If like me you’re feeling a vague sense of discomfort (or worse) as we drop into the Day of the Dead, lean into it.  Our Egos are being overwhelmed, and they don’t stand a chance against Uranus OR Pluto, let alone both, let alone the two dancing in the Fourth Harmonic, and on the Day of the Dead besides.  The Day of the Ego Death.  Ego Death feels awful, because the Ego’s job is to keep us Safe, and it’s feeling like it’s failed.  But like a Crab molting its shell, the only way we can grow is to cast off our old Ego and protect our vulnerability while our new Ego chitons up and we don’t know who we’ve become yet.  Uranus and Pluto have our best interests at heart – Pluto to bring us into alignment with changes in the Universal Trance, and Uranus to bring us into alignment with our own Soul and it’s evolution. Change is always discomfortable, and Big Change the more so.  Embrace your discomfort –

You poor Dear, you’re feeling out of sorts, aren’t you.  I know, we aren’t sure what’s coming next, and we aren’t sure we’ve aced the last adventure either!  But you know what?  We’re still alive, and that means we’ve won, and it’s because of you, my Love.  You’ve done a great job, and now it’s time to retire and let someone else take over, and you aren’t sure that’s Safe.  Well, we’re in good hands here.  We can trust the Stars, even if we can’t trust much else on this Rock!  What say we go for a walk and just relax into it?

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