Grace?  Have real or imagined issues arisen in your life where Equality was missing?  If so, when they arose, where did your Attention go?  Did you focus on the difficulty or the inequality?  Did you lovingly Attend to your natural reactions?  Did you focus on the Grace and Equality you’ve been asking for?

 “Did you reject your natural emotional reactions to difficulty or inequality, or power-over them with ‘positive thinking’?  Another name for rejecting our natural emotional reactions, by the way, is self-abandonment.  When we reject our natural emotional reactions as ‘negative,’ we create more abandonment.

“Amid all the hoopla about Grace and Ascension, it’s easy to forget that the strongest planet at the HC was Uranus – Integrity.  Not yang Integrity (honoring Commitments) but yin Integrity (honoring Intuition).  Not only was Uranus the strongest planet in the HC, but it was also the only planet not involved in the Grace.  The implication is that we have to supply the Integrity.  No one gives it to us.  Kinda tautological, when ya think about it.

“By definition, Power is never given, only taken.  If ‘nice people’ don’t take their own Power, then ‘mean people’ do it for them.  In the last 10 days, have you been honoring yer Commitments?  Most of our yang Commitments were negotiated under Karma, not under Grace, and to survive under Grace they will need to be renegotiated or disavowed.”

Sounds like a broken record, doesn’t it!  It’s just a little different every time, and every repetition, especially when the perspective is shifted just a bit, helps link our Abandoned places to our Loving places, and helps build the new circuits in the brain that reinforce our Emerging Future.

The November 17 Full Moon

There isn’t much in the Full Moon chart that we haven’t already written about.  The most noteworthy Configuration is the Uranus Quintile Yod with Pallas and Saturn…

We will be Learning (Quintile) much by Focusing (Saturn) on the Edges (Pallas) of the space where it’s okay to drop our Mask (Uranus) and our Boundaries (Pallas) with the people we don’t feel Safe being fully Honest with (Uranus).  Approaching this with Curiosity (Yod) rather than analysis will be a huge boon.

There’s also an interesting Mystic Questangle – two parallel Quincunxes one Sign apart – Quincunxes between Ceres and the South Node, and between Mercury-North Node and Uranus.  The Quincunx creates a Teachable Moment, when we’re more open than usual to expanding our horizons.  It combines the Fifth Harmonic (Learning) with the Twelfth Harmonic (Pattern-Breaking).  In the Mystic Questangle, the Twelfth Harmonic dominates, but the Curiosity is still critically important…

The Magic here flows from Wondering what it is about our Karmic Patterns that seems to make our Self-Sabotage enduring, and how we might break through the skin of that bubble.  If we can maintain our Curiosity, we get insights about our Mission and our True Self that will help.  You may already have the answer but you’re rejecting it.  Every time you think you’ve found a clue, especially when you feel Certain (Certainty destroys Wonder), PIAVA the next step. 

We’re back to our analogy about Calculus – we have to envision where we would like to go and who we would like to be, and then reverse-engineer the path from there back to here – lean into, sense, and actualize our emerging futureThe process that Otto maps – Open Mind, Open Heart, Open Will and their corresponding “enemies” the Voice of Judgment and Doubt, the Voice of Cynicism, the Voice of Fear – is fascinating.  His “Open Will” is the willingness to Let Go of our Patterns and Let Come the Orientations that await us in our Future – should we choose to accept them.

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