Neptune Station II

mnax5738bpIt doesn’t make a lot of sense to talk about a Shadow Period for Neptune, because Neptune’s always in a Shadow Period.  It enters the zone of its upcoming Retrogradation before it leaves the zone of its previous Retrogradation.  Another way to say that, is that next year’s Neptune Retro zone in the Zodiac overlaps this year’s.  Which is to say, every Neptune Shadow Period lasts more than a year.  The same is true of Eris, Pluto, Uranus, and Chiron, when Chiron is out near the orbit of Uranus – as it is now, not when it’s in near Saturn’s orbit.

Mercury and Neptune

It’s worthwhile to note that while Mercury’s Station occurs at 1pm PST November 10, the Moon crosses Neptune and exactly Trines Mercury at 11pm PST the same day.  That doesn’t mean that the main effect of the Mercury Station will be postponed till 11pm, but it does mean that a meaningful chunk of the Mercury-Neptune Energy that we’re immersed in will be manifesting then.  What do we mean by Mercury-Neptune Energy?  Well, that could look like…

Inability to focus, absent-mindedness, heavy Trances, attention directed to the cultural and Spiritual levels of existence, clear Insights, visions and hallucinations.  Remember that Neptune usually comes through as Confusion when we’re viewing the World through a Material lens, and Clarity when we’re looking through a Spiritual lens.  So Mercury-Neptune could bring Epiphanies, Doubt about Worldviews and Beliefs we hold that are no longer aligned with the shifting winds of cultural “Reality,” access to non-ordinary states of Reality, speaking in tongues or Light Language, or any number of other Mental-Spiritual crossovers that most of us don’t experience every day.

Remember that Neptune sat on the South Node on January 1, 2000, which we call the “Loss of the Veil” – the breakdown of the walls between the 4-D “Reality” we usually limit ourselves to, and everything that’s beyond.  So we expect that “Loss” to be a “feature” of the 21st Century.

The Second Duad of Pisces

This year’s Retrograde adventures of Neptune spanned almost exactly the second or Aries Duad of Pisces.  We’ve dealt with it twice already, from mid-February till early June, and from early June till now.  In other words it more or less corresponds to our first (Can-Opener) and second (Exposition) adventures with Consciousness of our Position and Trajectory in the Evolution of the Universe (Juno Squaring the Nodes).  We’ll probably sew all that up – and gain a better understanding about how it all fits together, when Neptune Initiates Juno in January.  So what would we say about the second Duad of Pisces?

Aquarius tests our Confidence in our Community, in the same way that Leo tests our Self-Confidence.  Since Humility and Vulnerability are not particularly rewarded, at least in Euro-American cultures, much of our Confidence in either arena involves “fake it till you make it.”  Getting to Pisces is like getting off the stage after a performance we enjoyed or one we barely squirmed through.  Either way we get hit with heavy Emotion – we have to deal with the repercussions of our hubris, or the nightmares of reliving a performance that failed our standards – all while being forced to move on with our lives, with no weekend to debrief.  Think getting out of high school, or moving to the Big City.

The Pisces Duad of Pisces is about exactly that overwhelming burst of Emotion.

In the Aries Duad we find Inspiration and Passion in the floodwaters.

Those of you born around the 21st through 23rd of February can verify – or not.  Now that we’ve lived through the Can-Opener and the Exposition of our Karma-Desire Review – which we could even equate to the Judgment after Death, are we finding some small flame of Energy amid the Shame and Fear we’ve been dealing with?  It might be a little too soon; we should ask the question again in the Spring.


Retrograde Cycles frequently involve these three-part Learning Opportunities – Can-Opener, Exposition, and Confidence-Builder, as one planet crosses a given Angle to another planet three times.  Pallas and Neptune are dancing with the stars in this way.  Pallas Opposes Neptune on November 15, then again after it turns Retro, in February, and for the third time in June.  The current Pallas-Neptune Cycle began in February 2012 at 1 Pisces, “In a crowded marketplace farmers and middlemen display a great variety of products.”  At the Opposition, folks either begin to enjoy the fruits of their labors, or move to a higher perspective and begin to debrief their adventures in order to discover what it was that they really excelled at during their efforts.

Pallas-Neptune is about our Spiritual Edges and Social Boundaries.  If we’ve been moving into the marketplace during 2012, we should begin to see rewards by June, with critical review of our progress next week and in February.  If we haven’t been moving out into the marketplace, then the Neptune Station is likely to initiate a debriefing about what we’ve been up to over the last two years.  With Pallas entering Virgo, there will be a temptation to Judge ourself.

Anticipate that monolog, hear it, recognize it, Witness it, and embrace it lovingly, but don’t believe it.  Look behind it.  There is an Expectation there, or Judgment wouldn’t be possible.  Examine the Expectation.  Is it still relevant to who you’ve become?  We’ve spent most of the last year Becoming someone new, in several different ways.  That’s a full-time job, so we deserve a great deal of forbearance in any case.  Now we need to review our Expectations – do they arise from our Mission or our Yintegrity?  Or from our programming.  Given the degree of Change we’ve been through, I’m guessing that most of our Expectations of Ourselves will no longer be what we really Want.

Calculus is difficult for folks trained in logic, because it doesn’t involve a chain of logical consequences.  In calculus you have to go to the end result that you want, and guess your way backward to where you started, one step at a time.  Reverse engineering.  That’s what we need to do with this marketplace.

What has changed for you, and how have you changed, since February 2012?  There is something there that’s not only positive, it’s sterling.  Remarkable even.

That is what you’ve been working on, not your old Expectation.  Honor yourself for that.  It’s not the same marketplace you thought you were in when Time Ended.  It’s a lot more Authentically You.

Manganaxinite – Calcium Manganese Aluminium Borosilicate.  Grounding through Feminine channels – a Silk chord from the base of your spine to the center of the Earth.  Always the first response to Neptune – Grounding.  Healing Emotional wounds and Judgment, realigning our orientation to changing Realities and Relationships.  Borosilicates evoke Magic.  Manganese opens the Heart without losing our Grounding.

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