More Natals in Vacancies

mgrieb3020bpOur Pluto-in-the-Vacancy reader responded with

OMG… i mean.  Just know every single line I could comment on out of my daily at that job.”

For all of us, the five-planet All-But-The-Vacancy Grand Sextile persists for the rest of August.

On August 28 Mercury moves into the Vacancy and completes the Grand Sextile again, while Lilith replaces Jupiter on corner number five.

And on August 31 the Moon joins Lilith at corner number five, while the Sun replaces Mercury in what is now the Vacancy.  That’ll be quite a Portal into September.

Remember that the other four corners are Pluto, Chiron, and both Nodes – what an opportunity to Transform (Pluto) our Karma (the Nodes) through Miracles (Chiron).

But first we have to

  1. Not fight Pluto, because that’s a lose-lose proposition, and
  2. Ride out the Despair side of Chiron to get to the Miracle side.

Don’t Fight Pluto

Yes, there’s a Pluto T-Square with Uranus and Jupiter, so that’ll Challenge us to Expand (Jupiter) our Self-Expression (Uranus), and it won’t be optional (Pluto).  If we have a natal planet in the Vacancy of that T-Square, near 10-12 of Libra, that’ll be a boon.  On the other hand, if we’re in a position where we feel like we have to suppress any part of our True Self (Uranus) in order to stay safe, that’ll certainly add to our sense of Despair.

Yesterday, today (August 17), and tomorrow there’s also a Mjolnir from the Uranus-Pluto Square to a Sun-Ceres Conjunction.  A Mjolnir occurs when a third party (here Sun-Ceres) Opposes the Midpoint of a Square between two planets, and it implies a likelihood of Thunderstorms and Lightning.

Ceres is what’s Sustainable, and Uranus disrupts what’s no longer in alignment with the Soul’s Journey in the Lifetime, so while it may be scary, you might suddenly be much better off if you go ahead and let Lightning strike any place in your Life where things feel stuck.  While Lightning can destroy, it also Illuminates the Darkness.

“By coincidence,” the Sun-Ceres Conjunction occurs at 26 Leo, “After a heavy storm, a Rainbow.

So not fighting Pluto here could mean being open to more Authenticity and Honesty than usual, taking more Risks, and tolerating Change, especially sudden Change, as it isn’t all that easy to know where or when Lightning will strike.

Chiron – Despair to Miracle

As far as riding out the Despair side of Chiron to get to the Miracle side, certainly Authenticity and Honesty will help with that, but not from our usual posture of defending the Ego.  Chiron requires Empathy.

Stand in front of a Mirror and say to yourself, You poor fool, you’re really discouraged, aren’t you.  Now switch sides, and let the person in the Mirror say that to you – You poor fool, you’re really discouraged, aren’t you.  Have a compassionate conversation with this person.

It might go…

You’re really discouraged, aren’t you.  Why so?

Well, uh, because, uh, well, they won’t let me.

Who won’t let you?

I don’t know, it’s a voice.

Where in your body does it come from?

When I try this, I don’t immediately feel better, but pretty soon I notice that my spine is now straight and I’m standing taller.  Those people and that voice are probably emanating from deep in Linear Time, considering that the Nodes are involved.

It would be a good conversation to have frequently.  It probably won’t go any deeper than a few exchanges each time, but the side effects could be profound, especially when combined with Tapping.

We can see from this that Chiron is about Confidence.  If we believe we can, we can probably find a way.  If we don’t believe we can, we probably won’t even try, except maybe to prove to someone (who?) that it’s impossible.  That great astrologer (whether he knows it or not) Bill Moyers has put together a very timely video essay on this for us,

Virgo and Abandonment

This Vacancy is in Virgo, and Virgo is the one Sign most abandoned by Western Culture, which holds the Individual Ego as Sacred.  Virgo’s job is to break down the Individual Ego, to get it ready for meeting and collaborating with Other.  So the Culture bullies Virgo into self-abandonment.  That’s a huge hump to surmount before we even get started on our own Karma.  A big source of that voice which says we can’t.

The sense that there is an outside Energy limiting us is not completely of our own Unconscious making.  For instance, in the US, who writes the laws we have to live under?

Was the US Constitution meant to protect the People from being abused by government, or protect the government from being controlled by the People?

And what we eat has a huge effect on whether we’re inspired to Miracle or Despair…

Goldilocks and the Three Vacancies

Let’s look at a couple of other Natal-planets-in-the-Vacancy situations.

  • What if you had Juno in the Ninth House filling the 12-Libra Vacancy created by the Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter T-Square?  That would be a heck of a pressure on your Unconscious Identity to break out of its Ninth-House Pattern of not taking Responsibility.  It’s a lot easier in the Ninth House to just Let Go of outcomes, and work off Stress through exercise or other means, rather than working toward a goal.  But Uranus has a rather insistent agenda here, and the Grand Cross releases tons of Stress, creating an opportunity for Life-Changing transformation deep in the Unconscious.
  • And what about Sun in the Twelfth House at 12 Leo completing the incipient Grand Cross made potent by the Juno-Nodes T-Square?  We’d likely be feeling a very strong need to get our Life in order – for something.  We wouldn’t know what, though we could guess that it might have something to do with World Peace.  We can feel the Energies shifting underground.  We won’t know where they’re bound until they settle.  The Twelfth House is about Grief and Meditation; it would be an excellent time to choose the latter.
  • And Suppose you have a Natal Chiron in the Tenth House filling the Transiting Grand Sextile Vacancy.  What would that imply?   Chiron in Ten says your role in your Community is to reframe the Community’s Worldview.  Here you have the force of History (Pluto) behind you, everyone – including you – being Challenged to find their voice (Uranus), and a growing Awareness of your own Calling (Transiting Chiron Opposite Natal Chiron).  While enormously beneficial, it’s a serious Challenge to your Confidence and your Limiting Beliefs.

Fragmentation and Healing

Asbestos isn’t a Mineral per se, it’s a Mineral form, like Sand or “Rock.”  A number of different Mineral Crystals can shred into threads and particles fine enough to lodge in the Lungs permanently, hence the danger of Asbestos-form Minerals, like the Magnesioriebeckite in the portrait that introduces the post.  Confidence disappears when our Ego-based Sense of Self shreds into fine threads and particles.  The Humpty Dumpty story is not a casual tale about Eggs – Egg / Ego, get it?  When the Personality shreds, the best advice is to not try to accomplish anything until one puts oneself back together again.

But look what happens when Mother Gaia bathed Riebeckite in molten Silicate, leaving it embedded in Quartz once it cooled and worked its way to the surface…

pieter2572bpPresto, “Hawk’s Eye,” the blue version of Tiger Eye (a little polishing helped out).  A rock that contains both Hawk’s Eye and Tiger Eye is called Pietersite.  It’s “hard as a rock” – no shredding here.  While Hawk’s Eye opens the Intuition, Tiger Eye is Grounding, and Grounding is the first requirement for putting Humpty back together again.

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