Awakening to the Universal Hologram

Connectedness and Individuality

A third Interview with Eugenia Oganova on her new book Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit

Today I’m thinking about Connectedness and its relationship to Individuality.  Eugenia, can you comment on that?


Jim, perhaps think of it from an expanded conceptual perspective – “we are part of everything” (a fractal of the Universal Hologram), and we are individuals, exploring that Hologram.  Here is an excerpt from the “Is-ness and Illusions” chapter of Awakening the Harmony Within (p.91):

There is one True Reality that is Spirit/Source/Is-ness – All That Is.  Is-ness is Holographic.  Hologram is a condition upon which the information for creating a whole system is stored in each of its parts.  Hologram is a pattern that is whole and complete all to itself, which is part of a pattern, that is whole and complete to itself, and so on.  Every, even the smallest, change made within a hologram, is mirrored throughout the entire hologram.  Our planet, the genetic code in our bodies, our Universe – all are holographic in nature.

“Conceptually Is-ness/Spirit is a Divine Trinity: the ‘Root Cosmic Substance’ (material for creation), the ‘Creator’ (the original spark for creation), and the ‘Light/Word/Code’ (symbiosis of creation).

“Souls are individualized expressions of holographic Is-ness.  Each Soul creates its own reality through its own perception, in order to explore the Source-Code and become God again.  Through this exploratory process Souls gain self-awareness, enriching Source/Spirit/Is-ness with consciousness – an awareness of its own existence.”

What this means is that as individual Souls, we are gaining awareness of the Source/Is-ness that we all are parts of to begin with.


Eugenia, can you talk about negotiating the overlaps between “Merging with the Collective” on the one hand, and Individuality of “Focusing our Intent on our own Lessons” on the other?


Well, Jim, the “merging with the collective” is not really merging… Collective what?  Humans?  Universal entities?  God?  Instead it might be easier to think of it as a balance between “being part of the whole” and “following an individual path” – they are not mutually exclusive!  Most often we have to function within social settings as a part of a group.  Sometimes being alone on one’s path is required, but even then that individual benefits the whole of humanity by providing the point of reference of a particular experience (broadcasting it into the planetary holographic matrix).

If we look at this from a human perspective, this means that even though all humankind is sourced from the same place, each of us doing our part in enriching the whole by honoring our unique perception of reality.  The more we release the veils of our fears, pains and misconceptions, the closer that perception matches the Source.


In my experience we often tune into feral, contagious, “group” Emotions that seem to be escaping from the Cultural or even Universal components of the Unconscious.  How would you put that into perspective?  Would we simply tune in to the degree that the feral Vibrations matched our Karma, and not even notice the rest?  It also seems to me that there is an “impersonal” component of Karma – when we embrace our own, we contribute to cleaning up the Planet’s feral Emotions.  Is that notion at all useful in your view?


There are many Morphogenic Fields on our planet, created by everything on the planet, including us.  Here is an excerpt from the “Morphogenic Fields” chapter of Awakening the Harmony Within (p. 158):

“…The current level of human consciousness is the “training wheels” stage for the formation of Self.  It has created many morphogenic fields separate from Nature, not based on beneficial planetary instinctual intelligence.  The dominant consciousness (‘mass consciousness’) on the planet right now is fear-based, as it has formed from the negative sense of separation, scarcity and war.  Our ‘mass consciousness’ is disharmonic because it includes the actions, thoughts and feelings of humans who are locked inside of the image projections of what a self should be, instead of the true Self.  At the same time that our mass consciousness is fear-based, there are other morphogenic fields that exist based on peace, healing, beauty, and love.  All morphogenic fields in existence change their field strength with every individual feeling, thought, and action that occurs…”

We automatically vibrate as our karma – i.e. we are broadcasting the signal into space that matches our pre-set parameters of issues, fears and pains – unless we become aware, take responsibility for our out-puts, and apply effort to change the broadcast.  If we do that, we vibrate differently, and link with a different, not-karma-based, morphogenic field.

This means that most people on the planet right now are creating unconscious morphogenic fields, based on their karmic issues.  And since we all have similar issues (survival fears, jealousy, embarrassment, guilt, shame, anger, blame, etc.) they all clump together and vibrate as one.

In the “Morphogenic Fields” chapter of Awakening the Harmony Within (p. 159) I said:

“…Individually and collectively we constantly contribute to the development of our Universe with our thoughts and the emotional content behind them.  This is why awakening to the next level of consciousness cannot be possible without responsibility – not only for our actions, but also for our internal environment – thoughts, feelings, senses.

“Morphogenic fields are accessed by generating a particular resonance to match the field’s frequency (fear attracts more fear; anger amplifies anger; compassion brings compassion).  Because higher frequencies are more harmonious, high frequency morphogenic fields can modify/heal lower frequency ones: a field of compassion will resolve hatred; a field of love will resolve war (these are usually the intents of the internet-based intention-setting morphogenic fields)…”

As for contributing to clean up of the planetary karma – really the cumulative human karma – yes, we do, by changing which morphogenic field we choose to amplify (by our out-put contributions).  Here is an excerpt from the “Morphogenic Fields” chapter of Awakening the Harmony Within (p. 159):

“…Embracing our collective responsibility to achieve a level of personal transformation will impact our collective morphogenic field.  Transformation on this collective level is vital for sustainable enlightenment and continuing conscious evolution on both personal and planetary scales…”


Wow!  That’s farther than I’ve read in the book, and really nails it!  I need to get busy and finish the book.

Astrology tells us we’re in a period of Grace – even today we’re bathed in the Blessing of a Grand Sextile – a hexagram circling the whole Zodiac, made up of two Grand Trines (Free Lunches), one in Earth (Matter), the other in Water (Emotion).  When you draw a hexagram and then connect all the points to one another, you get two Grand Trines superimposed into a 6 pointed star.  The Sextile is a Sixth-Harmonic Angle, and the Sixth Harmonic is about Partnership, so our collaborative projects are particularly favored.  A Sextile is about “Creative Grace” – the Universe will smile on your projects once you get them started with your own Initiative.  It’s Creative Grace Galore!

Our Mission in September is to find our Gratitude for the Grace we’re under.  Pi has given us a probationary period, where we have a Free Pass for a while, so we can develop new habits for going without Time.  If we party it away, we may be in for a rude shock later in the year.  By now Pluto is Direct and Saturn is descending toward the South Node.  The latter puts us back into periods similar to 2002-2007, 1991-1997, and 1979-1985.  I’m suspecting that if we haven’t worked out our transitions within a few months, it’s going to get a lot harder to do.

Eugenia, what are your perspectives on this?


This is about being in Connectedness with all Life, vs. being in Separation from Life.  When we are in Separation, we are ‘brewing in our own juices’ – we cannot see straight because of the veils of our issues (misconceptions, pains, fears, and karma). Being in Grace is a point of reference for Connectedness.

The influence of the Comet ISON began to be felt energetically on earth on August 10th and we have been building momentum since then.  This comet, coming into planetary space during the Grand Sextile, is a reminder that we must remain connected to all life in order to become enlightened.  We lived for many thousands of years in Separation from life.  We will need to face that in October.  But to give us a chance to remember the Connectedness, we had a period of Grace before that.


Comet ISON is now at 19 Leo, Sextile to Mercury – speaking to us if we first Ask for an audience.


In the “Desire” chapter of Awakening the Harmony Within I explain the concept of Separation (p.11):

“…Separation is a condition of perceptional limitation, when one’s Self is perceived separate from the Source, and from the rest of life.  We ARE everything even if our perception is focused on a detail of that everything (i.e. a body and a Soul are not separate; your body or someone else’s body, or any other object, are not separate; your Soul and other Souls are not separate; you and every detail of this Universe, in this or other dimensions, are not separate!).   When we forget this, we see ourselves separate from others, and desire something we do not have…”

And this elusive state of enlightment requires us to remember that we are connected to all life at all times.  As I mention in the “Enlightment” chapter of Awakening the Harmony Within (p.59):

Enlightment is a state of conscious Connectedness to all, the opposite of Separation.”

Thank you, Jim, for interviewing me on your blog.  Perhaps we can do it again as more questions arise in your mind, as you read further in my book.  Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit is available on my website, (along with a lot of free information!), and on Amazon as well.


Many thanks, Eugenia!  This has been very helpful.  It’ll take me a little time to digest it all and get that new parlor added to my Birdcage!

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