Descent into Yintegrity

NDEPraying that the illustration was Photoshopped, we begin our slide into the Uranus-Pluto Event.  This is the fourth of seven Uranus-Pluto Events that span June 2012 to March 2015.  The Uranus-Pluto Cycle that we’re developing – this is the Crisis of Action stage in Rudhyar’s terms – was born in 1965 at 18 of Virgo, “A Ouija Board.”  These are Unconscious planets, and we’re working on dimensions beyond the usual four, so the concept of Action is muted.  It’s there nevertheless, asking us to Actively move toward Authenticity with our Soul Self, and toward accepting non-ordinary realities.

In general, if we stop any particular path of development at any particular age, when we resume development of that path, we restart at the age where we left off.  We may have stopped because of Fear, or Karma, or Control by others.  How old were we when our Betters began to train us to fit into polite society?  That may have begun when we were no more than a few months old, or even earlier.  If our Purpose in the Lifetime isn’t fitting into polite society, then there’s a good chance our development of Authenticity with our Soul Self may have been arrested quite early.

So now we’re asked to start Acting out the urges we felt at the age where development was arrested.  If that was really just a month or two, then a “Goo!” and a free Poop in our pants might be all there is to it.  If your neighbor regresses to age eight and their Mission in the Lifetime is to play the role of Eris with regard to the Denial embedded in your gun laws, you could be in trouble.  Don’t be surprised to see an “irrationally” violent Halloween.  They’ll blame it on “mental illness” – which means failure to fit into polite society – irrespective of Mission.  And they’ll probably work harder to repress anything out of “normal.”

Such is the nature of any Unconscious eruption – most of what you see will be Resistance to the erupting material.

On the way to the Uranus-Pluto Event we pass (or not) through a few more Portals.  For the Lunar Portals, if we use our standard three degrees of Sensitivity, they would be relevant for about six hours before the event, and (though diminished) six hours after.

October 29

In the first Portal, the Moon crosses Mars, a corner of the Mystic Rectangle we discussed in the last post.  That happens at 1pm PDT, allowing six hours on either side for the window to be open.  Since the Uranus-Pluto Event is a Crisis of Action (in support of Authenticity), and Mars is about Action, well, that should be pretty clear.  Mars Trines Pluto and Quincunxes Uranus, making a nice Square-Quincunx-Trine Jewel for us.  Last time we suggested that this might mean something like…

  • If I’m having difficulty because everything is changing so rapidly, I can wonder what I might do about it?

You don’t wonder to get an answer; you wonder in order to let go of control.  Remember that the Muggle interpretation of Uranus is Disruption – so the changes that surround you may well have to do with the falling away of structures in your Life that are no longer aligned with your Soul’s Intention for this moment in your Life.  Don’t let it bring you down, it’s only castles burning, as Neil puts it.

We have to suggest that what you do is not to Act to disrupt the Disruption, but Act to move into greater Authenticity.  If you sense any impending Disruption in your Life now, or even if you don’t, it wouldn’t hurt to spend some time meditating on what Authenticity might look like in your Life at this time.  Mars likes quick decisions, and if October 29 is the first time the concept of Authenticity crosses your mind, you may tend toward protecting the castle.  On the other hand, if the quick decision comes from your Gut, it may be more Authentic than what comes from your Mind!  It’s meditating, not thinking, that should help.  In general, Act to Affirm, not to Defend.

October 30-31

This is a Venus Portal, so it’s open for about a day.  Look for it to be strongest from 4pm PDT October 30 to 5pm PDT October 31.  It’s a Septangle between Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus.  Uranus Biceptiles both Venus and Jupiter, which Triceptile one another.  In other words, a coherent Zodiac-filling Seventh-Harmonic Configuration.  Remember how Don Juan was always urging Carlos to conserve his Power and not waste it on trifles?  That’s what the Seventh Dimension is about – Focused Intention, so that maximum Power is directed into the Most Important Thing.

The focus of the Septangle is Uranus, so Venus (Walking in Beauty) and Jupiter (Expansion) are here to serve Authenticity.  It could Expand Disruption – if it does, listen up.  Uranus only disrupts what is out of Yintegrity.  It could also cause you to question your habitual Values.  If it does that, ask yourself which of your Values were installed by your childhood programmers, and which spring from your Authentic Self.  Some may be both.

October 31-November 1

While the Uranus-Pluto Square itself is exact at quarter past 4am PDT November 1, the “real” event is likely to peak at half-past 9pm PDT on October 31.  It’s a Lunar Portal, so expect it to be open for about six hours prior, and remain open till at least the exact Uranus-Pluto Event.  it’s by no means an evil Portal, but just because of the potential for Disruption (aka Trauma), I wouldn’t want to be out trick-or-treating during this Portal.  Certainly any Trauma would have a positive long-term result, but Trauma always implies the danger of backsliding and tightening the grip of Karma, so I prefer Loving and Gentle alternatives.

Remember that the impact of astrological events fades rapidly after the event is exact – unless you make defensive decisions under the influence of the event.  So by the time we get to the Eclipse on November 3, the Uranus-Pluto Changes should be settling out.

Suppose for instance you don’t want to continue doing a job that no longer feels Authentically You, but you don’t want to resign because of Fear that there may not be better options, or because you believe you should stick with it.

  • So it gets hairy on October 30 or 31, and you can no longer stand the indecision.  You loudly declare the Intention to stick with your old job because of the security.  Maybe your boss asks for a re-commitment, or you notice how many kids are lined up at the Food Bank.  With an Intention like this, the Uranus-Pluto sense of Disruption will drag on long after November 1.
  • If on the other hand you quit outright instead, then the Graces may find you a far superior position on November 2!  More likely though, since you hadn’t really resolved your indecision, you’d struggle for a while to establish your new Self in the World and to embrace your regret, and compromise your Authenticity in new ways.
  • But if you respected both your Authenticity and your indecision and PIAVAed a gentle and loving but rapid and complete transition from your current dilemma to a situation that was both Authentic and comfortable, then Changed the Subject, the anxiety surrounding the Uranus-Pluto event would probably subside rapidly.

This is only the fourth of seven Uranus-Pluto events, so we’re still in the middle of a long series of Big Changes in our own Lives and for the Planet.

There’s a complication; Jupiter Stations on November 6.  During Jupiter’s Shadow Period it makes repeated T-Squares with the Uranus-Pluto Square, so Jupiter – Expansion – is intimately involved with the fourth and fifth Uranus-Pluto events.  Apart from the immediate processes and decision points, a bigger issue lurks behind the scenes.

When the fifth Uranus-Pluto Square occurs next April, Jupiter misses an exact T-Square with it by only one tenth of one degree and one day.  And when the November 1 Uranus-Pluto Square is exact, Jupiter is only 4 arcminutes from its Station.  So really we’re just setting out the lawnchairs for a party we’ll be having next April.  Decisions we make now will mold how much Authenticity we can glean then, but they won’t be anywhere near permanent.  Bottom line…

Be loving and gentle with your indecision.  Step outside of your usual Consciousness and Witness those feelings. 

Close your eyes and look down at your feet.  When have you felt those feelings before?  We want to release our Karma – let it go.  We don’t want to  re-lease it, or sign up for another year’s lease.

The Samhain Portal itself is a Yin Gate formed when the Moon Opposes Uranus and fills the Mystic Rectangle with two opposing Fingers of God…

DSCN4648If XXX means three kisses rather than Do Not Enter, then we’re good.  There’s huge Grace in this chart – most of which we’ve discussed before, but there’s also massive Change.

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