Creeping Fascism and the 21st Century

secretsAs I’ve said, in my high-school civics class, Fascism was defined as government being in bed with the Corporations.  If you’re a Corporate slave, that’s a good thing, assuming you’re good enough at schmoozing to be on the fat end of the bonus pool.  For the rest of us, it’s just more of the same old getting-screwed-for-the-sake-of-Corporate-profits paradigm that’s been going on since Reagan and Thatcher ran the shows.

This Century is about Sustainability and Sustenance – all around the Globe, Ceres was Rising as the clock struck midnight to Initiate January 1, 2000.  The Rising planet in a chart is the most visible Energy; it’s like the Native (in this case the Century) wears that planet on his or her sleeve, right out front.  As the Corporate Lizards eliminate more and more of the benefits of “democracy” (to the extent that there ever was any), the rest of us are reduced more and more into Sustenance.  When there were a couple hundred million folks on the Planet, Sustenance worked.  At six, seven, nine billion folks, Sustenance eventually comes down to cannibalism, as there isn’t anything else left to eat.

Now we’re about to start a Grand Sextile – why would I want to bum you out with thoughts like these?  Because Denial doesn’t cut the mustard, and neither does Despair.  We need to transcend both, and with Despair-to-Miracle converter Chiron part of today’s Grand Sextile, it’s an ideal time.  We need to be Clear and Present with the Truth, and we need to vent our Anger and Depression about it on the side, so we can be Present, Composed, Alert, Neutral, and Effective when we turn the tide.  Venting at the Lizards is very counterproductive.  Some of us may need RC-like counseling sessions with one another, so we can vent, and then practice being Present, Composed, Alert, Neutral, and Effective, while being fearlessly, relentlessly, and completely Dedicated.

The 21st Century

While we’re on the subject of 1/1/2000, it wouldn’t hurt to quickly review the rest of the chart for the Century.  Besides Ceres Rising, there were five other Big Patterns in the chart…

First, a Grand Cross with Saturn Opposing the Moon (Awareness of Yang versus Yin) and Pallas Opposing Uranus (setting Boundaries to make space for our True Self).  In a Grand Cross the two Oppositions Square one another, so…

  • Saturn Squaring the Pallas-Uranus Opposition means that we Master, through Challenge (the T-Square), being able to Focus strongly (Saturn) on protecting our Liberty (Pallas-Uranus).  With Pallas Out of Bounds, there is an emphasis on the Boundaries part.
  • The Moon Squaring Pallas-Uranus means that we Master, through Challenge, this protection of our Liberty – though it may take a good portion of the Century for us to Manifest it.  Remember, Squares are not about getting it Right, they’re about Experience leading to Wisdom.
  • Pallas Squaring the Moon-Saturn Opposition means that we Master, through Challenge, Awareness of the difference between Focused planning and organizing (Saturn) and PIAVA (the Moon), and Master, through Challenge, Skill at using each process, in Balance, when each is appropriate.
  • Uranus Squaring Moon-Saturn means that we Master, through Challenge, balancing our Yin and Yang Energies to advance our Unique Contributions to the Planetary process.

Second, Pluto Initiating Chiron, just prior to New Years.  This is actually bigger than the Grand Cross, as this Initiates a 70-year Cycle, the Energy of which will infuse the entire Century.  The Initiation occurred at 12 Sagittarius, “A flag turning into an Eagle, the Eagle turning into a Rooster saluting the dawn.”  Rudhyar’s interpretation: “The spiritualization and promotion of great symbols of a New Age by minds sensitive to its precursory manifestations.”  The flag-Eagle juxtaposition brings Prussian and Nazi symbolism to mind.  During George II’s reign, the US issued stamps that were dead ringers for Nazi stamps.

But while an Eagle is symbolic, a flag is a abstract symbol of an abstraction (nationalism, for instance), so the transformation from flag to Eagle represents a shift into greater contact with Manifest Reality.  And as the higher manifestation of Scorpio – from Scorpion (Don’t mess with me!) to Snake (Transformation) to Eagle (Soaring, Spiritual, Far-seeing, Wisdom), Eagle is a very powerful symbol, evoking the relentlessness and fearlessness of Scorpio.  Then Rooster!  What a letdown!  A testosterone-crazed, flightless Chicken!  But wait, he’s heralding the dawn!  Calling everyone to Pay Attention to The Light, to Consciousness, to the opening of a New Age of Light.  And he’s Grounded, walking the Spiritual Path with Practical Feet, as Angie would say.

Third, Neptune on the South Node.  Neptune, recall, represents Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity.  The South Node stands for our Karma, in a word, but includes the Natural Talents hidden beneath the Emotional Holding that our Karma entails.  The quick way to describer Neptune-South Node is Loss of the Veil that separates our normal, limited view of Reality from the Other Side.  That’s pretty big, as it expands everyone’s perspective to include great truckloads of the Previously Denied.

Neptune-South Node Initiates a 16-year Cycle, starting at 4 of Aquarius, “A Hindu Yogi demonstrates his Healing powers.”  Healing occurs when dis-ease is Reframed from Material to Spiritual, Neptune’s specialty.  Dis-ease and Emotional Holding (the South Node’s specialty) go hand in hand, as Emotional Holding takes the Body out of Balance.  That’s why Tapping works so well.  Note that the Initiation could have occurred anywhere on the Wheel.  When the Initiation degree and the characters of the planets involved agree so well, the impact is exponential.

Fourth, Juno Conjunct the Sun.  We’re waay too familiar with Juno and the whole Unconscious Identity thing, now that it’s been Squaring the Nodes for months.  Since the Sun represents the Essence of the Native, everybody’s going to be acting out their Unconscious Identity, usually without noticing it.  In the US, just think about how blatant the Republicans have gotten about their distaste for the “47%” (it’s actually 99%), and how blatantly Democrats now suck up to the Corporations.  They can’t help themselves.  Nigel repeatedly and gleefully points out similar tendencies in Europe.  The Sun-Juno Initiation took place at 7 of Capricorn, “A veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of a God.

And fifth, Eris was Stationary, about to go Direct, at 19 Aries – “The ‘Magic Carpet’ of Oriental imagery.”  It made no close Angles to other planets.  An isolated planet becomes Strong, and of course a Stationary planet is Strong as well.  The Symbol implies that breaking open the Crypt where Denial hides will create Magic.


T-Squares and Grand Crosses are assisted by other planets at Graceful Angles to the Square or Cross.  In the 1/1/2000 chart,

  • Chiron-Pluto Trines Pallas and Sextiles Uranus, so our defense of the space necessary for expressing our Uniqueness is more or less automatic (Pluto), and occurs more often through Reframing (Chiron) than through asserting ourselves.  Rather than get defensive at threats, we absorb them.  If it’s true, we embrace it.  If not, we simply reject it.
  • Sun-Juno Trines Saturn and Sextiles the Moon.  So our new Awareness of how and when to use Yin and Yang approaches and methods reveals the ways in which our Limiting Beliefs (Juno) sabotage us.  When we live Unconsciously, we react habitually, using behavior Patterns that may or may not fit the situation.  When we become more Conscious, we are able to Choose which Skills to use (or learn) in each situation, depending on our assessment of how appropriate they would be.

Rising Ceres Trines Neptune-South Node, and Sextiles both the North Node and Vesta.  Consequently it’s very clear to us what is out of Sustainability, what we can do without, and what we need to protect.

Rising Ceres also Squares an Out of Bounds Mercury, and Juno.  This puts the mind on high alert for self-sabotaging Patterns.

The Creeping

In that context, here are some good examples of what the Lizards would like us to continue not noticing or Denying…

Another Obama sellout of Democracy –

Is Food Sustainable in a Corporate-led World?

Learn, Know, Vent, Stand our Ground, and Be in the Game for the Experience.  That’s a formula embedded in the chart of the 21st Century.  By all means celebrate progress, but know that it’s about Process, not Outcome.

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