Have a Nice Weekend


Here’s a nice configuration to sweeten our weekend and help us make Lemonade from any nemeses or typhoons we might encounter.  The “main event” is the cantilevered “Bridge” across the top of the chart – the blue lines.  The red “roadbed” is the Nodal Axis.

DSCN4613The Bridge, consisting of two Trines and three Sextiles, resolves the Opposition, providing a Grace-Full alternative to confronting the contradistinction directly.  Unless we’re good at “going meta” and teasing out the Coin that unifies heads and tails, confronting an Opposition directly can be frustrating, since it only seems like an intellectual issue.

In this case, the Nodal Opposition, the contradistinction is the apparent argument between our Mission and our Karma.  There’s no Square across this Axis – that would be a T-Square, representing Mastery through Challenge, aka frustration until we honor our willingness to Explore rather than Perfect.  But there is a Bridge!  The three paths across the Bridge show us how to resolve the Opposites.  Traveling from the South Node to the North (left to right),

  • we could take the easy blue ramp (Trine) up to Pluto, and simply recognize that it’s all inevitable and just accept it, and slide down the steep blue slope (Sextile) to the North Node; or
  • we could climb the steeper blue slope (Sextile) to Chiron, PIAVA a new perspective, then slide down the long blue slope (Trine) to our Mission; or
  • after PIAVAing our healing new Worldview at Chiron, we could take the blue catwalk (Sextile) across to Pluto, PIAVA a loving and gentle, rapid and complete Transformation – a new Trance – and then slide into home base.

We could go the other way too – suppose we have an idea about what we Want (our Mission).  Then we could use one of those three Grace-Full routes to discover what’s holding us back and heal it.

You always have to be careful with the Nodal Axis, because Real Life isn’t Binary, and the Nodes can easily swap ends, where it looks or feels like it’s the South Node that represents our Mission (it’s our Mission toolkit after all) and the North Node that represents our Limiting Beliefs.  It’s always Both/And.  The intellect thinks in Binary; the Hologram (“Reality”) is Unitary and Multifarious.

Since the Nodal Axis represents our assignment in the Lifetime, should we choose to accept it – this Bridge deal is pretty slick.

You can see in the chart the other two Configurations – the Mars Mjolnir (purple lines) across the Uranus-Pluto Square, and the Uranus-Nemesis Yod (green lines) with Vesta and Saturn.  As an adjunct to Pluto, the Mjolnir can help us in two ways.  It can introduce frustrations that provide fuel for our Creativity, and it can provide sudden lightning-like Insights to assist our Transformation.  The Yod anchors the other end of the Uranus-Pluto Square into the North Node, reminding us to approach everything with Curiosity rather than Judgement, and Pay Attention! to our Yintegrity – lest we encounter retribution from the Psyche!

We have additional help from the Moon, Mercury, and Saturn on the North Node.  The Moon can directly Manifest our breakthroughs into hardcopy Reality, Mercury can help us increase our Awareness, and Saturn will improve our Focus.

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