Portal 11.20 Ceres Diamond Star

Pink-Star-diamond-AFPThe $83 million 60-caret Pink Star Diamond

There may be other events and Portals between now and then – I have the Full Moon on November 17 and advance preparations for mid-December’s Uranus Station on my list so far, but the next Portal beeping my radar at the moment is a Grand Cross, Ceres Diamond Star, and Grand Trine all together on November 20, which opens for about seven hours starting about 5pm PST.  The Portal even includes a darn-near Grand Sextile, as Pallas misses our three-degree Sensitivity threshold by only a third of a degree.

It all starts to come together on November 19, when Ceres (Sustenance) moves within the three-degree limit and begins to Square Pluto, with Uranus completing the T-Square (Mastery through Challenge).  The T-Square hangs on through December 1…

November 19-December 1: Whatever it is that we Have To (Pluto) Surrender (Ceres) in order to move into Authenticity (Uranus), now is the time that it’s likely to be moving away from us.  If you’re just using it as a crutch to fend off Fear, Let It Go.  It’s likely to be Challenging (T-Square), but worth it.

The Ceres Yod starts November 18, and runs through November 28.  The feet of the Yod are Chiron and the South Node – Miracles and Karma

November 18-28: Once we get Conscious of our Karmic Patterns (South Node), we can Decide not to exercise the self-sabotaging habits that are embedded in them.  But there are two hard parts to this.  First, getting Conscious of the multiple ramifications of the Patterns.  And second, making our Decisions Sustainable (Ceres).  Since these two hard parts require Change of  Perspective, Miracles (Chiron) are necessary.  Because we can’t think our way out of old Perspectives, it’s a good time for PIAVA to work its Magic.  Remember too that with a Yod, Curiosity is your best friend. 

These Energies peak during Portal 11.20, when the Moon Opposes Pluto and completes the Grand Cross, the Diamond Star, and the Grand Trine.  A Grand Cross usually feels easier than a T-Square, because it’s in Balance.  Not that it doesn’t keep us running around putting out fires!  Since all this occurs at the beginning of the T-Square, alertness during the Portal should pay big dividends over the following fortnight.  In the Grand Cross, the Moon completes the T-Square we mentioned above…

5pm PST November 20 to 12am PST November 21:  We’re in the middle of a significant Transformation (Pluto) of Who We Are (Uranus).  In Portal 11.20, Changes are put into place (Moon) that help make the new Trance Sustainable (Ceres).

Here’s a picture of the Diamond Star (red, green, and blue heavy lines)…

CeresDSThe Grand Cross (red) and Grand Trine (blue) are completed in lighter lines, as well as the darn-near Grand Sextile (blue).

How do we make sense of the Diamond Star?

5pm PST November 20 to 12am PST November 21:  The emphasis here is on neither the Transformation (Pluto) nor the emerging Yintegrity (Uranus).  The emphasis is on Sustainability (Ceres).  While we’ve been “toying” with our Yintegrity so far during the 2012-2015 Transformation (Uranus-Pluto Square), here the Moon (Authenticity) shows us how to put Yintegrity into our lives without all of the conflicts and confusion we’ve been encountering.  While it’s been feeling like we must make sacrifices and trade-offs to be our True Selves, in this Portal it’s effortless if we accept the Miracles that transform our Karma (the South Node-Chiron Bridge across the Moon-Pluto Opposition).

Meanwhile the Grand Trine – between Chiron, the Moon, and the North Node (which is joined by Mercury) – adds additional Grace…

5pm PST November 20 to 12am PST November 21:  By Following Our Joy (North Node) into situations where we would never predict success – and Paying Attention (Mercury), we Manifest (Moon) Miracles (Chiron).

The Grand Sextile includes the Chiron-South Node Bridge across the Moon-Pluto Opposition, the Mercury-North Node Conjunction in the Grand Trine, plus Pallas (Edges and Boundaries)…

5pm PST November 20 to 12am PST November 21: Allowing and facilitating the Changes in our Relationships and Beliefs (Pallas) that present themselves will clarify our Mission on the Planet in this Lifetime (North Node). 

All in all, a very auspicious Portal.

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