Whither the Century? A 7th-Harmonic Portal

CharioteerThe Seventh Harmonic is symbolized by the Charioteer, or Stillness and Action – Energy applied at the right moment, without waste or counterproductive harassment.  Sort of the opposite of the way the United States of Thag has used its primary export (violence) since at least 2001.  The Brits are starting to think about whether bullying is the appropriate answer for every insult, but it’s less likely that the UST will come around, since every Congressional district relies on those exports for jobs, and if they aren’t used in Syria, then where?  I think of the Seventh Harmonic as Shamanic, because knowing when to Act, and when not, is a subtle but critically important element of Power.

There’s a compelling Configuration in the sky, in place from around 10am PDT August 29, to about 9am PDT September 3, where Pallas, Uranus, and Saturn form what for lack of a better word I’m going to call a Septangle.  Saturn makes a Triseptile to Uranus, while Pallas sits at the far Midpoint Biseptiling both of them.  The Triseptile is three sevenths of the way round the loop, while the Biseptile is two sevenths of the way.  The result is a fat Triangle, a little off center but otherwise looking quite like a Grand Trine or T-Square.  It’s not symmetrical, but neither is Shamanic Energy.

SeptangleOf course we know that Saturn making any Angle to Uranus is a request of some type to Focus on Who You Really Are.  If Obomba can find a way to punish Assodd without killing and maiming a lot more mostly-innocent people, maybe it will signify a turning point for Who the US Really Believes Itself to Be.  And Pallas is the Goddess of War, so her involvement is particularly keen here.  As we often say, Mars shoots first and asks questions later, while Pallas asks questions first and shoots only if necessary.  We think of Pallas as symbolizing Boundaries, and these really are Boundary issues, notwithstanding all of the “line in the sand” metaphors.

The Waning Triseptile is about pollination, occurring as it does between the Bloom (Opposition) and the Fruit (Phitile).  Without properly-timed pollination, you can have lovely Flowers, but you won’t get Fruit.  Will the Thags in the UST stand up and say no, we don’t want another War?  This Saturn-Uranus Cycle is one of many that were born during the Harmonic Convergence, in February 1988, “The Pope blessing the faithful” (30 Sagittarius).   The Blooming was in November 2008, as Obomba was elected.  The Waxing Square, when the Pope’s Blessing would “become permanent,” occurred in July 1999, and was a part of the 1/1/2000 Grand Cross that brought us the extreme Polarization that we’ve been seeing since.  July 1999 gave us the Woodstock 1999 disaster that made Altamont look like your third-grade birthday party.

Some people say that Altamont “ended” the 1960s.  The essence of the 60s was Vulnerability – and the Exploitation of Vulnerability.  Experience with the Vulnerability part is essential for anyone to align with their Soul (Uranus).  And a crude first reading of Pluto (the Pluto-Uranus Ouija-Board Initiation characterized the 60s) would make the Exploitation part sound appropriate.  The Transformation of Vulnerability would be a more meaningful reading.  While the 60s may have ended at Altamont for concert fans, it certainly didn’t end for everyone else.  Now that we’re at the Waxing Uranus-Pluto Square, it’s clear that setting Boundaries to make Vulnerability safe is important in any Fear-based scenario, and there is a deep connection between Fear and Exploitation.

Pallas (Boundaries) and the Moon (Authenticity) were the other two members of the 1/1/2000 Grand Cross.  Now the Moon comes around to join Pallas at the apex of the Septangle at half past 5am PDT on September 1.  It will be within the two-degree Orb usually used for the Seventh Harmonic, for about eight hours centered on that time, the first four hours being probably more potent.  Pallas and the Moon sit at 25 Cancer, “A will-full man is overshadowed by a descent of superior power.”  Intense.

So the 1/1/2000 Grand Cross, certainly the largest if not the deepest Configuration of the Century’s birth chart (Chiron-Pluto and Neptune-South Node would be deeper), is this weekend folded into a Moon-Pallas-Saturn-Uranus Septangle.  That certainly makes this weekend a critical turning point for the evolution of the Century.

Will Obomba, with a premeditated attack on an ally of Russia-China-Iran, within earshot of a nuclear-armed Israel, start WWIII this weekend?  It’s the easiest way out of his ongoing economic dilemma.   Or will the Bees of Sympathy and Understanding, Harmony and Grace Abounding come to our rescue and pollinate a different kind of Fruit?  We are Graced with a complete Grand Sextile.  The Sun has moved in to replace Mercury in position #6, and will stay there until September 4.  The Sun represents Essence or Source, and it joins the Nodes (Destiny and Choice), Pluto (Transformation), Chiron (Miracles), and Lilith (Collaboration) in the Grand Sextile.  Surely that will help.  The Sextile is a Human-Goddess Collaboration, though, and Human Effort is required to Initiate Grace, lest we wallow in Fate, Ego Death, Despair, and Abandonment instead.

So it may be a good time to let your Voice be heard for Peace, and to devote the four hours prior to 5am PDT September 1 to PIAVAs for Peace.  The dashed lines on the horoscope picture are more Seventh-Harmonic Angles.  Mercury Septiles both Saturn and Pallas from their Midpoint, while it Triseptiles Uranus.  Mercury is about Communication and Awareness, signifying that it’s an even more important moment (remember the Septile is about how Power interacts with Time) to Speak Out, and an important Portal for Epiphanies.  The Moon is frequently the Trigger for Manifestation.  It certainly indicates that Power is Afoot!  It’s a Balsamic Moon, symbolizing Endings.

Pallas, and the Moon when it’s there (and during the 8-12 hours prior to that), makes a Waxing Square to Eris (Exposing Denial) – all the more impetus to Speak Out.  Eris Initiated Pallas back in March at 22 Aries, “The gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires.”  If you desire Peace more than War, the next few days would be an excellent time to say so.

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