Portal 9.16-9.20

herk8087bpAn overmodest and very observant fellow traveler, regular reader, astrologer, and friend tells us…

“Thanks for keeping those North Node-Venus-Saturn-sextile-and-in-mutual-reception-with-Pluto installments coming. 

“I keep discovering after the fact that lots of good stuff has in fact already manifested from these Stars of David, and appreciating the progress made in terms of the release of karmic patterns that seems to happen in tandem with the manna falling from heaven.

“The hardest part has been believing ahead of ‘time’ that things really could shift as much as they have.  Maybe just leaving the door open a tiny crack for miracles to enter – which is about all I can muster, frankly – and then realizing that they have snuck in after the fact – is for the best anyway (?).  Or is that just me lowering expectations again, unnecessarily?

“The PIAVA technique together with imagining how it would feel in my body to have what I want, along with Tapping, have really helped.

“Whew! Thanks!”

My friend works with several dialects of astrology that I don’t usually work with, so I’m always glad when they contribute – and they contribute much to these posts.  Like their reminder above that Saturn and Pluto are in “mutual reception” – Saturn is in Scorpio which is ruled by Pluto, while Pluto is in Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn – this means more harmony than would otherwise be the case.

And notice they snuck in a reminder about Venus, which is really important.  Always lots going on in astrology, and it’s easy to miss the Moonrise while enjoying the Sunset.

We have a big Portal coming up on September 18 and thereabouts.  It starts in earnest around 8pm PDT on September 17, or a little sooner, when the Moon begins to approach a rendezvous with Chiron. 

The Moon, remember, is frequently the trigger that evokes more ponderous players into action.  Moon over Chiron means we’re likely to experience our Despair more deeply, which is precisely the Opportunity we need, to step outside of ourself, put our arm around ourself, and empathize with our Pain.  Once outside of ourself, we have a new perspective that can easily flip into the whole new landscape that converts our Despair to Miracle.  It often happens so quickly that we barely notice, but just the act of saying to our other self, “You poor Dear, you’re really depressed about that, aren’t you” is enough to flip us into another Universe.  Quite a Miracle when it happens.

We tend to close down to Pain, but when we do we constrict the blood vessels around the locus of the Pain, which can increase the Pain and which slows down Healing.  Love heals, Fear does not.  Love is soft and warm; Fear is cold and hard.  Are you responding to Pain by trying to wall it off, or by softening and warming around it?  It’s often enough just to put your hand on it, as the hand is warming.  Even if the Pain is purely Emotional, it has a locus somewhere in or around your body.  Physical Body and Emotional Body and Intellectual Body and Spiritual Body are not distinct layers of the body, they’re different Perspectives on the self, which is unitary.  You can warm and soften from any Perspective.

The Moon stays within the realm of the Grand Sextile until around 2am PDT on September 18, and maybe a little beyond.  The real impact, though, is from the Moon triggering the approach of Venus to Saturn.  Venus crosses Saturn just before 2pm PDT on September 18, and Venus moves about one degree a day, so Venus will be deeply intertwined into Saturn’s Energy by around 2pm on September 17.  And if you want to think about three degrees of Sensitivity rather than just one, we’re already knee-deep in the soup.

So what does Venus crossing Saturn mean for us?  Venus represents Value and Beauty, as in Walking in Beauty, a Native American phrase meaning to Act with Integrity.  Saturn Initiating Venus means that we’re likely to Focus on Integrity.  If this means that someone questions your Integrity, let it be – it’s an opportunity to review your Actions against your Intentions, make Amends where appropriate, and own your own Confidence where Amends aren’t appropriate.  It’s always Both/And, but it’s a funhouse Mirror, so don’t be intimidated into wearing shoes that don’t fit.

The one-year Venus-Saturn Cycle that is thus Initiated occurs at 9 Scorpio, “A dentist at work” – this is all about clearing away the rotting enamel that makes that powerful Tooth a source of Pain rather than an aid to the Pleasure and Nurture of eating.  Yes, that’s a cover for clearing away the Emotional Holding that makes some of your most Powerful Skills sources of Pain, rather than implements of Power and Confidence.  Cracking open the doorway to Karma, by our Willingness to open to the Pain, and then take one step sideways so we can embrace our hurt self with healing Empathy.

Have I made that loop enough times, or shall I do it again?

First, we need to open up to the Pain.  Then we need to step outside of the body that experiences it.  Then we have to reach back and embrace the part of ourself that’s in Pain.  You poor Dear, that really hurts, doesn’t it!  That act of Compassion is a wormhole that rematerializes you in an alternate Universe where you have more Power. 

Don’t hesitate to go back and crack open the door to Pain a little wider whenever the Miracle seems to falter.  When you’ve processed all of your own Pain, you can start in on everyone else’s.  They won’t know what “hit” them, when you notice that they’ve all Changed overnight and forgotten who they used to be – or who you used to think they were.

Of course, as we said in the Dragon Time post, this is the same Dentist degree as Saturn’s crossing of the True Node on September 16.  So we have North Node and Saturn and Venus all replacing rotten enamel, while our Manifestor the Moon dances with Chiron.

So we’re really long since deep into this Portal, but its Energy will intensify as we approach the September 18 Venus-Saturn Conjunction.  Venus crosses the True Node at 7am PDT September 18, and crosses the Mean Node at 10am PDT on September 19.  Venus lingers within the realm of the Grand Sextile until around September 21.

There was a typo in the Dragon Time post (since fixed) – the Mean North Node crosses Saturn at 6am PDT on September 20, not September 25.  The True North Node still crosses Saturn at 9pm PDT September 16.

All that’s complex, and we approached it from the inside out, so let’s build a timeline of the Energy peaks…

  • Already: Venus approaching Saturn-North Node
  • Already: Pluto Stationary
  • Half past 9pm PDT September 16, True Node crosses Saturn
  • 8pm PDT September 17, the Moon approaches Chiron
  • 2am PDT September 18, the Moon leaves the Grand Sextile
  • 7am PDT September 18, Venus crosses the True Node
  • 2pm PDT September 18, Venus crosses Saturn
  • 10am PDT September 19, Venus crosses the Mean Node
  • 6am PDT September 20, Mean Node crosses Saturn 
  • Half past 8am PDT September 20, Pluto Stationary Direct
  • September 21, Venus leaves the Grand Sextile

All of which (except for Pluto) can pretty well be summarized as a Focus on Integrity, in all its positive and unpleasant manifestations.  Integrity is only negative to the extent that it interferes with any house of cards that we’ve built in the Material World through exploitation, manipulation, codependence, obsequience, win-lose, or deceit.

Did you forget that Pluto is Stationary this week?  I almost did.  Of course Pluto, as well as Chiron and Venus-Saturn-North Node, are all members of the Grand Sextile, so the Grand Sextile is lit up like a Lighthouse this week.  Pluto’s been Retrograde since April 12, and it’s been rethinking the Transformation of 9-12 degrees of Capricorn.  This is the end of the Aries portion of Capricorn and the beginning of the Taurus portion.  

To put it bluntly, Pluto in Capricorn means “Just Fix It.”  Pluto has so far crossed

  • The Capricorn portion of Capricorn – What’s the Problem?
  • The Aquarius portion – Why haven’t we fixed it yet?
  • The Pisces portion – Okay, so can we Grieve what will be lost once it’s fixed?
  • The Aries portion – What say we brainstorm a Win-Win solution?

and now, after an engineering review of proposed solutions, we’ll be entering

  • The Taurus portion – Let’s get to work building the infrastructure for the fix

If you ever hear anybody talking about a “Dwad,” that’s what these “portions” are, each one twelfth of a Sign, or two and a half degrees.

Given what we’ve seen so far, one of the Problems that Pluto in Capricorn seems to be working on is this whole Constant War that the little boys who never grew up think is a fine and noble sport, because they make so much money from it.  I mean, what if those old capitalists got cocky enough to ask how many mothers were willing to send their sons (and now daughters) off to War so they (the capitalists) could make more money?  That’d be a Chironic moment, eh?

What local Problems in your own Life have been following this Pattern since 2008, when Pluto entered Capricorn?

The rainbow-emitting Crystal in Blessings Are Afoot! was of course Quartz, our quintessential hexagonal Crystal, mirroring the hexagonal Grand Sextile.  The Herkimer Diamonds gleaming like Sunrise in today’s portrait are also Quartz – a Herkimer Diamond is a “floater” Quartz Crystal, one with a Crystal “Termination” (or Point) on both ends, because the Crystal formed in the middle of a bath of liquid Silicon and Oxygen, without attaching itself to any of the walls of the Dolomitic bubble that held the bath.  You can see a thousand miniature Herkimers (named after the town in upstate New York where they occur) sparkling throughout the matrix.  A Herkimer will open your several Bodies to higher vibrations.

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