Portal Within a Portal 9.19


Someone peaked out from behind a cloud yesterday evening to remind me that I forgot to include an important player in our Big Venus-Saturn-Dragon Pluto-Station Grand-Sextile Portal.  When we add the Full Moon to our timeline we get…

  • Already: Venus approaching Saturn-North Node
  • Already: Pluto Stationary
  • Half past 9pm PDT September 16, True Node crosses Saturn
  • 8pm PDT September 17, Moon approaches Chiron
  • 2am PDT September 18, Moon leaves the Grand Sextile
  • 7am PDT September 18, Venus crosses the True Node
  • 2pm PDT September 18, Venus crosses Saturn
  • Quarter after 4am PDT September 19, Full Moon
  • 10am PDT September 19, Venus crosses the Mean Node
  • 1am PDT September 20, Moon Squares Pluto
  • Quarter after 5am PDT September 20, Moon crosses Uranus
  • 6am PDT September 20, Mean Node crosses Saturn 
  • Half past 8am PDT September 20, Pluto Stationary Direct
  • September 21, Venus leaves the Grand Sextile

Which gives us a new potential trigger for whatever external circumstances (events) and internal circumstances (feelings) this whole adventure will evoke.  So

our Full Moon Portal within a Portal will span roughly midnight to 8am PDT on September 19.

The other discovery is that Uranus will be behind the Moon when Pluto turns Direct.  That puts a whole new emphasis on Uranus – which we know to be Squaring Pluto anyway – and on

the period between 11pm PDT September 19 and 9am PDT September 20, when the Moon dances across the two-degree gap between Uranus and Pluto.

Whatever external and internal circumstances don’t arise in the Full Moon Portal-in-a-Portal, are likely to develop a day later.  The more involved is the Moon, the more likely are Circumstances to manifest.  PIAVA that you stay out of harm’s way during these periods, because folks who are already a bit unbalanced can get pretty out-there at the Full Moon, and a Pluto Station can be pretty freaky for folks who aren’t well grounded.

When we look at the Full Moon chart, several other very noteworthy things pop out that tell us more about the whole Portal.

  • First, not only does the Pluto Station trigger Uranus via the Square and the Moon, but a Finger of God points at Uranus. 

A Finger of God, or Yod, says “Pay Attention!”  Pay Attention to your Soul Connection, to your Yintegrity, to Following Your Joy.  The tentstakes for the Yod are Venus and Ceres – Values and Sustainability.  The essence of a Yod is Curiosity – we’ll be Wondering how to Sustain Yintegrity while staying true to our Social Values.  Who will we upset if we’re True to our Real Self?  This isn’t just about calling in Well to avoid a job you hate; it’s about Mom rolling over in the grave because you’re betraying the rules she taught you never to transgress.  It’s about admitting to your Loved Ones that you’ve been “lying” to them as long as you’ve known them because you didn’t believe it was Safe to be your True Self.

  • Second, there’s a Mjolnir pointing at Neptune. 

Mjolnirs are about Lightning, either as in Epiphany, or as in potentially devastating shocks.  The feet are Mercury and Jupiter, which is good, as that increases the odds that the Circumstances that get triggered will occur in the intellectual realm.  In fact, we should Expect Epiphanies.  Remember Neptune stands for Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity – maybe those Limiting Beliefs about how difficult it is to manifest Abundance will get shocked out of their rut.  For instance, you could be suddenly transported from where Abundance means a bigger house (or a roof over your head!), to where Abundance means Having Enough to Share.  Neptune operates more on the Cultural level than the Personal – so it may be the Collective that gets the Epiphany!

  • Third, there’s an odd configuration which we’ll have to (half-seriously) call a Mystic Questangle. 

A Mystic Rectangle is two parallel Trines separated by Sextiles to form a rectangle.  A Mystic Questangle is two parallel Quincunxes separated by Semi-Sextiles.  A Semi-Sextile is one twelfth of the way ’round the Circle, while a  Quincunx is five twelfths of the way.  The Twelfth Harmonic is about Pattern-Breaking, and the key to Breaking Patterns gently and lovingly is Curiosity.  So a Mystic Questangle would symbolize a circular chain of Wondering that would either turn one to butter, or allow one to Break through and crack open an unwanted or obsolete or self-sabotaging Habit or Limiting Belief.

The Players in the Questangle are Neptune, Pallas, Vesta, and Juno – quite a quartet.  Neptune represents your Cultural Trance, Juno your Unconscious Identity, Vesta your personal sense of the Sacred, and Pallas your Willingness and Ability to set Boundaries.  In other words you’ll be up against the wall Consciously or Unconsciously defending your personal sense of the Sacred against the onslaught of Conformity – or you’ll be in self-betrayal.  But it will be about Curiosity, not Anger or Grief, so it’s likely to create more Epiphanies, or bend the Epiphanies in the direction of Diversity.

So we have

  • Pluto (the Universal Trance – Stationary),
  • Neptune (the Cultural Trance – the Mjolnir),
  • Uranus (the personal Soul Connection – the Finger of God plus the Moon), and
  • Saturn (the Conscious Self – Initiating the North Node)

all lit up at the same time, all in the context of a Pluto-Chiron-Saturn/Dragon-Ceres-Lilith Grand Sextile (Dragon is another name for the Nodes).  Hard to imagine a more fertile Ground for personal and social Change!  It may turn out that She’ll be roight! after all.

This lovely piece of Astrophyllite always reminds me of the Three Wise Dudes presenting gifts to the Christ Child.  Astrophyllite is a complex Silicate that symbolizes making sense from complexity.  Not simplicity, but sense.  As in, where to find Water, or how to navigate on the open Sea, or knowing when to Trust someone.  The Christ Child represents the Spark of Divinity in everyone, and the Wise Men bearing gifts illustrate the respect that the Intellect properly has for the Spark, no matter how diminutive.  Religions are built by Intellect, and Intellect justifies the hubris that perpetrates abuse of the Planet and of one’s mates, even though the hubris is generated by psychopathic mutations in the Emotional Body.  The Wise Dudes were royalty – even Power must bow to the Spark.

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