Very busy times.  In addition to the many other Configurations we’ve already talked about, there’s another Lunar Quintile Yod formed between around 9pm PDT October 25 and about 5am PDT October 26.  The base of the QYod includes Venus and Neptune.  This is a very different Energy from the Grand Sextile’s Mars, Chiron, and Pluto vibes.  Venus stands for our consistent Emotions, our Values.  Neptune symbolizes our Relationship with Anything Larger than Ourselves – God and our Culture are typical examples.  An Unconscious planet, Neptune can be considered deeply involved with our Cultural programming.

The main effects are the Uranus-Pluto Square and the Juno-Nodes T-Square, both having to do with releasing our Cultural and Karmic programming in favor of our True Self and Deep Desires.  So a Moon-Venus-Neptune Learning Opportunity as the supporting actress is likely to bring us into circumstances that allow us to notice where our Emotional Values are out of synch with our Truth.  Neptune is also famous for producing Confusion when seeing the World as Materialistic, and Clarity when viewing the World through a Spiritual perspective.  Which means, if we embrace the Confusion as a first step in growth of Consciousness, we may Manifest (Moon) a clearer picture of the relationship between our Ego and our Truth.

DSCN4635The Quintile Yod is the big orange Triangle.  But there are also two other things going on here.  First, the Tenth-Harmonic yellow Lines.  And second, the “wings,” or two orange Quintiles on either side of the larger Triangles.

The wings are Quintiles from Jupiter to the South Node, and from Pallas to the North Node.  The first will conveniently Expand our Karmic Limitations, so it will be easier for us to distinguish them from the Cosmic Background.  And the second will help us say NO! to the cultural forces that want to make us conform to their rules rather than trusting our own Truth.  The yellow and orange Triangle and cut-stone shape add an element of Learning about Abundance to the Yin QYod.  That is…

Mercury (Awareness) Teaching us (Quintile) about our Truth (Uranus) as a Tenth-Harmonic (Abundance) “wrapper” around the Moon-Venus-Neptune QYod.

The yellow Configuration is in place from around 3am PDT to about 6am PDT October 26.

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