Remember the Diamond Star?

image_4Back in the Spring – just six months ago Sunday, eh? – we enjoyed several Diamond Stars (see the link for pictures).  That’s the Pentagram formed when a T-Square and a Yod share the same Apex.  The feet of the Yod form a “Bowl of Grace” (Trines and Sextiles) under the T-Square, making the Mastery part of the T-Square more prominent than the Challenge part.  Well, when we pointed out recently that there was a Finger of God (Yod) pointing at Uranus, we didn’t notice that the feet of the Yod were part of the Grand Sextile – which creates a Diamond Star with Uranus as the Star atop the Christmas Tree.

This means that the Grand Sextile serves the T-Square, and it’s a prime Teachable Moment about the issues embedded in the T-Square.  It’s a long Moment, though, as the Diamond Star endures for several more days.  The issues embedded in the T-Square (Uranus-Pluto-Lilith) are fairly straightforward and not news…

Ongoing changes in the Universal Trance (Pluto) demand that we align our Material Identity with our Soul Identity (Yintegrity – Uranus), and in doing so eliminate Codependence (Lilith). 

Codependence means wrapping our Identity around the needs of another, or around control of another.  Eliminating Codependence means focusing on our own needs and letting others sit in their own pews.  With Uranus thrown in, it also means surrendering control to our Soul Self.  Pluto means it’s not optional, but it also means that, with enough skill at reaching into Unconscious realms (such as PIAVA), we can influence the nature of the Trance(Re)Formation, just not the direction.

We could go on for months about Codependence – remember the Recovery Movement in the 1980s, when Pluto was in Scorpio?  We did go on for months then, years even.  Lots of layers.

For now, let’s just look at that gorgeous cluster of Tanzanite crystals.  It’s only an inch big, but what a beauty.  The photo is by my friend Luciana Barbosa…

No one’s bid yet.  This isn’t an ad for Lucy; she doesn’t even know I’m borrowing her photograph.  I’m just sharing on opportunity; I’d snap it up myself if I could afford it and had a place to put it that would honor it properly.  Let me tell you what two of my three favorite Rock authors say about Tanzanite.

Collen Marquist, in Crystalline Communion (p.146) says that it…

“Embodies the highest mineral expression of peace on the planet, and through its power an individual is raised in vibration to the pinnacle of brotherly or agape love.”

Don’t try to find Collen’s (and Jack Frasl’s) book at Amazon, get it directly from the source,  If you have or buy this book, read Collen’s story about Tanzanite, the Dolphins and Lemuria.

Meanwhile Dorothy Roeder, Crystal Co-Creators (p.193), says that…

“Tanzanite represents the ideal of clear use of the Christ Light at the physical level, and for those who have experienced the shame of not living up to their ‘Christian ideals’ in past lives, it can be overwhelming if deep feelings are touched.  Whatever your feelings now about Christianity, you have very likely had lifetimes where you were deeply devoted to ‘the Church’ and its ideals.  These ideals did not always teach that mistakes are necessary in the learning process.  The absolute perfection you strive for need not be attained in any specific time frame for your effort to be worthy.  You have as long as you need to learn to be perfect.  When you learn this, you are closer to perfection.  This is part of self-acceptance.  The Christ Light you seek is perfectly accepting of all your efforts and Tanzanite will help you see this.”

In this passage “Christ” is not an external concept to be Codependent with, but an Essence of connection to your own Soul, the Light within you that animates the Matter you’re embodying.

This talk of past lives and perfection is relevant because the Nodes are involved in the Grand Sextile, and Saturn-North Node is one foot of the Yod.  The other foot is Ceres – Sustainability.  If we are to Sustain (Ceres) connection to our Mission (North Node) and stay True to our Soul (Uranus), we must release self-judgment on all levels, and for the resulting Ego Deaths, Grief is inevitable.

“At Dagara funerals, it is always necessary that the members of the immediate family be accompanied by a group of friends in order that they not injure themselves in the paroxysms of their grief.  And it is these very paroxysms that are necessary if one’s grief is to be purged.  Unlike people in the West, the Dagara believe it is terrible to suppress one’s grief.  Only by passionate expression can loss be tamed and assimilated into a form one can live with.  The Dagara also believe that the dead have a right to collect their share of tears.  A spirit who is not passionately grieved feels anger and disappointment, as if their right to be completely dead has been stolen from them.”

Malidoma Some, Of Water and the Spirit: Ritual, Magic, and Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman (pp.56-57).  The degree of the Saturn-Node Initiation is near the degree of Halloween, and there have been visitors from the Other Side here lately.  They must be made welcome.

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