Portal 9.27 On Stage

Here’s a picture of our Pallas Diamond Star, a Pallas T-Square (red triangle) and a Pallas Finger of God (green triangle) creating the typical “bowl of Grace” (blue lines) beneath the T-Square…

DSCN4563With the Moon re-completing the (blue) Grand Sextile.  I haven’t filled in the Star of David, but if you imagine drawing the other four lines to connect the corners of the Hexagram, you’ll see it.

So, what’s the Big Deal?

Well, first, we have a Hexagram (Partnership) and a Pentagram (Manifestation) going on at the same time.  And one corner of the Hexagram is the Moon, which is often the trigger for Manifestation of Energy into Form.

Then we have a Pallas T-Square with Saturn and the Nodes, and Saturn on the North Node.  To me this says that we’re Challenged to Master (T-Square) how to set Boundaries (Pallas) that Support our Mission (North Node), our Deepest Desire that we don’t usually even believe is possible – except that we’re now intensely Focused (Saturn) on it, increasing the odds.  Since this is a chart for the Planet, we’re speaking of the Planet’s Mission as well as our own.  Of course any project or child born under this chart will embody it.

Plus a Pallas Finger of God (Pay Attention!) with Pluto (Inevitability) and Chiron (Miracles).  Chiron transforms Despair into Miracles by changing our Perspective.  So it is inevitable that we will resolve our Despair (not believing our Mission is possible), if we Focus on the Boundaries between our Soul’s Purpose and our Negative Beliefs.  Inevitable as individuals, and cumulatively as atoms of the Planetary Field.

Pallas sits at 9 Leo, “Glass blowers shape beautiful vases with their controlled breathing.”  Vases hold Flowers, the symbol of Fruit to be.  If you’re an expert meditator, you understand the controlled breathing part.  If you’ve studied Manifestation, you know how important it is to control your Thought Field and focus your Feelings.  I’m in the middle of a reading for someone who has their North Node at 9 Leo – this should be a life-changing Portal for them!

The Grand Sextile and the Diamond Star range over 8-11 degrees of the Yin Signs.  This span of any Sign is where conceptualizing and Creating is in it’s last stages, and Manifestation has begun.  In the Yin Signs, it’s where we’re putting the finishing touches on our Mandala, and releasing it to the Ethers where it can magnetize to it, and to us, what we want and need.  Our next task is to Change the Subject and occupy ourselves with other issues, so our old limited Patterns and Beliefs don’t intrude and leave a hole in the bottom of our beautiful new vase.

It’s important that we focus on How We Will Feel when Miracles befall us and we receive what we haven’t dared to hope for. 

If we focus on What We Want or How It Might Occur, we’ll manifest our Expectations, and those are based on our personal history of not daring to hope.

The Finger of God and the T-Square stretch in Time beyond the Portal, but during the Portal, while the Moon completes the Grand Sextile, our Power is multiplied.  And look who else completes the Grand Sextile – Vesta, that which we hold to be Sacred.  That should trigger our Best Intentions, with Chiron Opposing and illustrating the hopelessness of Fundamentalism (believing that we hold the patent on what’s Sacred).

And I see that we do also still have a Uranus Diamond Star as well!, lighting up our Authentic Self and providing to each of us the same Pentagram-Hexagram opportunities to let go of our masks.  Two Diamond Stars at once!  Truly a unique moment for Creating, particularly since we are on the verge of losing the Grand Trines and Grand Sextiles that have Graced us for much of 2013.

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