Portal 10.15

celes4760bpWe’re stuck with our much-embellished Juno-Nodes T-Square for a while, so if you’re bummed, better find a way to Witness your Victim and get into the Present Moment, because ten to one you’re regressed deep into your Karma.  And no, it’s not anything you’ve earned, it’s just habits you’ve gotten into, and the longer you continue them, the deeper the ruts get.  As long as your Attention is focused on the bummer, you’re just creating more of it.

You can’t deny it, you have to embrace it, lovingly and gently.  Feel the feelings as deeply as you can, but while you’re doing that, look to see who is doing the feeling.  Or locate them in your body, put you hand there, and warm it up.  Or Tap, or Find Gratitude, or Meditate, or get Shen, or PIAVA what you really want, or ask yourself what color is the wallpaper.  There is a Locus of Energy that is You.  Where is it?  Is it lost in the flashback?  Is it outside of the flashback looking in?

Taking responsibility to Change these places where we get stuck and there’s no exit is what Pi’s post-2012 Earth is all about.  The Juno T-Square goes on for several weeks.  Remember all those Grand Sextiles?  Weren’t they great?  How soon we forget, eh?

Well, we get a break on October 15.  Three Grand Trines (Bigtime Grace), one after the other with a little overlap, lasting almost all day.  Enjoy!

  • From around 8am PDT to about 4pm PDT, the Moon (Manifestation) Trines Lilith (Self-Determination) which in turn Trines Saturn (the Most Important Thing), which of course in turn Trines the Moon – that’s what a Grand Trine is, a merry-go-round of Third-Harmonic, Love with Wisdom, Effortless, Dumb Luck Energy.  Moon-Lilith-Saturn means we should easily be able to tune into Guidance; it’ll be Instinctual.
  • Then from about 1pm PDT to about 8pm PDT, Mercury (Communication) replaces Saturn.  Don’t be surprised if there is someone you suddenly need to talk to.  Or several someones.
  • And from around 7pm PDT till midnight (12 am PDT October 16), Jupiter (Expansion) replaces Lilith.  Moon-Mercury-Jupiter; time to start talking a lot about what we Want, rather than what we endure.  Talking about what we Want is like bulldozing a roadbed; we enlist Other People to help Witness the drama.  When next you meet they won’t ask, How are you doing with that nasty Karma you’ve been carrying around?  They’ll ask, How’s progress on that exciting project you were telling me about? instead.

By October 16 we’re back in the slog.  After October 16, the Ceres Mjolnir fades, then after October 17, the Venus-South Node Trine (Bonus Gift) goes away.  The Ceres Mjolnir (with the Juno-South Node Square) is a fabulous opportunity to blow away that Karma once and for all!  Don’t waste it!

If you were “lucky” enough to be in the dumps on October 14, and you can Witness the difference between October 14 and October 15, you can see clearly how we so easily slump into our Karmic ruts, and how to Take Responsibility for that self-sabotage.  It’s a gift that could keep on giving into Eternity, if you play it right!  Just in case you need to be reminded, “Taking Responsibility” doesn’t mean Taking the Blame, it means you’re Able to Respond.

There are a couple more Windows of Grace later in the Month – a Grand Sextile and Juno Diamond Star on October 23-24, and a Chiron Kite (Grand Trine with an outrigger) October 26-November 2.

I used to think Juno signified what we Deny, but at least for youngsters, it’s clear that it now symbolizes what’s coming into Consciousness.  Both Malala Yousafzai and Edward Snowden were born with Pallas-Juno-Eris T-Squares.  Eris to reveal what’s being Denied, Juno to insist that it be acknowledged, and Pallas to say This has gone far enough!  Malala’s T-Square is part of a far more complex Configuration, including Juno Conjunct Sun – she embodies Juno.  Look what you’re doing, Dumbo! appears to be Juno’s message in the Age of Eris.

That’s certainly the October 14-15 message about self-sabotage, precisely about

  No longer lending our Energy to that which we wish to be free from

as Jewel puts it.  With Juno back into prominence, Malala’s touring the US and brave enough to attempt to educate Obomba about basic common sense (killing innocents makes people mad – Duh!), while Snowden’s recently appeared above ground in Moscow, as have his new revelations about how the NSA hacks your Address Book.

A crystal of blue Celestite, or Celestine – Strontium Sulfate.  Strontium is Calcium’s big brother.  Calcium creates Structure that supports but constrains; Strontium creates Structure that celebrates flexibility.


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  1. tami121877 Says:

    Thanks so much for the info you post. p.s. Love the celestite, it’s beautiful!

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