To Uranus and Beyond

Opened a book this evening and started reading, more or less at random, and lo and behold, it was about Uranus!

“Going beyond means going beyond the borders of the cage.  There should be no cage.  The soul is infinite.  It is free to expand everywhere.  It is free to experience all of life.  This can only happen when you are willing to face reality without mental boundaries.  If you still have barriers, and you know what they are because you hit them every day, you must be willing to go beyond them.  Otherwise you remain within your cage.  And remember, decorating your cage with beautiful experiences, fond memories, and great dreams is not the same as going beyond.  A cage by any other name is still a cage.  You must be willing to go beyond.”

“Would you like to go beyond?  Would you like to feel no edges?  Imagine a comfort zone that is so expanded that it can easily fit the entire day, no matter what happens.  The day unfolds and the mind doesn’t say anything.  You simply interact with the day with a peaceful, fully inspired heart.  If your edges happen to get hit, the mind doesn’t complain.  It all just passes through.  This is how great beings live.  When you are trained, like a great athlete, to immediately relax through your edges when they get hit, then it’s all over.  You realize that you will always be fine.  Nothing can ever bother you except your edges, and now you know what to do with them.  You end up loving your edges because they point your way to freedom.  All you have to do is constantly relax and lean into them.  Then one day, when you least expect it, you fall through into the infinite.  That is what it means to go beyond.”

Michael Singer, the untethered soul: the journey beyond yourself, pp.123-125.

Sounds a little extreme, eh?  But I mean, we don’t need to do it all at once.  We learn to dance with one edge at a time.

As we said earlier, it’s often easier to learn about astrology and about ourselves and our edges by looking at what happened in the sky yesterday, rather than tomorrow.  So luckily, Elizabeth points out that we missed a lovely Configuration that was in effect from about 11pm PDT October 27 till 11am PDT October 28.

As the Moon crossed Pallas (our Edges or Boundaries) during that span, it formed a tidy Grand Trine (“Dumb Luck” Grace) with Venus (our Judgments or Values) and Eris (our Denial, usually seen in the mirror as their Denial).

And Moon-Pallas happened to be at the far midpoint of the Uranus-Pluto Square (You must be willing to go beyond) – which means that it also created a Mjolnir (Insight, or someone dynamiting our cage)! 

What were your major experiences (internal and external) during that span?  Can you relate them to your Edges?

I was up later than I should (clue) have been (considering that I had to get up early to get to a meeting in the Big City), making a Soup out of a cache of organic Tomatoes that I found.  When I got up – early – I discovered that the meeting was postponed, which was a glorious surprise because though I was prepared for the meeting and relaxed about it, the day was supposed to be (and was) the Sunniest and warmest day of the week, perfect for Fall Garden cleanup.

My 2013 Uranus-Pluto and Juno-Nodes Edges have been between doing what I love (basically, astrology, gardening, and cooking), and cashflow (hence the meeting in the Big City).  Moving from Guilt and Scarcity and Resentment to Gratitude that I have the Opportunity to get cashflow, especially when so many don’t.

My experience of the Portal was mostly what I would consider an experience of the Grand Trine’s Grace – finding the cache of Tomatoes and enjoying turning them into Soup, being relaxed about the meeting, the delightful surprise that I got to spend the day playing in the Sun instead, the experience of raking leaves, harvesting Celery and Tomatillos and Alpine Strawberries and Elderberries, decommissioning Tomato and Bean plants, enjoying the Flowers.  I’m not sure I was Conscious of any big Insights at the time, but in retrospect, the notion that Guilt and Scarcity and Resentment are clues that I need to move to Gratitude is a valuable notion!

Meanwhile, Jupiter and Vesta made a quartet of interlocking Square-Quincunx-Trine/Sextile Jewels that we like so much.  Drawing it all out looks a bit like an Angel, though I think she’d look more angelic with hair…

DSCN4649Or an Angel in a bat disguise for Dia de Muertos perhaps.  There’s a bit of a straight-jacket feel in the picture too – that cage again!  In the picture the Squares (Stress) are red, the Trines and Sextiles (Grace) blue, the Mjolnir‘s Trioctiles (Realignment) purple – they’re hard to tell from the blue lines, but the purple lines are longer, and the Quincunxes (Curiosity) are green.

The Venus-Vesta Square would be about balancing our Emotional (Belly) Edges and the Edges of our Deeper (Heart) Beliefs, with the Curiosity link to Eris (Trine Venus) and Jupiter (Sextile Vesta) –

I wonder what I’m Denying about my Shoulds

I wonder what I can do to expand my Deeper Beliefs

are the rhetorical questions that I could have asked.  In retrospect I can see that it wouldn’t hurt to expand my Deeper Beliefs, which does feel like a new Insight as I write – I’ve been thinking of Vesta as fairly static, rather than living and growing!

The Jupiter-Eris Square would be about Expanding our Edges faster than we’re really ready for, with the Curiosity links to Venus and Vesta bringing us potential questions (remember, no answers!) like…

I wonder how my anxiety about such rapid Change can be tempered by Self-Love

I wonder how my Deeper Beliefs can guide me to being more comfortable with rapid Change

That feels like a current Insight as well – a Both/And about my Deeper Beliefs – they can guide me and be allowed to change and grow.  I actually feel those Insights as subtle shifts in my Sixth Chakra.

And of course there’s Singer’s Insight that Pallas can imply transcending our Edges as well as setting Boundaries!

I don’t want to write all night tonight, so I’m not explaining all this as well as I could.  Let me know if any of this is confusing, and I’ll fill in any gaps tomorrow.

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