The King and Queen

I’ve been reading Eugenia Oganova’s blog about Pi, the Lady who has replaced Gaia as the Planet’s Fairy Godmother.  As I’ve said, I’ve been finding Pi enormously helpful when I Ask her for help on something.  Eugenia has some fascinating things to say about what we’re up to.  For example, from her June post,

The healthy electric King is all about support, patience, cooperative strategies and responsibility, and his healthy magnetic Queen is the presence of love, connectedness, wisdom and pleasure.  Together these energies will change our internal and external worlds. The dynamic interplay of these two healthy and complimentary opposites will generate inspiration and passion for our further awakening.”

One of the reasons this strikes me, is that the King is symbolized by the Fourth Harmonic – and we’ve been working with a Fourth-Harmonic Configuration or two, and the Queen by the Third Harmonic – and we’ve been working with those as well.  And we’ve just been dancing with a couple of Grand Sextiles, the Sixth Harmonic, which if anything is about “The dynamic interplay of these two…opposites” which we hope are “healthy and complimentary.

Let’s look at the chart for half-past midnight PDT on August 12…

DSCN4515We’ll talk about why we chose that time in a little while.

You can see our Kingly Fourth-Harmonic Angles in red, and our Queenly Third-Harmonic Angles in blue, and you can see the hole at the bottom of the chart, where Venus and the Moon have moved on, and are no longer filling the place that completed the Grand Sextile.  Bummer, eh?

The Grand Sextile

Well, Eugenia talks about how Pi expects us to be “grown up” and take some responsibility.  What can we do – petition NASA to try to get an asteroid in there ASAP?  No, but we can take responsibility for supplying the Energy that would complete the Hexagram.  That hole in our bucket is at 12 degrees of Virgo.  Adding that Vacancy to our chart gives us…

0812bPresto, the Star of David is back!  Okay, so just how do we go about supplying the Energy represented by 12 of Virgo?  The Symbol for that degree is “After the wedding, the groom snatches the veil away from his bride.”  Bingo.  What does that mean?  Well, okay, we’re talking about not just partnership (Sixth Harmonic) here, we’re talking about ritual confirmation of partnership.  The King seems to be Acting abruptly.  At least he isn’t prematurely ripping her bodice.  But wait, what is he snatching?  Her Veil.  That which prevents him from seeing her clearly.

So there’s our first clue about how to bring this chart into Balance –

Clearly see the Feminine.

Not as an object, of course, but as an equal, or better yet as a Guide.  The Yang, with his strength and intellect, is great at doing and planning.  Doing and planning what?  Well, something Valuable, eh?  The sense of Value is Yin.  Something Creative, or Sustainable?  Both Yin.  Does it feel better already?  It’s not about Boys and Girls.  It’s about respect for the Power of the Magnetic, as opposed to the Power of the Dynamic – PIAVA rather than Plan-Do.

Of course our ideal is to complete this marriage within ourselves, to balance our Inner Male and Inner Female so our own Yin Energy supplies “the presence of love, connectedness, wisdom and pleasure” while our own Yang Energy presents “support, patience, cooperative strategies and responsibility.”  Well, to understand how that’s working we need to look at the Venus-Mars Cycle.  The one we’re in Initiated in April at 20 Aries, “A young girl feeding birds in winter.”  Birds, since they fly, often symbolize Spirit, and winter a time of low Light or low Vitality.  Traditionally, as The Kin of Ata reminds us so well, food is scarce in winter.  So we have Spirit nurtured in Scarcity by Yin Energy, and in particular young or Innocent Yin Energy.

The Mars-Venus Initiation occurred Conjunct the Sun (this Cycle is Essential), and Conjunct Eris (time to reveal what’s been hidden).  It’s in a Sixth-Harmonic relationship (partnership) with Lilith (she of perpetual Innocence), and forms Twelfth-Harmonic Angles (breaking out of Limitations) with the Nodes (our Evolution and Devolution in Linear TIme) and Mercury (Awareness).  In one sentence,

This Cycle represents a very important time to Clearly see the Feminine.

The Angles echo the Symbol, multiplying the significance of the Cycle.  Lots of Validation here.

The T-Squares

We’re left with two T-Squares.  By now you know that a T-Square represents Mastery through Challenge.  Most of us would just as soon do without too much Challenge.  T-Squares are frustrating while we are expecting performance or results.  They don’t become interesting till we realize that they’re Learning Opportunities.  We didn’t take the lifetime to shine, we took it to Explore.  We can have fun Exploring, but Expectations will get in the way.  The Uranus T-Square is to Pluto and Pallas-Jupiter.  So we’re being Challenged  (T-Square) to realign our sense of Self (Uranus) to bring it into Harmony with where the Future is going (Pluto), by Expanding (Jupiter) our Boundaries (Pallas).  You know, the old new-wing-on-our-birdcage drama.  Confronting our Judgments, in other words.

As Eugenia puts it,

We must know that “Everything just IS” – i.e. at first we must know that there is no right and wrong, no agenda, that everything IS.  We must be synchronized with the energy of ISSNESS – the Spirit.  This is the “foundation of Grace”, without which nothing is possible during Pi’s tenure on Earth!

Eugenia says that this is essential for Creating Abundance, but as a T-Square it’s only a Learning Opportunity, not something that bears Fruit.  If it was a Grand Cross instead, the Energies would be Balanced, and the Challenges would complement one another.  How do we make it into a Grand Cross?  We take the initiative to supply the Energy that’s missing, by filling in the second Vacancy

0812cTwelve degrees of Libra – “Miners are surfacing from a deep coal mine.”  Whoa, there’s that low-Light Pattern again, and it sounds like Yang Energy moving into the Light.  So our second clue for completing this chart is

Yang Energy needs to Ascend a bit.

Short of a Skyhook, how to do that?  Maybe by focusing on “support, patience, cooperative strategies and responsibility“?  Support and responsibility for…?  Well, what would Lilith do?  Focus on Collaboration and Cooperation?  Eschew Competition?  Neither fight nor flight, but Stand Firm in Truth?  Just sayin’.

The other T-Square is another we’re familiar with – Juno and the Nodes (to the tune of Bernie & the Jets).  It’s about self-sabotage – our Unconscious Identity (Juno) Exploring (T-Square) all the ways to get our Ascension (the Nodes) wrong.  Juno wants us to Explore – we just want to get it on because it’s painful trying to live with one foot in each World.  How do we complete the Juno T-Square?

0812dBy taking responsibility to supply the missing Energy of 11 Leo, “Children play on a swing hanging from the branches of a huge Oak tree.”  Indestructible Oak was the center of the Grove, the meeting place, the source of Merlin’s Wand and Arthur’s Table.  It represents Strength, Sustainability, Solidity, Grounding, and the link between Earth and Sky or Matter and Spirit.  And here children swing from her branches.  More Innocence.

Innocence protected by the Immovable.

So these are the three Energies we need to supply, in order to restore the Balance – Clearly see the Feminine, Upgrade the Masculine, and Stand Immovable to Protect Innocence.

Why August 12?

So, why did we pick this chart?  It’s when the Moon (Manifestation, Authenticity) Opposes (Awareness) Eris (Epiphany).  The nature of the Sextile is that it symbolizes Creative Grace – it smooths our Path only after we make the first step.  As does Pi.  She expects us to take responsibility, and to take the initiative.  Take the first step.  PIAVA What am I not seeing?

Pi, would you be willing to loving and gently show me what I need to see and do in order to move out of this place of being stuck?

Throw that at your lifelong Limitations, at your lingering dis-ease, at your Fear, at your Scarcity, at your Pain, at your Self-Sabotage, at your Frustration or Grief.

The all-but-the-Vacancy Grand Sextile persists into September, with Lilith replacing Pallas-Jupiter at the fifth corner, and with the Sun completing the Grand Sextile for several days at the end of August and beginning of September.  The Vacancy will shift a little as the other planets move, but we will be able to use these three Conscious Energies as powerful tools to move Heaven and Earth for the next month or so.  The August 12th Moon-Eris Opposition is a brief Portal that gives us an Opportunity to break through our malaise and stuckness to new Insights.

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