Adieu to Grace


We leave our final Grand Trine October 3, using three degrees of Sensitivity.  That’ll end our “probation” in the post-2012 World.  We’ve been enjoying Grand Sextiles and Grand Trines – Grace multiplied – since May, and now we come back to “Reality,” initiated by the October 4 (half past 5pm PDT) New Moon.

Our Toadstool Configuration starts disintegrating on October 2 when the Pallas leg moves away.  The Grand Trine fades about 3pm PDT October 3, and the T-Square about 2am PDT October 6.  The Yin Gate dissolves around 4pm PDT October 3.  The Uranus Finger of God perseveres until October 8.

We’re dropped into a series of Mjolnirs – a Mjolnir or “Thor’s Hammer” is a Square between two planets, with a third planet at the far Midpoint between them.  The South Asian Vajra or Dorje has similar meaning.  Mjolnirs are about Lightning, Thunder, and Irresistible Forces.  It’s an Eighth-Harmonic Configuration, as the third planet is three-eighths of way ’round the loop, and the Eighth Harmonic concerns Strength.  The Third Harmonic is about Love with Wisdom.  Some folks associate a Thor’s Hammer with violent change, but from our Original-Blessing perspective, Insight is a more appropriate interpretation.

  • A Uranus Mjolnir on the Waxing Venus-Mars Square runs from 8pm PDT October 2 until 4am PDT October 4, overlapping our Uranus Finger of Yod with Saturn and Vesta.  This is the “Young girl feeding Birds in winter” Venus-Mars Cycle that began in early April Conjunct Eris.  Expect epiphanies about our Relationships.
  • Starting simultaneously and running through 8am PDT October 10, a Mars Mjolnir dances on the “Ouija Board” Uranus-Pluto Square.  Expect complications wherever in your Life that you don’t believe in Magic.  These two Mjolnirs interlock in a “W.”  We can use the interaction for Insights into how we can magically Transform into the Bird in the story.


  • A Neptune Mjolnir begins October 7 and finishes up October 10 on a Sun-Jupiter Square.
  • A Ceres Mjolnir on the resurrected Juno-Nodes Square comes online October 11 and runs through October 16.  Remember our fun long-running Juno-Nodes T-Square from May through July?  When our Identities were repeatedly challenged to come up to speed with our Mission?  Well, it’s back, as Juno has turned Direct and comes through again.  It should be easier this time, since it’s the third (“Confidence-Builder”) pass.  With Ceres on the handle of the Hammer, it’s time to Bless the Changes into our portfolio of everyday Patterns.

That’ll take us up to the October 18 Lunar Eclipse on Eris.

Eudialyte eases the transition from one Lifetime into the next.  It’s a complex Manganese-Zirconium Cyclosilicate that’s often laced with Rare Earth elements.


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