7 Come 11

By the way, all this cosmic action is the result of lots of planets (and other hot spots) sitting at 8-10 degrees of their respective signs.  For the Dia de Muertos Yin Gate, for instance, Mars sits at 10 Virgo, the Moon at 10 Libra, the North Node at 8 Scorpio, the Sun at 9 Scorpio, Pluto at 10 Capricorn, Juno at 9 Aquarius, Chiron at 10 Pisces, Uranus at 10 Aries, and the South Node at 8 Taurus.  Retrograde Mercury’s just about to join the game, at 11 Scorpio on Halloween.

Eight to ten degrees of any Sign is the place where the Sign first encounters Challenge.  Eight to ten degrees of Aries for instance, is the Cancer “Dwad.”  Really! – who knows where they get these names!  A Dwad is a two-and-a-half-degree segment of a Sign.  (I guess it’s the same root as duo, for two; they just leave out the half.)  Cancer is Square to Aries.  The first Dwad of Aries receives a download.  The second Dwad tries to make sense of it and begin to manifest it.  The third Dwad does a conceptual test of the design.

In the fourth – Cancer – Dwad, we have to start building the thing, and the design flaws that made it past the intellectual shakedown show up in neon.  Basically, you start over.  Since Aries is just a receiver that has no idea what it’s doing or why, when the Cancer Dwad goes back to the Aries Dwad and asks Just what was it exactly that this thing supposed to do? Aries doesn’t really know.  It was just something Spirit said to do.  The Cancer Dwad is of course a sweetheart about it all, as is Cancer’s wont, but the Aries Dwad is ashamed of its seeming incompetence, and that gets in the way of its going back to Source for more details.

So there’s frustration all around.  Until everyone drops their Judgments and sees the whole game as an Exploration – it’s a Square after all.  This is just the Aries story, and the other eleven Signs have their own stories, but it’s the same plot – the 8-10 degree slot is where frustration and self-doubt must be overcome if progress is to be made.

So we can see all of these adventures – the Juno-Nodes T-Square, the Uranus-Pluto Square, the Mystic Rectangle, the recent Grand Sextile – they’re all about overcoming frustration and self-doubt by giving up Judgment and opening up to Exploration.

Since Karma actually died when Time went away last Christmas, witnessing and embracing our orphaned Emotions and reclaiming the Treasure hidden in the Dragon’s lair – which very Treasure will permit us to march on toward our Mission – (that is, the Juno-Nodes T-Square) is actually easy. 

We just forget that because our habit of avoiding and Denying our Orphans is so deeply engrained.  When our Orphans tug at our coatsleeves we regress and forget everything we’ve learned since we orphaned them – and Abandon them and ourselves all over again!  The whole process of Healing revolves around learning to recognize when we aren’t in the Present Moment, and acting to get there.

Same with the Uranus-Pluto Square…

The Trance ReFormations are going on around us; all we need to do is adapt to them.  Since it’s Uranus-Pluto, we know that when we do, we’ll end up with greater Authenticity to our Soul Self.  “We” don’t really have to do a lot except go along for the ride.

Which is the rub, as the ride is not likely to follow our usual commute.  Change is hard for some people to accept all of the time, and hard for all people to accept some of the time.  But that’s really all there is to it.  Oh – that’s Changed?  Okay, let me put my fingers back on the Ouija Board to see how I can adapt to that.

As always, it’s our Resistance that makes thing difficult.

So 8-10 degrees can be another clue for us.  If we notice Frustration or Self-Doubt start to creep in, we know we’re in Judgment, and we need to switch to Exploration.  Easy as Pi.

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