pasco3655bpAn excellent example of Mercury-Neptune…

I suddenly realized that I did not have to be bound by the limitations of time and space and could travel in the space-time continuum quite freely and without any restrictions.  This feeling was so convincing and overwhelming that I wanted to test it by an experiment.  I decided to see if I could travel to my parents’ apartment in Prague, which was many thousand miles away.  After determining the direction and considering the distance, I imagined myself flying through space to the place of my destination.  I had the experience of moving through space at an enormous speed, but, to my disappointment, I was not getting anywhere.

I could not understand why the experiment did not work because my feeling that such space travel should be possible was very convincing.  All of a sudden, I realized that I was still under the influence of my old concepts of time and space.  I continued to think in terms of directions and distances and approached the task accordingly.  It occurred to me that the proper approach would be to make myself believe that the place of my session was actually identical with the place of my destination.  I said to myself, ‘This is not Baltimore, this is Prague.  Right here and now, I am in my parents’ apartment in Prague.’

When I approached the task in this way, I experienced peculiar and bizarre sensations.  I found myself in a strange, rather congested place full of electric circuits, tubes, wires, resistors, and condensers.  After a short period of confusion, I realized that my consciousness was trapped in a television set located in the corner of the room in my parents’ apartment.  I was trying, somehow, to use the speakers for hearing and the tubes for seeing.  After a while, I had to laugh because I realized that this experiment was a symbolic spoof ridiculing the fact that I was still imprisoned by my previous beliefs concerning time, space, and matter.”

Stanislav Grof, When the Impossible Happens: Adventures in Non-Ordinary Reality,” pp.220-221.

Ah, the layers of the Onion.   You can see the pitfalls of Fundamentalism, or taking your metaphors as if they were literally true.

And another…

Finance.  Food.  Fuel.  Water shortage.  Resource scarcity.  Climate chaos.  Mass poverty.  Mass migration.  Fundamentalism.  Terrorism.  Financial oligarchies.  We have entered an Age of Disruption [Hello Eris!]Yet the possibility of profound personal, societal, and global renewal has never been more real.  Now is our time.

Our moment of disruption deals with death and rebirth.  What’s dying is an old civilization and a mindset of maximum “me” – maximum material consumption, bigger is better, and special-interest-group-driven decision-making that has led us into a state of organized irresponsibility, collectively creating results that nobody wants.

What’s being born is less clear but in no way less significant.  It’s something that we can feel in many places across Planet Earth.  This future is not just about firefighting and tinkering with the surface of structural change.  It’s not just about replacing one mindset that no longer serves us with another.  It’s a future that requires us to tap into a deeper level of our humanity, of who we really are and who we want to be as a society.  It is a future that we can sense, feel, and actualize by shifting the inner place from which we operate.  It is a future that in those moments of disruption begins to presence itself through us.

This inner shift, from fighting the old to sensing and presencing an emerging future possibility, is at the core of all deep leadership work today.  It’s a shift that requires us to expand our thinking from the head to the heart.  It is a shift from an ego-system awareness that cares about the well-being of ourself to an eco-system awareness that cares about the well-being of all, including oneself.  When operating with ego-system awareness, we are driven by the concerns and intentions of our small ego self.  When operating with eco-system awareness, we are driven by the concerns and intentions of our emerging or essential self – that is, by a concern that is informed by the well-being of the whole.”

This shift in awareness from ego-system to eco-system is something that we are approaching and living through not only as groups and organizations, but also as a global community.  Pioneering the principles and personal practices that help us to perform this shift may well be one of the most important undertakings of our time.”

Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer, Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies, pp.1-2.

Kind of takes all of our Ouija Board Uranus-Pluto work, our Consciousness of our Position and Trajectory in the Evolution of the Universe Juno-Nodes work, and our Fresh Violets in Ancient Pottery Chiron-Neptune work, and puts it all into perspective.

Pascoite is a Calcium Vanadate.  Vanadium pretty much rules these kinds of Trance Formations, while Calcium provides the infrastructure to support our new metaphors.  The “ate” ending, as in Vanadate, means an Oxide – Vanadium Oxide.  Pascoite frequently cohabits with Uranium, signifying the danger of Disruption or Dischord that Transformation presents.

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