ery916bpFeels like Samhain around here, with dark Spirits skulking around behind the Beanstalks.  I’ll be very surprised if the Lizards who run the Planet aren’t in the middle of some bleak plan to bake us all into a pie for their culinary entertainment.  Did we really stop WWIII from beginning in Syria, or was that just part of the plan?  Doesn’t really matter, we have to continue to PIAVA what we Want, it’s what we came here to do, pretty much irrespective of what they’re planning.  So we just have to keep on keeping on.

Just so you know, anything that’s not in your hand, is not actually yours.  Financial instruments held by a broker, money in the bank, Stuff in a bank “safe” deposit box, are all technically “owned” by the bank; you’ve signed over real ownership to them when you signed the account documents.  When the bank locks their door, you’re on the outside.  It doesn’t really matter, because your hand isn’t big enough to hold what you need to Survive without Community after deFault, and your arm isn’t strong enough to keep your fist tight around it anyway, when the folks around you get as hungry as Alex was when they got to Madagascar.

One investing adage says to buy when things are undervalued, and sell when things are overvalued.  Another says that when something is undervalued or overvalued, the misvaluation can persist for longer than anyone can imagine.  So the folks who are always predicting dire economic circumstances are wrong more often than they’re right.  They admit that they don’t have a handle on timing, even if they have a handle on how the house of cards will collapse.  When they are right, it’s good to know their opinions on how the collapse might unfold, since they study it full time.

So for the record, I should give you some references to some of the folks who keep their Attention on the unfolding…

And on some of the armwaving from the Banksters…

You’re probably already familiar with the real hardships on real people, and the evil schemes afoot to get Obomba to blink first, as is his wont.

We haven’t had time yet to peruse much beyond the mid-month Eris Eclipse, but we do know that the Uranus-Pluto Square is exact again on November 1.  Comet ISON crosses Vesta (the Sacred) on November 7, Ceres (Sustainability) on November 10, the North Node (Desire) on November 23, and Saturn (Focus) on November 25.

Jupiter makes a T-Square with Uranus and Pluto from early February through early May of 2014.  We did that T-Square already this last August, so we aren’t total rookies on that Energy.  For the last two weeks of April, Mars completes their Grand Cross.  We have an oblique preview of that this week, as Mars sits in Mjolnir with Uranus-Pluto while Jupiter plays in a second Mjolnir.

Just prior to that, Juno Initiates the Sun, too close to Eris for comfort.  But then so far, Eris – personified by Snowden – is turning out to look less like someone kidnapping Helen off to Troy and starting wars, and more like the Chanticleer in the 12-Sagittarius Symbol for the 12/30/1999 Chiron-Pluto Initiation.  Like someone challenging nationalism and colonialism, that is.  The Juno-Sun Initiation is at 22 Aries, “The gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires or, in Rudhyar’s view, “Abundance made possible by Human togetherness and cooperation.” Helen’s mother, by the way, was in some sources none other than Nemesis, our lens to Uranus.

Eris meanwhile – and hence the Eris-Juno and Eris-Sun Initiations – sits at 23 Aries, “A pregnant woman in light summer dress.”  Pregnant with Portent perhaps.  The Juno-Eris Cycle lasts four years, the other two Cycles one year.  Snowden’s chart convinces me that Juno is not just about our Unconscious Identity, but also about what’s coming into Consciousness.  So I see a pregnant Juno-Eris Cycle as quite positive, even as (or because) it disrupts our Planet-destroying “business as usual.”

By the way, Keiron Le Grice’s book Discovering Eris agrees with my take on Eris pretty much 100%, though of course in 150 pages she expands the interpretation far beyond my cryptic snapshots.

While Erythrite, as a Cobalt Arsenate, isn’t the best choice for dessert, the color is certainly appetizing!  It’s traditional meaning is Fecundity, Rudhyar’s single-word interpretation for 23 Aries.

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