Debriefing 9.27

deman6209bpOkay, now that we’re past the giddy optimism of the Lunar Grand Sextile Portal, we’re left with the more sober aspects of the two Diamond Stars – namely the T-Squares and the Fingers of God (Yods).  The Fingers of God are still telling us to Pay Attention! and the T-Squares are still Challenging us to Mastery.

The Uranus Finger of Yod

The Uranus Yod runs through October 7 or so.  It tells us that at this time we Individuate (achieve independence from anxiety) by Focusing (Saturn) on the Sacred (Vesta) and on our deepest Desires (North Node).  If those are contradictory in your Worldview, then you have your work cut out for you – Feel into that conflict, Witness the Feelings, and give yourself Empathy…

You poor Schmuck, they really brainwashed you, didn’t they.  You couldn’t help it, you were just a little kid!  They had the size and the stick, and of course you’re going to believe it when they tell you every day to hate yourself.  Hang in there – we’ll stand by you.  I know you feel awful right now, but working together we can change that.  Imagine what it would be like if we accepted ourselves just the way we are, and didn’t have to change a thing, or pretend to be someone else.

You’re working against centuries of negative quasi-religious political propaganda, and it’s in dire need of Healing, if the Planet is to survive, particularly because it’s the Original Sin Boys who hold the worst Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The Uranus T-Square

The Uranus T-Square and the Uranus Diamond Star continue until October 6 or so.  Part of our ongoing Uranus-Pluto Square (2012-2015) and the End of Time, and in this incarnation T-Squared to Lilith.  Lilith represents our pre-Intellectual Instincts, and the T-Square means we’re likely to encounter all sorts of situations where our Instinct is to do exactly the opposite of what our Shoulds tell us to do.  Well, Shoulds arise from our programming, our false masks.  Our Instincts arise from a level far deeper than our Individual Egos, it’s our cellular compulsion to Survive.

As kids we were taught to control our Instincts.  Our Instincts are telling us we’re on course to achieve non-Survival.  As social Humans at this stage of our collective evolution, we need to Master the dance between our Instincts and our Shoulds.  We can’t yet ignore our Shoulds completely – they’d beat us up if we did anyway, we need to Love them to Death before we can replace them with Wisdom – so we need to sit our Instincts down in one chair and our Shoulds in another, and facilitate a Win-Win strategy between them.  They both want to keep us Safe, but they’re looking at different levels of Reality.  Don’t try to “get it right” – T-Squares are about Exploring the Edges and Extremes, where there is no right and wrong, only courageous and fearful.

The Pallas Finger of God

This one lasts until October 2-3, and gets lit up again during Portal 9.29, which runs from around 5pm PDT September 29 till 1am PDT September 30, when the Moon crosses Pallas.  The Pallas Yod is grounded by the Chiron-Pluto Sextile, which is a big deal.  Pluto Initiated Chiron at the turn of the Century, and the Sextile represents Grace that doesn’t kick in until a little Human effort is applied to prime the pump.  So this Sextile can be a turning point for the Century as a whole.

The Chiron-Pluto Initiation was about “A flag turning into an Eagle which in turn becomes a Rooster crowing up the Sun” (12 Sagittarius) – the Energy that drives the blindness and divisiveness and violence of Tribalism and Nationalism, once it’s seen from a higher perspective, can be transmogrified into Enlightenment.

But as a Sextile it needs a kick-start from us.  The Chiron-Pluto Sextile is with us until next Spring.  The Pallas Yod to it TELLS US, in no uncertain terms (the Finger of God means Pay Attention!), to stand up and refuse to be swept into the Nationalist and Colonialist propaganda machine.

Pallas was the Goddess of War – and of Wisdom.  She was not trigger-happy like Mars.  She was willing to fight when necessary.  The Symbol for the Chiron-Pluto Conjunction tells us to fight against Tribalism, to fight for a higher perspective.  The onus is on us – a Sextile needs our initiative before inertia kicks in and Grace flows from it.

The Pallas T-Square

The Pallas T-Square, and the Pallas Diamond Star with it, continues until around October 1.  Pallas is Squaring the Nodes, along with Saturn at the North Node.  Any planet Square the Nodes is a beacon telling us how to move from the Limitations of our Karma to the Liberation of our Destiny (should, of course, we decide to accept the Mission).  Telling us when and how to Follow Our Joy.  It’s a Square, so we expect some difficulty.  Pallas means setting Boundaries.  Saying No to our old Karmic Patterns, and saying Yes to what we Really Want.

Or at least, saying Maybe to what we Really Want.  With Chiron (Miracles) and Pluto (Transformation) at the foot of the Diamond Star, we have the opportunity to break through doors that we’ve been believing to be walls.  But ask the victims of any Second-Childhood caper – the consequences of Following our Joy without first (or simultaneously) Loving our Limiting Beliefs into submission, can create backlash that makes the walls thicker.  Right now many of us are feeling Disappointment, relative to the giddy optimism of the recent Portal.  Witness those feelings lovingly –

It’s hard, isn’t it, to see those glowing Lights in the distance, bask for a minute in their glory, and then get yanked back into the place where it’s not yours and you can’t have it.  It probably makes you feel like you’re living in a fantasy world.  Let’s just sit with that Grief – it’s appropriate and necessary.  Those Lights weren’t meant for us, but our Lights will be along.  We’ll need a Miracle, but we can PIAVA one of those, can’t we!  What should we PIAVA?

The leverage isn’t quite as great as it was during the 9.27 Portal, but the Energy and the Opportunities are still here.

Demantoid is a green form of Andradite Garnet.  It absorbs pain.

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