10.24 III and Beyond

More Configurations keep popping out of the Background – I just noticed the Pallas Mjolnir across the Uranus-Pluto Square.  Plain and simple, that means we’ll be setting Boundaries against everything that prevents us from living in the manner to which our Soul Self would like to become accustomed.  This Mjolnir stays with us through the end of October.

A Mjolnir, recall, is about Realignment and Rebalancing.  It’s a gift really.  The Uranus-Pluto Square is exact again on November 1 (4am PDT, should you want to set an alarm), and Squares feel like Challenges, even though what they’re really about is Mastery.  Think story problems.  It’s about extending your concepts and skills into new arenas, like understanding where a Maybe might work fine, where a Hell No! is necessary, where a Hell No! can get you into serious trouble, where in order to win the war but lose the battle you really have no choice but to say OK, and what sort of inflection to put on your OK – excitement or resignation, for example.

Pallas was the Goddess of War and Wisdom.  The courage to change what can be changed, the serenity to accept what can’t, and the wisdom to know the difference.  While Thor’s Hammer or Mjolnir was known for its destructive power, Indra’s Vajra was known more for its magical power to penetrate the impenetrable.  The power to destroy impenetrable Karmic self-sabotage Patterns can be very useful, and the Lightning-like power of Insight to penetrate what was previously opaque can initiate that process.  Remember that the Trioctile combines the Rebalancing of the Eighth Harmonic with the Grace of the Third.  Much more gentle than the stark edges of Dominion (the Square or Fourth Harmonic).

In addition to the Pallas Mjolnir, we also carry with us into the November 1 Square five-sixths of a Grand Sextile, Pluto being one point of the all-but Grand Sextile, and Uranus topping a Finger of God with two other points on it (Mars and the North Node).  The Sextiles are about Creative Grace (Grace flows once we exert some effort to get it started), and the Finger of God urges us to be Curious about how our Soul Self (Uranus) will break through our defensiveness (Mars) and diminish our rejection of our Deepest Desires (North Node).  While the Finger of God says Pay Attention! (to our Uranian Yintegrity), the Finger of God is a Yin Configuration.  It’s not about Force, it’s about PIAVA.

And before we leave the subject of Mjolnirs, there is an asteroid named Mjolnir, and it happens to Conjoin Pluto on October 27.  What a coincidence, eh?  Light-ning.

And speaking of more Configurations popping out of the Cosmic Background, Portal 10.24 also includes a short-lived Juno Diamond Star!  That’s a Biggie!  Remember that a Diamond Star is a “bowl of Grace” that forms under a T-Square when the planet at the Apex of the T-Square is also the Apex of a Finger of God.  In this case the Moon and Mars, which of course are part of the 10.24 Grand Sextile, form the base of the Finger of Yod.

So we have a number of Configurations softening our upcoming exact Uranus-Pluto Square, and today a nice Diamond Star ameliorating our ongoing Juno-Nodes T-Square.  If anybody asked I’d have to say that a Juno-Nodes T-Square and a Uranus-Pluto Square have basically the same effect – bringing more of our Soul’s Purpose in the Lifetime into our everyday Consciousness.  So Pi hasn’t completely abandoned us to our own Responsibility here post 2012.  We’re still getting substantial assistance from the Cosmos.  Gratitude would be a very wise Response.

Beyond Samhain

The first half of November is a little busy…

  • Mercury-Saturn Solar Eclipse at 12 Scorpio “An official embassy ball” on November 3.
  • Jupiter Stationary Retrograde in Cancer on November 6.
  • Mercury Stationary Direct in early Scorpio on November 10.
  • Neptune Stationary Direct in early Pisces on November 13.

All about the Water Signs – Emotion.  Held Emotions are what keep our Karmic Limitations in place, and Liberated Emotions are what create new Realities.

If it feels like you’ll Die if you have to experience that again, EMBRACE it!  Lovingly and gently.  Ego Death and the disintegration of Held Emotions are the same thing.

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