Big Portal 10.26/10.27


Moonstone and Labradorite are kissing cousins.  Who they appear to be depends on what angle you look at them from.

Our old buddy the Moon creates a Big Portal October 26, when it forms a Grand Cross with the Juno T-Square, and a Diamond Star with the remnants of our exploded Grand Sextile.  The Diamond Star will be with us from around 9pm PDT October 26 till about 5am PDT October 27.  The Grand Cross will provide a bit of temporary balance for the ongoing Juno-Nodes T-Square (Karmic Limitations and Deep Desires erupting into Consciousness) and the Diamond Star will add Grace of the highest order – Chiron and Pluto (Miracles of Transformation).  Here’s the Diamond Star…

DSCN4637Notice the green lines; they’re the Yod that creates the Diamond Star from the T-Square or Grand Cross (the red lines).  The Moon signifies Manifestation, the Challenge (Grand Cross) is growth of Consciousness, the Grace comes from the most potent Trance ReFormer and Reality Reframer that we know of, and the green lines represent Curiosity.  Which is important.  We need to ask…

I wonder how I’m going to be Transmogrified during this adventure!?!?

and while Pi asks us to Take Responsibility for what’s going down – it could easily be your Worst Fears manifesting, as that’s what Karmic Limitations are all about – you won’t get marked down if you also add…

Please make this Transition a Loving and Gentle one!

In fact, you’ll get a gold star for Self-Love if you do.

But that’s only the beginning for this Big Portal.  We’ve left the Diamond Star drawn in lightly, but added several elements…

DSCN4640The Grand Trine (blue Triangle) and Mystic Rectangle (blue box) are the remnants of our earlier Grand Sextile.  They aren’t nearly as temporary as the Moon’s Angles in the first picture, in fact they’re with us through November 1’s Uranus-Pluto Square.  They even make another Portal or two for us between now and then.  Meaning?  In a word, Gifts.

The Pluto-Mars-South Node Grand Trine says that even though our self-sabotage (South Node) will be very active (Mars) and unquenchable (Pluto), it will also be very easy on us (the Trines).  Just keep your eyes open.  Our Karma behaves like a multiple personality – when we begin to self-sabotage, our Sensible Self leaves town.

  • If you’re aware of your self-sabotage but you haven’t gotten it together yet to stop it from taking center stage, then this is the moment to meet and confront this detractor of yours.  You might be thinking – Gee, I seem to be “getting away” with what I know isn’t good for me! – but it’s only a buildup to a big letdown.
  • If you still think it’s somebody else that sabotages you, you’re probably about to meet them in the mirror.

The Mystic Rectangle is two Oppositions (Awareness of Contradistinction, hopefully leading to Awareness of Unity) whose ends are Trine and Sextile to one another.  Our old friends the Nodes, who’ve been so active lately, and Mars Opposite Chiron.  Mars-Chiron represents the contrast between doing it the hard way and manifesting a Miracle.  The worst kind of Despair is Unconscious Despair – when it never even crosses our mind that a Miracle is possible.  So we get into Sisyphean situations, where we know there are no good outcomes, yet we work our butts off trying anyway (overMars), just to show the coach that we have stick-to-it-ive-ness.

The keys to activating a Mystic Rectangle are the Sextiles – Mars-North Node and Chiron-South Node.  Sextiles require a smidgeon of initiative on our part before the Grace kicks in.  So we must take a step (Mars) toward what we really Want (North Node), and we must be willing to allow our lives to be turned upside down when we start to reframe our Limitations (Chiron), experience the Ego Death (nothing feels worse), and let go of the Fears and Rage that define who we have believed ourselves to be (South Node).

Then look at the green lines – all of these landmines are in the Portal!  A Uranus Yod and a Mars Yod.  Curiosity, right?

  • I wonder what I will do (Mars) to merge my Soul Self (Uranus) with my Unconscious Identity (Juno)!?!?
  • I wonder who I will be (Uranus) when I begin to Act (Mars) in accord with my Mission in this Lifetime (North Node)!?!?

Note that the Yods also form a bunch of those nice Challenge-Curiosity-Grace Triangles.  These are the places where we can consciously apply Curiosity to a perceived Problem and if we then stand back and change the subject, we’ll see Grace take over.  These are Jewels – using them Consciously, we can melt problems like butter.  Let’s work through a few of them…

  • Pluto Square Uranus Quincunx Mars Trine Pluto – If I’m having difficulty because everything is changing so rapidly, I can wonder what I might do about it?

Remember you don’t answer the question; you wait for your Guides to reveal the answer to you, through what you do unconsciously, that you had no conscious idea actually related to the original problem.  You discover the answer after the fact, through self-observation.

  • Uranus Square Pluto Quincunx Moon Trine Uranus – If I’m having difficulty because the World seems to be in Resistance to who I know I have to be, I can wonder how it will all work out?
  • South Node Square Moon Quincunx Pluto Trine South Node – If my self-sabotage is interfering with what I’m trying to manifest, I can wonder what will be manifested?
  • North Node Square Moon Quincunx Chiron Trine North Node – If my Deepest Desires are not Manifesting by themselves, I can wonder what sort of Miracle will reframe my Desires so they’re achievable?
  • Moon Square North Node Quincunx Uranus Trine Moon – If what I’m trying to manifest seems to conflict with my Mission, I can wonder exactly who is in charge?
  • South Node Square Juno Quincunx Mars Trine South Node – If my self-sabotage is holding me back, I can wonder what to do about it?

Remember that it’s the state of Wonder that you’re trying to achieve and maintain.  You don’t want Certainty.  In the case of a Square-Quincunx-Sextile, we may have to take an action after wondering…

  • North Node Square Juno Quincunx Mars Sextile North Node – If I’m trying to manifest my Deepest Desires but it just doesn’t feel like me, I can wonder what I’ll have to do to align those two?  I may just have to wonder what would happen if I tried something different.
  • Juno Square North Node Quincunx Uranus Sextile Juno – If it doesn’t feel right to act out my Deepest Desires, I can wonder who would I have to be to do that?  Maybe I can try play-acting a couple of roles.
  • North Node Square Moon Quincunx Pluto Sextile North Node – If I don’t feel like I’m prepared to manifest what I need to manifest, I can wonder what sort of trance I would have to be in to do that.  I could try a few on just for laughs.
  • South Node Square Moon Quincunx Chiron Sextile South Node – If I’m frustrated that my Limits won’t let me manifest what I feel like I need to create, I can wonder how I might reverse-engineer the issue, namely imagine that I can manifest it, and then see how different that feels in my body.
  • Pluto Square Uranus Quincunx North Node Sextile Pluto – If it feels like my Higher Self is of synch with the World, I can wonder how I can be the change I wish to see in the World, and maybe PIAVA a new trance that will let me see how that feels.

See if you can find any that I missed.  You’re looking for any planet that has both a Square (short red line) and a Quincunx (green line) connected to it.  Then follow the Square to the second planet, and find a blue line (Trine or Sextile) back to the first planet.

Phew!  Lots going on!  You’re probably exhausted – or long since quit paying attention, unless you love puzzles!  Well, we ain’t done.  We’re still on the same 10.26/10.27 Portal, and there’s more…DSCN4639Two interlocking Mjolnirs!  Neither is dependent on the Moon, so neither is short-lived, though Venus will move away in a few days.  Mjolnirs are about Lightning-like Insight.  In some cases Insight that destroys a house of cards you’ve been building.  Suppose you’ve put a business or relationship partner on a pedestal, for instance, and you suddenly see that they aren’t who you’ve been thinking they were.  If you’ve been building a business or a Life or a family around them, this is Big Thunder.

The South Node (our Karmic Limits and Hidden Skills) Mjolnir has as its base a Square between Vesta (our notion of the Sacred) and Venus (our Values).  This literally comes down to

I’d do anything for Love, but I won’t do that

Think about your Values – what you’re Passionate about, and what makes you Angry or Aghast.  What’s Sacred to you is a little different.  Your Values trigger strong Emotions, but you wouldn’t be willing to die for them.  With a Square between the two, their differences are illuminating, and probably a little jarring.  You probably feel a little out of synch, or even a little out of Integrity.  The whole thing is complicated because Vesta’s in an Earth Sign, not a Fire Sign where it’s comfortable, and Venus is in a Fire Sign, not a Water Sign where it would feel at home.  Truth is, there’s probably no way you can resolve your sense of being out of synch.

But both are Trioctile to the South Node – so if you’re listening, this disharmony will tell you a whole lot about your Limiting Beliefs.  Chances are you’re familiar with this out-of-synch feeling.  You’ve been there before.  Close your eyes and look down at your feet (keeping your eyes closed).  What are you wearing?  Roman sandals and a toga?  Rags?  Furs?  Fine linen?  You may not be wearing anything.  Were you male or female in that Lifetime?  Are there other people around, or are you alone?  I know, it may not feel quite real – go ahead and pretend that it is.  What were you really good at in that Lifetime?  Anything?  Were you proud, or humble about it?  How did you die in that Lifetime?  This is Opportunity.

And the Vesta Mjolnir has as its base the Square between Juno and the South Node.  The South Node is in stubborn Taurus – it isn’t about to give up its secrets easily.  Juno is in Aquarius.  You’re wanting Community.  Are you worthy of Community?  Do you have to give more than you get in order to feel like you belong?  Do you have to get more than you give in order to want to belong?  Community includes what you do for a living – do you do what you love?  Or work to survive?  Are you fairly paid?

Do you blaspheme against your own sense of the Sacred?  Why?  As a Defense against feeling rigid or fearing Abandonment?  Are you overzealous about judging others who don’t measure up to your standards?  You wouldn’t want to be in Community with them now, would you.  Do you measure up to your own standards?  Like Woody, would you want to belong to a club that would have you for a member?  What compromises do you make in order to survive?  What would you rather die than do?

All those questions could easily prompt you for another session of closing your eyes and looking at your feet.  In the current Lifetime, you learned your Limiting Beliefs from someone.  They tried to control you with either Suffocation or Abandonment or both.  Even if it didn’t work, it did.  You’ve internalized those controls.  Who was it that demanded this of you when you were young and vulnerable?  If we’re conscious of that, we may have gone through Life accepting our Limits but blaming them.

But they go far deeper than that.  That person – or persons – who tried to control you, you’ve known them before.  What were the circumstances?  Were you in their jail?  Did they escape from yours by tricking you?  Were they your master or your slave?  Did you feel Powerless then too?  What were you both wearing?

Go for the Insights.  These are Big Changes.  When Pluto and Uranus and the Nodes are involved, “we” – our little Ego, that is – don’t actually have as much Power as we’d like to have.  Armies have been mobilized in the Unconscious, and they are marching.  The die has been cast, and Change is afoot.  We need to strive for letting go of our Limiting Beliefs, embracing our Deepest Desires, and dropping our Masks.  We need to do all that lovingly and gently, but rapidly and completely.  It’s not optional, it’s what the planet is evolving to.  We will have considerable mopping up to do and amends to make afterwards, reorganizing everything and apologizing for a Lifetime of disingenuous moments and acts and words.

It’s all good – everyone else will be in the same boat.

2 Responses to “Big Portal 10.26/10.27”

  1. Julie Says:

    Wow, JIm! Great great post. Deep Thanks. Namaste!

  2. Alan Says:

    Thanks Jim! lot’s of nuggets. after reading yesterday I have been contemplating lot’s of stuff including my current work(job) environment. while i was stretching this morning this song popped into my head so i thought i’d share.

    Alan :)

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