Negotiating the New Planetary Conditions

From Gaia to Pi – Time and Spiritual Adulthood

A Second Interview with Eugenia Oganova on her new book Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit

As I’ve said, I’m finding Eugenia Oganova’s new book to be a powerful tool for looking at old Patterns in new ways, and she’s been kind enough to grant us a continuation of our earlier interview.

I’m seeing what I think may be parallels.  For instance, when Eugenia says…

Witnessing feelings with our minds, parallel to experiencing them feelingly, is beneficial to our development.  Experiencing feelings without any mental Witness is detrimental to our spiritual growth, because we become limited by the perceptory range of that feeling.

I think she’s saying the same thing as I, when I say (with regard to Chiron)…

First, we need to open up to the Pain.  Then we need to step outside of the body that experiences it.  Then we have to reach back and embrace the part of ourself that’s in Pain.  You poor Dear, that really hurts, doesn’t it!  That act of Compassion is a wormhole that rematerializes you in an alternate Universe where you have more Power. 

Does it sound like I’m on the right track, Eugenia?


You are correct, Jim.  If we look at this from the energy anatomy perspective, it is the Emotional or the Astral body that is experiencing the pain, and it is the Mental or the Truth body that needs to be able to “witness” that emotional experience impartially.   Being able to do so allows the heart chakra to open and compassion occurs.

We can also look at this from the energy-psychology perspective.  The part experiencing the pain is the Lower Self (which is always in pain, due to being in Separation – from the Higher Self).  If Ego is impartial/neutral (does not take sides), i.e. the “witness,” this opens a pathway back to the Higher Self, which is like a parent to the Lower Self, the child.  The “parent” can then be compassionate to the “child,” helping us heal the pain.

All pains we experience come from misconceptions, from not seeing enough of the bigger picture.  But at the same time, pain is also a teacher, showing us that there is something we do not know.  Healing that pain does not mean simply that we “feel better” – instead, the goal is that we awaken!


There is an ongoing anxiety about Time, based on the Mayan-Calendar idea that “Time has been speeding up,” which certainly feels like the case – for me and for others.  Yet I know that Time “has ended” and we’ve entered a new portion of the Now, with different rules.  It feels like the new Saturn-North Node Cycle will represent a fairly momentous change.

Why does Time seem like it’s hanging from a rubber band now, bouncing up and down, and fast and slow?  Sometimes time slows down when I’m “having fun” or doing things that my “True Self” wants me to do, but sometimes it doesn’t.  It’s as if nothing has changed but everything has changed – is that your experience as well?


In 2012 (the Mayan “end year”) we had ended the limited perception of Time as “linear only.”  Moving into the new perception of time as spherical (simultaneous) and linear at the same time, we are experiencing all sort of odd states.

When we are connected to our Soul-Self (the true core part of us), we can experience spherical time – like when we arrive at a solution without having to go through the linear steps to get there, or when we feel it’s been only a moment, but linearly much more time has passed.


I ask myself if my anxiety is just an old pattern left over from the Old World, that just needs to be patiently corrected, or if I’m not understanding all of the parameters here.  Can you talk a bit about how Pi’s realm on the Planet will differ from Gaia’s?


The main difference between Gaia’s World (before 2012) and Pi’s (after 2012) is the human maturity requirements: Gaia was the Mother and we were the Children, while Pi is the Ally/Sister and we are now meant to be Adults.

This means that we have to grow up!  Being a Spiritual Adult means we must build a Self (the unique conscious self-sourced presence), with which come responsibility for what we are creating, freedom, and the expansion of the range of consciousness.

In 2012 we had ended the limitation of perception of reality as material.  We had entered the perception of reality as multidimensional.  It was the end of childhood for the human race.

This of course does not mean that everyone will suddenly experience reality as multidimensional – we are too steeped in materiality for that! – but at least now there is an OPTION of multidimensionality, available to the ones willing to work for it.

The anxiety experienced by many people in relationship to this change is related to the “having to grow up” piece! Pi EXPECTS us to be grown-ups, and this brings up fears like:

“I am not ready, I don’t know what to do!”

“How can I stay in control if I do not understand what is required of me?”

“How do I stay safe without the Mother?”

“My old drives/desires do not work anymore and I do not seem to have new ones!”

“What if I miss something?”

All these fears are human insecurities because we do not self-source, looking for the approval, support, and direction from the outside of ourselves instead. In my blog post New Planetary Formula: How to Create with Pi I further explain how we can modify ourselves in order to be “up to date” with the change.


I’m sure that part of my own anxiety springs from the inevitable Insecurity that envelops Humanity as we undergo the huge changes that are coming down.  I have guilt over the idea of Living Well when so many others are suffering.  Awakening the Harmony Within talks about our Soul Contract and Divine Plan – how do these fit in?


The guilt of “living well” while others are suffering is a very common issue for people who are on the spiritual awakening path. There are two things I can say on this:

  1. Guilt is a waste of time and energy, it is a parasitical emotion, supported by the lower astral beings who use us as energy-food.  When we are in Guilt, we are NOT learning the lesson that our actions/circumstances are teaching us.
  2. Everyone is on a journey and we arrive at particular circumstances in our lives because of our personal energy broadcast (which I explain in detail in Awakening the Harmony Within).  Our beliefs, our karma, our fears and expectations all create what we experience.  And the Soul, before incarnation, places the needed circumstances into one’s Soul Contract, in order for us to learn the lessons – clean up the past karma and build the Soul-Self.  And this means that some people need difficult, uncomfortable, even painful events to awaken them, while others, who do not experience these, had either already went through something like that in their previous lives, or do not require it for further development at that time.  We get EXACTLY the life that we require in order to awaken, always! – that is the Divine Plan.  Pain is the teacher, while suffering is the absence of consciousness when we get stuck in the pain, not learning the lesson – one must repeat this over and over until one learns the lesson.

From the “Earth as a Living Library” chapter of Awakening the Harmony Within (p.106):

“…Combining the open mind, and the trust in our perception, with research and personal experience allows us to choose our path inside this Earth’s library wisely.”

Thank you very much, Jim, for hosting me on your blog.  I hope your readers find this information useful on their spiritual journey, and they can find many more details on all these subjects in the book,

 Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit,

available on my website (along with a lot of free information!) or from Amazon.


Thank you, Eugenia!  You’re adding important perspectives to the understanding of what the Planet is up to, and adding new windows of clarity into it.  And I do highly recommend

One Response to “Negotiating the New Planetary Conditions”

  1. Sheila Peterkort Davis Says:

    Another great interview! Eugenia, thank you for explaining witnessing feeling from Energy Anatomy and and energy-psychology perspectives. It is helpful to understand the flow from multiple perspective.

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