Portal 10.24 Part II

As we mentioned earlier,

The Uranus Quintile Yod with Mars and Mercury persists until around 7pm PST October 24.  That in itself is a Learning Opportunity about how whatever we Say (Mercury), Do (Mars), or Think (Mercury) either reflects our True Self, or reinforces Patterns that bind our Soul Self in Spider’s Silk.  That should be a pretty clear Choice.  If it’s difficult, stop yourself in mid-sentence or mid-action or mid-thought, make Amends, and start over!

But the main effect of Portal 10.24 is a Grand Sextile that runs from around 6am PDT until about 1pm PDT.  The Gang of Six includes the Moon (Manifestation), Mars (Action), the Nodes (Adding Wings to our Birdcage), Pluto (Trance Reformation), and Chiron (Reframing).  A Grand Sextile is like Dominoes – with just a little push, a whole chain of events falls into place.

GS102413 The Grand Sextile is the blue hexagon.  The six Trines are drawn in in light blue, so they don’t drown out the other indications – the Quintile Yod in red-orange, and the Juno-Nodes T-Square in dark red.



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