Adding Mercury

konig5022bpMercury is moving into the Vacancy in the Grand Sextile.  Using three degrees of Sensitivity, Mercury completes the Grace from about 7am PDT August 27 till about 10pm PDT August 29.  What’ll this do for us?

First, a Sextile is about “Creative Grace” – the Universe will smile on your projects once you get them started with your own Initiative.  A Grand Sextile is six of them end to end, so they make a hexagram circling the whole Zodiac.  It’s Creative Grace Galore!  The Sextile is a Sixth-Harmonic Angle, and the Sixth Harmonic is about Partnership, so our collaborative projects are particularly favored.  When you draw a hexagram and then connect all the points to one another, you get two Grand Trines superimposed into a Star of Dave, and three Mystic Rectangles.

A Grand Trine is three Trines connected end to end, making a Triangle with equal sides and angles, and it symbolizes Glorious Grace – so much Grace that there’s a grave danger is hubris!  The Third Harmonic is about Love with Wisdom.

The Mystic Rectangle is a box with Trines on two opposite sides, connected by Sextiles.  We get the Grace of the Trines and the Creative Potential of the Sextiles, without the hubris.

Mercury represents Communication, Awareness, Divination, Commerce, Travel, Interaction across the Veil, and the Trickster Coyote.  Mercury is quintessentially mental – hence the Trickster subtext, because mentality with its reductive Either/Or fixation, is perpetually believing in Illusions.  Of course the Spiritual Function of those Illusions is to show us the Coin, to give us the opportunity to move out of Either/Or into Both/And.  Who else is in the party?

Mercury’s joining both Nodes, Pluto, Chiron, and Lilith in the Grand Sextile (Eris wasn’t invited).

The Nodes stand for our Path in the Lifetime, from our Habitual Patterns and Limiting Beliefs enforced by ancient Emotional Holding but also hiding untapped Skills in their vaults (Karma, the South Node) to the Deep Desires and Unquenchable Wants that guide us into our Limitless Future (Mission, the North Node).  Turns out the South Node’s Hidden Skills are necessary if we are to achieve the North Node’s Deep Desires.  But the Nodes are anchored deeply into the Unconscious, and as such they frequently flip; always best to avoid getting stuck in Either/Or when dealing with our Karma and Mission.

Pluto, the Great River, the Force of History, the Illusion of Linear Time, Change, Transformation, Trance Formation, the Deep Unconscious, and Ego Death.  Pluto represents (for this Planet) the Universal Trance, the Illusion that almost everyone buys into.  Not wise to fight Pluto.  Steer from one side of the River to the other to avoid the Rapids, but don’t try to swim upstream.  Great Power if you align your journey with the River’s.  Pluto can be transcended, but not usually successfully.

Chiron – Fundamentalism (believing one’s metaphors) and Reframing (finding new perspectives), Healing (the Emotional equivalent of Reframing), Despair, Miracles, Breaking Patterns and Habits, Transcending Karma, and New Paradigms.  The Twelfth Harmonic, or the Hanging Man, hanging by his heels to see the World differently.  Chiron tells us when to cut the chords and start over.

Lilith symbolizes Pre-Intellectual Instinct, Non-Judgment, Yin Energy, Collaboration, Cooperation, Community Orientation, Continuity, the “Flow” that carries us effortlessly forward.  As Pi and Eris bring the Planet back into Balance, Lilith is on the Rise.

Doing Astrology is like creating a Menu – choose one item from each of the major Food Groups, and try to combine them harmoniously.  So for example we might start with Grace following Effort (Grand Sextile), add a pinch of Awareness (Mercury), a tablespoon of Desire (North Node), a cup of Limitation (South Node), an openness to Ego Death (Pluto), a willingness to solicit Collaborators (Lilith) to help you lovingly embrace Despair (Chiron), mix well, and bake for half an hour.

Let’s say you’re feeling Limitation in some area of your Life.  You could increase your Awareness of the Despair you feel about that, share your Dreams and Frustrations with close friends, and tell your Guides that you’re willing to give up a few less-than-essential comforts if doing so will move you a step or two closer to What You Want. 

You don’t want any great leaps, because your Upper Limits would push you back, and you’d end up Manifesting your Fears.  You want to move toward your Dreams in small steps, lovingly, gently, rapidly, and completely.  You also want to Intend that you gain all of the benefits that you would have gained by doing it the hard way, while doing it the easy way.

Now, there are seven elements here – the Grand Sextile and its six members.  And we’ve listed between four and nine keywords and key concepts for each element.  That means there are almost half a million ways to combine these keywords into a story, and that’s using only the keywords I’ve listed – as you get to know the actors you find that there a lots of other key words and concepts that can be associated with each actor.

Let’s take a few more combinations, so you get the idea…

  • Creative Grace; Communication; Emotional Holding; Desire; Transformation; Fundamentalism, Non-Judgment
  • Effort to Initiate; Commerce; Limiting Beliefs; Unquenchable Wants; Ego Death; Miracles; Collaboration
  • Potential; Coyote; Hidden Skills; Limitlessness; the Force of History; Despair; Instinct

Just a matter of picking one concept from List A, one from List B, etc. down to List G, putting them together, and making up a story.  With the three combinations above, we might imagine stories about…

  • Creative Grace; Communication; Emotional Holding; Desire; Transformation; Fundamentalism, Non-Judgment…  By focusing on the places in us that some part of us considers to be blasphemous or life-and-death dangerous (Fundamentalism) and setting up Non-Judgmental Communication between (1) the way those places make us feel (Emotional Holding) and (2) the way we’re going to feel when we achieve our Desires – maybe by setting up two chairs facing each other, deeply feeling one of those feeling complexes while sitting in each chair, and then having a conversation between the two parts of ourselves, Grace will help us Transform what feels stuck.
  • Effort to Initiate; Commerce; Limiting Beliefs; Unquenchable Wants; Ego Death; Miracles; Collaboration…  You really want Abundance, but your Limiting Beliefs hold you back.  It feels like you will Die if you transgress those Beliefs, but maybe if you Collaborate with a Partner you could Initiate a successful Business.  No, no, that can’t happen, you don’t Believe it, do you.  Well, what if it could?  Can you start a dialog between those two, the Inner Believer and the Inner Non-Believer, and see if they can negotiate a compromise?
  • Potential; Coyote; Hidden Skills; Limitlessness; the Force of History; Despair; Instinct…  It’s tricky business, trying to open up to the Skills that hide beneath my difficult and forbidden Emotions.  I’d be a great teacher, but I’m too shy to do it.  I know those Skills are there, I just don’t ever get them validated by anyone else, so I think I’m deluding myself, and that Depresses me.  I don’t like to think about it.  Maybe if I found a place that really needs what I could offer, and volunteered as a teacher’s aide for a while, I could get some practice and start gently challenging my Limits.

You see, there are half a million ways to experience a Grand Sextile, and that’s only using the parameters we’ve described.  I’m sure you could invent a thousand different stories for each of the three keyword combinations above – that’d give us half a billion.  Then recast each story using different pronouns, and see how different I-stories feel from you-stories.

You can see how everyone experiences the World differently, and how self-sabotaging are our Judgments of them for experiencing it differently than we do!  Those Judgments Limit our willingness and ability to Collaborate, reducing the fruits of our labors exponentially.  Thank the Goddess that Lilith is on the Rise, as it’s obvious that Cooperation is the only answer to the difficulties facing us.  I know, our Frustrated Inner Heros will have to endure what feels like Death to understand that it’s about the Team, not the Leader.

Eris, now, is Trined by Vesta.  So it’s a good time to be forthcoming about what’s really bottom-line important to you.  Not trying to convince anyone else that they should do it your way, but just so you have it out in the open, so you can be Known.  It’s important to Community.

Kongsbergite is a natural form of the Mercury-Silver Amalgam that dentists used to cram into your teeth before you realized that Mercury is highly toxic and made them stop.  The metal Mercury creates Confusion; isn’t that contradictory to the mentality that Mercury represents astrologically?  We’re programmed to believe that Confusion occurs when ideas seem to conflict, but true Confusion occurs when ideas seem to concur, because then we believe the ideas, and not the complex Reality beneath them.  We end up glued to the photograph and unaware, blissfully or otherwise, of what’s being photographed.

The Karma of Western Civilization lies in these Fundamentalist Patterns.  Much attention is focused on the battles between different religions and their conflicting Worldviews.  But Scientists are just as Fundamentalist, believing their metaphors often more passionately than religionists, and dismissing other Worldviews as primitive superstition.  Capitalists and Colonialists are even more destructive, believing that their metaphor of superiority over other people and other species gives them the right to take more than others.

It’s the failure to realize that mentality is a small part of the Universe, rather than the other way around, that Limits the Future of the Western Empires.  “In the Beginning was the Word” is the ultimate intellectualist blasphemy.  In the Beginning (and thus ultimately underlying All) was and is the Vibration – the Energy.  Yes, you can see that as Sound, since Sound is one scale of Vibration.  But to diminish Sound into Word just demonstrates how illiterate the Western Worldview becomes in its focus on anthropocentric Intellect.

Not that we aren’t all, in one way or another, Capitalists, Colonialists, and Fundamentalists.  As Gandhi says, we need to Be the Change we wish to see in the World.

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