This Is Exciting

Jupiter Stands Still on Wednesday (which means, using only one degree of Sensitivity, that we’ve been in Jupiter-Stationary mode – Expansion – since October 10), and I’ll be done with some comments about that shortly.  There’s also an interesting Jupiter Portal on November 4 that I want to discuss.

But I just ran into this, and it’s just so Jupiter that I need to get it right out onto the airwaves…

If you have time to explore further, here are some less entertaining but more specific background materials…

Some parallel observations from “systems science” (it’s readable nevertheless)…

And an interesting story about the ongoing conflict with galloping fascism…

Many of these are links from a recommended email newsletter from the New Economy Coalition of the New Economics Institute…

Unfortunately they don’t accept PayPal, so donate at your own risk.  Don’t confuse the New Economy Coalition with the Coalition for the New Economy…

which appears to be another Montpelior-like effort to prevent public competition with private vendors, in this case broadband internet service.

Another effort along the same lines (as the New Economics Institute, not the fascists) is the Schumacher Center for a New Economy…

which leads us to these transformative perspectives…

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  1. alan Says:

    This is “The Story’s” solutions!


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