Foggy Groggy Woggy (Portal 11.13)

fluog2812abp11What else do we know about this here Neptune Station that’s due at 11am PST on November 13?  As Pogo would have said, Friday the 13th falls on Wednesday this month.

Uranus Quintile Yod

I think the most prominent subplot is the Uranus Quintile Yod that’s supported by Pallas and Saturn.

During this suspension of the normal rules (that is, Neptune Stationary), we’ll be downloading important information about how Focusing on (Saturn) expanding specific Edges and beefing up specific Boundaries (Pallas) will help us improve our Yintegrity (Uranus).

The Moon crosses Uranus at 4pm PST on November 13, so this Portal will be open from Neptune’s Station (the fog should clear a bit after 11am PST) until about 10pm PST, though this Learning Opportunity will probably be most intense between 11am and 4pm.


Lilith Initiated Jupiter in mid July (Cancer 4, “A Cat arguing with a Mouse“), and now that Jupiter has turned Retro, Jupiter is heading back for an Expository review with Lilith, which occurs at the end of November.  For now, starting today, Jupiter and Lilith are Conjunct (using our normal three degrees of Sensitivity).

Which is the Cat, and which the Mouse?  What comes to mind, since Lilith represents independent Feminine Energy, is the White Olde Male Cat passing all these new misogynistic laws in a vain attempt to try to keep the disorderly Minority Feminist Mouse in line.  Minority aligns with Feminist, at least to some degree, because most non-European cultures are far more Yin than is Whitey.  It’ll be interesting to see how much of their Power Women and Minorities reclaim for themselves during the rest of November.

At the Neptune Station, the impending Jupiter-Lilith Conjunction – which is barely within Orb now, so we wouldn’t otherwise emphasize it – makes a Septangle with Mercury and Moon-Uranus, and a Short Quintangle with Vesta and the South Node.

A Septangle is three planets all in Seventh-Harmonic Relations (Magic, Timing) with one another, and a Quintangle is three planets all in Fifth-Harmonic Relationship (Learning) to each other.  While a full Quintangle is two Biquintiles (2 x 360/5 = 144 degrees) and a Triquintile (3 x 360/5 = 216 degrees), filling most of the Zodiac, a Short Quintangle is two Quintiles (360/5 = 72 degrees) and a Biquintile, occupying a much smaller segment of the pie.

The Septangle should mean something like…

By liberating our Yintegrity (Moon-Uranus) to Speak Her Truth (Mercury) when the moment is ripe (Septangle), we liberate our Independent Self (Jupiter-Lilith). 

We could also say that…

Our work on our Edges and Boundaries (Moon-Uranus – see above) will increase our Awareness (Mercury) of the parameters of our Independence (Jupiter-Lilith) and our ability to find and move through the Portals (Septangle) that lead to our Liberation.

While the Short Quintangle may manifest as…

We’re up for Learning (Biquintile) how our concepts of the Sacred (Vesta) and our Limiting Beliefs and Emotions (South Node) interact with one another, and how our Liberation (Jupiter-Lilith) can inspire us to transcend both.

In many cases, our Karmic Limiting Beliefs result from our having gotten stuck on particular Fundamentalist religious Patterns in a previous life.  So while our concept of the Sacred is powerful, it may need to be transcended if we are to Liberate ourself from our Karma.  Bear in mind that this is not just individual work – our cultures and other Entities larger than ourselves (which Neptune after all symbolizes) are also working to release their own Karma.  Not just as accumulated collectives of individual Karma, but also as Archetypal Entities in their own right.


Which brings us back to Pallas-Neptune – our Spiritual Edges and Social Boundaries.  While Pallas makes Fifth-Harmonic Angles to Moon-Uranus and Saturn, it also makes a Second-Harmonic Angle (Opposition) to Neptune.

While the Second Harmonic indicates a Blooming, or Completion of the work required to (in this case) set Boundaries and stretch Edges enough to establish a Marketplace, the Second Harmonic also represents the Intuitive Wisdom, Independence, Self-Trust, and Self-Resourcefulness (Angeles Arrien, Tarot Handbook, p.30) we have gained in that process.

But as the Priestess, the Second Harmonic is also tied to Ritual, Tradition, Followership, and defense of rigid rules.  Studying under a great Master, one follows the instruction closely, in order to internalize the Wisdom of the Master.  But there is a thin edge between following instructions and Fundamentalism.  If one never clicks in to the Wisdom itself, one gets stuck on the rules.  So the Second Harmonic can represent either or both – rigid adherence to Tradition and Ritual, and/or the Intuitive Wisdom, Independence, Self-Trust, and Self-Resourcefulness gained by clicking into the Wisdom behind the Tradition.

So one of our Edges here involves examination of what we consider to be Sacred, to uncover how much of our zeal is rigid adherence, and how much is Intuitive Wisdom.


Which brings us a step further, to Venus-Pluto.  Pluto Initiates Venus on November 15th.  In the Neptune Station chart, they’re Conjunct, Square to Moon-Uranus, Sextile to Chiron and the North Node, and Trine to the South Node.  Without working through the “logic,” we can just say that…

Our Addictions are likely to be up for some very Graceful Healing here, including the places where we aren’t really addicted, but fear that we may be.

Venus-Pluto has another role to play here as well.


The Neptune Station makes a Triseptile Angle (3 x 360/7 = 154 degrees) to Vesta.  So there is…

Opportunity for windows to open around which of our bottom-line Sacred tenets have served us well up to the present, but are now obsolete with regard to our Spiritual progress, and must be respectfully closed.  We may also find some Sacred tenets that have been sabotaging us – those are literally begging to be closed.

And there is a Septile Bridge across this Triseptile – Vesta Septiles the Sun which in turn Septiles Pluto, which makes yet another Septile on to the Neptune Station.  So…

By connecting to Source (Sun), our Addictions (Venus-Pluto) and obsolete Sacred tenets (Vesta) are, at the proper time (Septile), brought into our Consciousness (Neptune) for release.  Take notes, as these windows could open only briefly.

The Neptune Station closely Trines (Grace) Mercury (Awareness).

Then There’s Eris

Given the thick layer of Olde Male pomade that obscures our Clarity about the avaricious predatory capitalism and its perps that rule Western culture in the places where Community should have hegemony, whenever Lilith Acts Out, Eris is probably not far away.  And lo, adding Eris we find that she’s Septile to the Neptune Station, Biseptile to Pluto, and Triseptile to Vesta.  That creates two additional Configurations – A Vesta Septile Yod with Eris and Stationary Neptune at the base, and a Pluto Septangle with Vesta and Eris.  As well as five sevenths of a Grand Septile.

It turns out that our Revelatory adventures (Eris) with our Sacred Cows and Golden Calves (Vesta) aren’t optional (Pluto) after all.  If they aren’t optional, and their timing is important (Septile), then there’s a good chance they’ll catch us off guard (Neptune).  If any uninvited Energies nudge their way into your space during this Portal, open up to them, as they’re likely to carry important messages.

Lots going on, eh?

While Fluoride stiffens bones and teeth, it’s the poster-child Mineral for Liberation from behavioral, intellectual, emotional, and Spiritual rigidity.

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