Portal 9.27

A different Diamond Star forms now.

Although Lilith still joins Pluto in the Uranus T-Square (trust that your instincts will lead you to your True Self), the other leg of the would-be Uranus Yod no longer connects, so our Uranus Diamond Star has moved on.  And Lilith has moved out of the Grand Sextile, leaving a Vacancy at that corner.

The Portal

But the Moon moves into that Vacancy from about 11pm PDT September 26 to about 11am PDT September 27, so the Grand Trine is reformed during this Portal.  And Pallas has moved into a T-Square with the Nodes and a Yod with Chiron and Pluto in the Grand Sextile, which gives us a Pallas Diamond Star during this window.

The Most Important Thing

With Saturn Conjunct the North Node, a Pallas-Nodes T-Square (which outlives the Lunar Portal) means that we need to do the hard work of setting Boundaries with whomever or whatever or however appears to prevent us from moving toward our Deepest Desires and our Mission.  What do we really want to have or do, if we could “get away” with it?  How would it feel if we got or did that?  Focus on that feeling.

Whoa, does that ever feel sweet!

See how long you can hold it.  When it shifts, bring it back.  Locate it in your Body.  Send Love into it.  Love is warm and soft, Fear is hard and cold.  Spend time with it; it’s the Most Important Thing you’re doing!

The Second-Most Important Thing

We’ll be confronting our Karma (South Node) in the process, but that’s a result, not a cause.  It can be a clue, though.  What Boundaries – with whom or with what – are you most reluctant to set?  What feelings arise when you imagine saying NO to them without justifying yourself?  Those are the very feelings that you need to Witness – step outside of yourself and Empathize with yourself –

You poor Sweetheart (or other loving pet name you have for yourself), you’re really scared about that, aren’t you?  Would it help if I hugged you?

The Pallas T-Square and the Diamond Star lasts through the end of September.  The Most Important Thing we can do between now and then, no matter how busy we are or how important anything else seems, is to focus on those feelings that we’d have if we were able to have or do what we most want, if there were no adverse consequences.

The Second Most Important Thing we can do is to lovingly and gently Witness and Empathize with those feelings we get when we imagine setting a Boundary against whomever or whatever stops us from having or doing what we most want.

And if we do it before and during this 9.27 Portal, we’ll get enormous leverage from the Grace embedded in the Diamond Star.

The Third-Most Important Thing

The essence of the Yod is Curiosity.  So the Third Most Important Thing we can do is ask ourselves,

I wonder how this Despair I feel about being able to have or do what I most want will be turned into Miracles?!?

Of course we could express this Curiosity anytime, but it will have amplified leverage from the Grand Sextile during the Portal.  The Yod itself will gradually weaken into the first few days of October.

Remember that if you don’t believe it’s even possible to have or do it, that’s Unconscious Despair, the worst kind.  Imagine that it could happen.  Don’t imagine how, just that it could.  If you could imagine how already, you wouldn’t need a Miracle.  What if I could have or do that which I most want, without any downside whatsoever?  Maybe we can PIAVA a loving and gentle transition towards it…

Pi, can you help create a Miracle that would lovingly and gently move me toward having or doing what I most want to have or do in the whole World, without any downside for anyone?

We don’t even have to know or specify what it is we most want.  After we PIAVA, then we need to Change the Subject, move on to something else, like maybe the Most Important Thing, or the Second Most Important Thing.  Or just have a little fun.


If what you want most is violence, start with the Second Most Important Thing – Witness and Empathize with your Anger, or the Third Most Important Thing – PIAVA that your frustrations be dissolved.  When we have no effective or legitimate outlet for our Anger, the result is Powerlessness, one of the most frustrating feelings there is, and a nasty form of Despair.

The Moment Is Now

We’re running out of Grand Sextile, and it won’t be long before we’re back to Everyday Reality.  Our efforts to recast our Reality so it’s more to our liking will have much greater Power now than later.  Focus on your own direct Experience, rather than the Experiences of Others out there in the World.  Change your own Life and the World will change by increments.  The World won’t change if you don’t change your own Reality.  The Moment is Now.

One Response to “Portal 9.27”

  1. Julie Piatt Says:

    Love this one! Great powerful post. Inspiring and connected. Deep thanks…

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