Neptune Station I

Feel the shift from Uranus-Pluto (-Jupiter-Eris) Energy to (Mercury-) Neptune Energy?  I was struck by the flood of revelatory news titles at the Jupiter-Eris Square, from Catholic misogyny to Israeli settlements to the NSA to Identity theft to Arafat to the Tea Party, the exploitation of children and endemic racism.  Not all earth-shaking, but many from unexpected sources and unusual perspectives.

Now we’re in the realm of Neptune.  I know, the Mercury Station comes first on the 10th, but the impact of the Neptune Station is huge compared to puny Mercury.  Sure, Communication is important, but if folks weren’t so self-absorbed and oversensitive, and learned how to listen for what’s being said rather than which of their Identity-defining pet peeves might be twerked, Mercury would be the lipstick, not the pig.

Neptune is basically about the underlying mostly-Unconscious social context.  While Mercury represents our Ideas, Neptune represents the cultural basis for the propaganda and programming that molded them.  Consider…

Encounters with Brazilian people and discussions with them made us feel that we were on a different planet.  The majority of Brazilians, including members of the upper class and the educated elite, seemed to accept the existence of realities that in Euro-American culture were relegated to the realm of infantile nonsense, fantasy, primitive superstition, or mental illness – disincarnate entities, possession by spirits and benevolent or malevolent deities, spiritual healing, successful intervention by psychic surgeons, visitations by UFOs, and many others.  All these phenomena appeared to be normal and integral parts of their worldview – in many instances based on personal experiences – rather than unfounded beliefs and superstitions or sensational topics for cheap tabloids.

Stanislav Grof, When the Impossible Happens: Adventures in Non-Ordinary Realities, p.184.

Wouldn’t that be refreshing, to live in a culture that was a bit more open to the rest of the Universe?  I mentioned it before, but it was at the end of a long list so few probably got to it, and it’s worth mentioning again…

Otto talks about how what he calls “U Theory” – the notion that several U-turns are required if human folks are going to take responsibility for their poo.  U-turns like this…

ottoUHe speaks of three “enemies” or voices that inhibit our transformation, not just into Yintegrity with our True Self, but into Integrity with the Whole.  To whit, from his aforementioned blog post…

The effectiveness of accessing these three instruments [Open Mind, Open Heart, Open Will] depends on the ability to deal with the sources of resistance (‘three enemies’):

  • VoJ (Voice of Judgment): The VoJ shuts down the Open Mind by habitually judging self and others.  All creativity techniques start with somehow suspending the VoJ.
  • VoC (Voice of Cynicism): The VoC shuts down the Open Heart by offering an easy alternative to making oneself vulnerable.  The problem with that easy exit is that it does the same thing as the VoJ: it blocks one’s opening process for accessing the deeper sources of creativity.
  • VoF (Voice of Fear): The VoF tends to shut down the Open Will by not letting go but holding on to old identities, ideologies, and Us vs. Them belief structures.

The better we learn to deal with these three ‘enemies,’ the higher our mastery will be in accessing the deeper sources of our co-creative knowing.”

Good stuff!  You can recognize all three in my comments about Mercury, eh?

While we’re wandering around the World, here’s another interesting view…

The difficulties Spain has faced for the past five years are part of a necessary structural adjustment to allow Spain to compete more effectively.  Most of this adjustment is now complete and Spain is poised for good growth in the years ahead.  Unit labor costs have declined more than 20% since 2008, which makes Spanish labor more competitive with the rest of the world.  Unemployment is difficult, but it gives Spain a huge pool of untapped labor that is now available as new capital enters the country.  Increased labor force participation from among the unemployed will allow the Spanish economy to grow much faster than its overall demographics would suggest. 

The Euro has given Spain a strong currency, which is extremely attractive to foreign investors.  Ford and Peugeot have recently announced major new investments in Spain and more should be expected.  Chinese capital is also eager to invest in Spanish infrastructure.  Spain has successfully made structural adjustments and put its major problems behind it, unlike the United States where the structural problems have not been addressed and painful economic adjustments are yet to come.

Jim Rickards, After “Currency Wars” Comes “The Death of Money”, at

I don’t know enough about the current situation in Spain to know whether this is true or not.  Iceland recovered in a similar fashion, but they weren’t stuck inside the Euro with the Memphis Blues again.  But I disagree wholeheartedly with the way the fascists sell “Austerity,” yet another way to further enrich themselves at the expense of the People, as a solution to problems created by their own Avarice.  While the end result may be temporary economic improvement – till the next Greed-fueled meltdown – the Austerity process is criminal.  We just need to make a few U-turns and revise the criminal code accordingly.

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