Dragon Time

We’ll be talking about this a lot more over the next few weeks, but our Big Deal during September (apart from the parades of Grand Sextiles and Grand Trines and  Grand Crosses, of course) is the Initiation by Saturn of the North Node – basically we’re being asked to Focus on our Mission.  There are two versions of the North Node in common use – the True Node, and the Mean Node.  I’ve never studied in any detail the implications of each, but in general the Mean Node would indicate in a general way what’s going on, while the True Node should be more accurate for timing purposes.

Rob Tillet gives us an excellent summary of the many technical vagaries of the Nodes, at


The True Node crosses Saturn at half past 9pm PDT on September 16, and the Mean Node crosses Saturn at 6am PDT on September 20.  Tomorrow, September 8, the True Node moves within one degree of Orb of Saturn, meaning that we’re already deep into this Energy.  There are two differences between Fate and Free Will.

  • First, we need to recognize that both Fate and Free Will are concepts within the mentality of the Observer, and have little direct bearing on the Observed.
  • And second, our Fate or Karma befalls us when we operate Unconsciously.  We exercise Free Will only by operating Consciously.

The difference between being a Victim of our Astrology, and taking advantage of – and responsibility for – our Astrology, is Consciousness.

Saturn’s meetup with the True Node occurs at 9 Scorpio, “A dentist at work.”  Ah, the inevitability of Pain, or the belief therein.

This happens to fall right on Obomba’s Neptune – he’ll be Confused as long as he focuses on the Material World, believing that Pain must be endured if symptoms are to be assuaged.  Or assuanged, as the case may be.  Unfortunately, his ability to focus on Spirit, which would bring him Clarity, may be buried under his Taurus Moon-Vesta Grand Trine (with Mars and Saturn) – he’s probably an emotional Fundamentalist at heart, believing that his own notion of what’s Sacred must apply to the World at large.  He’ll continue to refuse good counsel until he recognizes that his own Certainty is a gift to him, and the rest of the World doesn’t share it.  With his Neptune near his Sixth Cusp, he should turn to Michelle for direction when he’s Confused.  With her own Vesta near her South Node, she would understand the downside of Fundamentalism.  Let’s hope.

Saturn’s Conjunction with the Mean Node happens at 10 Scorpio, “A fellowship supper reunites old comrades.”  That sounds more optimistic, and given that Grand Sextiles and Grand Trines continue to dominate for a while, should be more indicative of general trends.  That is, the Pain may be temporary.  Again, let’s hope, or even PIAVA.  The Saturn-Node Initiation chart is a Grand Sextile chart, so Grace is highly available – it only needs a gentle kick-start from us.

More background (and foreground)…




Meanwhile, we have to keep in mind that Pluto is Stationary; as we write it’s only three arcminutes from its September 20 Direct Station at 9 of Capricorn, “An Angel carrying a harp.”  Rudhyar’s interpretation is “The revelation of the spiritual meaning and purpose at the core of any life situation.”  Pluto Energy should be much stronger than Saturn-Node Energy, though the Saturn-Node Energy would fill the front page, while the Pluto Energy would be the overpowering undercurrent.  And that’s Sextile to the Saturn-Node event, so again, just a little shove from Consciousness may be all it takes to shift the entire Planet into Collaboration for Peace.

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