Awakening the Harmony Within


Living and Creating vs. Surviving – An Interview with Eugenia Oganova

I’m studying Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit, Eugenia Oganova’s new book – and studying is the right word, not reading.  What I’m reading isn’t unfamiliar, but it keeps stopping me – not because of “exercises” like some textbookish guides include, but because she keeps bringing me face to face with my Limiting Beliefs, in ways that are new to me.

Chironic opportunities for me to reframe!  It’s not like I’m instantly transformed; it’s more that I’m caught in an “Oh!” that silences my usual self-talk and spaces me out – and then the next day I’ll notice that something is different, some subtle loss is gently asking to be grieved (all losses must be grieved, even the loss of a Limiting Belief!), and the World will be subtly new.  Feeling like I don’t quite recognize a place, even though I visit it at least daily – a sure sign of Ego Death.

The glorious thing is that I’ve been given the opportunity to ask Eugenia questions!  And I’m eager to take advantage of it!

I don’t get farther than page 2 before I get stopped:

At some point every person arrives to understanding that they are in survival and that they do not want to be in that state anymore.

To me it seems like Eugenia speaks here about the contradiction between the Yang-integrity (you do what you said you were going to do) and the Yin-integrity (you do what you dang well feel like doing, moment to moment). When I look for Limiting Beliefs, I see that I don’t actually Believe that it’s possible to stay in Yin-integrity – to do moment to moment exactly what I feel like doing – and Live Well too.  That of course is the Uranus-Pluto Challenge that’s with us until 2015.


“Well, Jim, you are talking more about the ‘electric’/structural (the Yang) and the ‘magnetic’/fluid (the Yin) difficulty.  In truth the difficulty of Survival affects both sides!  Survival is the fight for our existence which we mistake for Living.  The main difference between Survival states and Living states is the connection with the Soul-Self.  That link to the core of who we are is present when we are Living.

“You can be ‘electric’ (Yang) and fully committed to your daily responsibilities, but you CHOOSE these responsibilities based on your Higher Self.  In Survival we get trapped in our daily routine because these ‘responsibilities’ are not coming from our true core Self, but from the Lower Self and the Ego – i.e. we are driven by the social expectations.  This only amplifies stress, competition and aging!

“Same goes for the ‘magnetic’ (Yin) state – when you are Living, you are in Joy and Peace – that supports relaxation, flow and cellular regeneration.  When you are Surviving, you are in Not-Enoughness – that supports depression, anxiety and worry.”


Right on!  I’m embarrassed that I didn’t already think about it that way!

True to the promise of the book, Eugenia provides methodology.  For instance, on page 13, this paragraph feels very important and I know it to be true, but it literally stuns me for some reason.

Whatever it is we focus on and feel – we create.  This is a very important distinction though, not just ‘whatever you mentally focus on,’ but ‘whatever you focus on and feel.’  If you have an issue with something, a fear, you must work with it, i.e., you will have to think about it and find the beliefs that generated it in order to transmute it – and that is okay.  But when we focus on something feelingly and remain with that focus, we create it.  Witnessing feelings with our minds, parallel to experiencing them feelingly, is beneficial to our development.  Experiencing feelings without any mental Witness is detrimental to our spiritual growth, because we become limited by the perceptory range of that feeling.

Eugenia, can you say more about this?


Jim, people find this component of creation to be the most challenging – they often focus on what they are thinking, forgetting that it is the thought linked with a feeling that together produce new realities, not the thought alone!

The pathway of creation is:

Belief  =>  Thought  =>  Feeling  =>  Reality

This means that if we do not like what we had materially created in our lives, we must change the Belief which was the perpetrator.  Ideally we can just KNOW what Belief was in the way.  But of course we don’t.  Self-analyzing can find Limiting Beliefs, but won’t change them!  Witnessing the feelings, though, will definitely show us our Limiting Beliefs.

There are two possible detours here:

  1. We over-think it, forgetting the feelings, and even though we might have figured out what the erroneous belief is, we can’t change it, because these very feelings we had ignored are sabotaging our efforts;
  2. We over-feel it, forgetting to Witness with our Minds what we are feeling, and so we drown in that feeling instead of changing anything.

In the #1 (over-analyzing) there is not enough ‘juice’ to change the Belief. In the #2 (over-feeling) there is not enough consciousness to change the Belief!  And since the Feeling is the last step before manifestation of Belief, when we over-feel, we essentially create the very thing we were afraid of, and NOT what we wanted.


That sounds so clear and exactly nails the point!  How do I know when I am over-doing it in either direction?


How do we know if we are over-feeling?  If the mental Witness is missing, we are over-feeling.  Witness is an ability to impartially label the feelings – i.e. you can tell that you are feeling anxiety, then, by further exploring the feeling, find out what is the internal story (not the external circumstance), and do so without any judgment.

How do we know we are over-analyzing?  If we are not able to feel even the small dose of the emotional experience attached to the thought, then we are over-thinking for sure.


Many many thanks, Eugenia!  I hope you have time for us to do this again soon – I’m still in the first few chapters!

I’m finding this book to be a perfect companion to the Grand Sextile, part of the Blessing!  You can order a copy of Awakening the Harmony Within at the harmony.htm or at Amazon, which also has a Kindle edition.

2 Responses to “Awakening the Harmony Within”

  1. Sheila Peterkort Davis Says:

    Fantastic Interview and summary of the steps in manifestation! I am having the same response to Awakening the Harmony…I have to keep stopping, take in the learning, release the issue and then read the next set of pages. It is such a transformational book and extremely helpful!

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